Changing dynamics of Marketing

Takeaways from Guest Sessions by our student Narender Kumar
Guest: Anish Behera, Senior Director – Adaptive Marketing Mindshare.

Sunstone PGPM students are mostly from technology background and for us creative marketing is very interesting and yet distant topic. Various courses of Sunstone helps students to understand business in general and help them gain insight into specific roles they aspire for. Based on this very participative training program, student should start appreciating how business is run, understand how different departments are aligned in their current organization and how to align themselves to organizational goals to deliver better.

Sunstone invites industry leaders to meet with students and reinforce the learning with their insights. Last weekend, Sunstone invited Anish Behera for student interaction. Anish is working with Mindshare as Senior Director – Adaptive Marketing.

Anish won a SILVER for BEST DIGITAL CONTENT CREATION STRATEGY at MEDIA ABBY AWARDS 2013, Goa fest. He conceived the viral strategy for BOOST DHANUSH’S SACHIN ANTHEM that became the fastest ever video to reach 1 million views on YouTube India, winning TWO SILVER in EMVIES 2012.

Anish Started with concept about how branding plays a big role in business. Buying decision is not only dependent on product but is also how the brand is perceived at beginning and then retained in minds of customers. An effective marketers can help a company to achieve this goal.

Creative challenge: Anish primarily talked about changed scenario of marketing. Per him job of marketers was never that interesting. From choice of products, to the change in consumer buying behaviour and availability of diverse marketing media has been a creative challenge for current marketers.

Consumer to Prosumer: Today the consumers are also producer of content on social media in favour of or against a product. A good marketer has to understand how these new prosumers can be tapped for effective marketing.

Media selection for Purist multi-tasking: In early days advertisement on television during primetime was good investment. Today marketer face the challenge of fragmented consumption of content across various media like social networking sites, youtube, in-app advertisements beyond conventional media like TV, FM and print media.

Adaptive marketing: For a layman, marketing is all about brand awareness, enforcement and generating appropriate buzz to increase the sales. Anish explained it a bit how a marketer of today should look at this as a process-

process bold Changing dynamics of Marketing

Less the money, creative we are: Newer technologies, fragmented media and lowering budgets requires marketers to be much more creative. He quoted some examples how rightly done marketing using above could outshine other companies with deep pockets.


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Narender Kumar

Narender is Director of Offshore QA & Delivery at UL Workplace Health & Safety (UL WHS). He is currently pursuing PGPM at Sunstone Business School

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