1-year PGPM
( Price: INR 1,90,000 | Duration: 12 months )

The Sunstone PGPM is a re-imagined 1 year MBA for working professionals that can be completed in minimum 1 year.

It’s a practical management program that span from learning the fundamentals to mastering the art of management and thinking like a CXO as you gain more confidence through rigorous practice

Fee: INR 1,90,000   |   Start Date: 12th Nov, 2016.

Course Content
620 Hours
120 Hrs of online live lectures  |  440 Hrs of project work
60 Hrs of industry networking
Online Class Timings*
Saturdays - 8:00 to 11:00 AM
Saturdays - 6:00 to   9:00 PM

About PGPM program

The Sunstone PGPM is a re-imagined 1 year MBA for working professionals that can be completed in minimum 1 year. It’s a practical management program that span from learning the fundamentals to mastering the art of management and thinking like a CXO as you gain more confidence through rigorous practice. The program is completely problem based so students learn by solving real business problems and projects with the help of industry coaches from various domains. This is a comprehensive covering business areas in finance, marketing, sales, organizations, economics, strategy as well as specialized areas such as product management, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, business analytics. The program in divided in 2 levels:

  1. 5-month nano-MBA level
  2. 7-month Advance level

Students who successfully complete the nano-MBA can choose to pursue the advance level to complete their 1-year PGPM.

Program Structure

Duration: 12 months

  • Online Live Classes on Saturdays
  • Projects and Problem based learning including 2-months of live capstone project
  • Online Networking with C-level executives, domain experts, investors, entrepreneurs
  • 1-on-1 career coaching including mock interviews, job postings, CV workshops and career mentorship
  • Specialized courses to provide hands-on experience on several interest areas
  • 24X7 interaction with faculty and peers through web-portal, mobile forums, live webinars
  • Access to a strong global network of Sunstone community in 350+ companies and 13 countries
  • Certification approved by Govt of India

Course Structure

  • nano-MBA in desired area : 5 months

    Please check specific nano-MBA details for further details.

  • Advance Level: 7 months

      • Negotiating to Win

        Whether pushing for a higher increment with your boss or managing the expectations of a demanding customer, negotiation is an indispensible skill in your personal and professional life. Negotiations tend to be stressful and unavoidable whenever there is more than one stakeholder involved. Left unresolved, these conflicts can become major roadblocks for effective business decision-making.

        In this module, students learn to influence and resolve conflicts in a multi-stakeholders environment to:

        Uncover the priorities and interests of the opposite party
        Develop your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
        Create joint value to “enlarge the pie” (integrative negotiations)

        Students become aware of the wide range of negotiation techniques and how these are used to work out win-win outcomes.
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      • Corporate Finance

        What do capital investment decisions, ERP purchase evaluations, and bank interest rates have in common? Each hinges on the fact that money today is worth more than money tomorrow. This course builds on previous economic decision-making frameworks to take into account the time value of money.

        In this module, students learn to evaluate streams of cash flows spread out over time including:

        Allocating capital using concepts of discounting
        Understanding and using common decision models like:
        Payback Period
        Internal Rate of Return (IRR)
        Net Present Value (NPV)

        Students learn a variety of ways to rank alternative investment options to maximize shareholder returns.

      • Career Development

        You have targeted your next big career move… now what? General business knowledge, though necessary, is rarely sufficient to impress hiring managers.

        In this module, students prepare and position themselves by:
        Targeting messaging to the recruiter’s needs and priorities
        Polishing their profiles including
        Resume preparation
        Linkedin and other job portal profiles
        Interview practice
        Developing “warm channels” through on-the-ground networking

        Students are equipped with the resources, skills and feedback to make their next career move a reality.

      • Revenue Recognition

        Many of the historic financial scams involved direct manipulation of the top line. This should come as no surprise given it’s sensitivity to subjective assumptions. Note that the performance metrics and bonuses of many decision makers rely on revenue as the most variable factor. Hence “how to account for revenue” crops up as a perennial issue at the highest levels.

        In this module, students come to appreciate the subtleties of revenue recognition including:

        Alternative methods of revenue recognition
        Guiding principles of conservatism & matching
        Rationale behind the revenue recognition policies of companies

        Students learn to decipher which transactions qualify as revenue and interpret the wider consequences on related parties in a company-customer transaction.
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      • Growth Strategy

        Growth is critical for businesses to create value. Considered as the primary driver of share prices, the effects of Growth go well beyond the mere financial. It energizes the whole organization and thus helps attract and retain talent. It builds reputation among customers and suppliers. If a business does not grow, it tends to get left behind.

        In this module, students appreciate what growth really is and how to drive it including:

        Familiarity with the growth levers and enablers
        Understanding when to apply which lever/enabler
        How these can be implemented to usher in growth.

        Students develop as “Smart Generalists” who are prepared to solve fundamental business problems with an aim to achieve growth.
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      • Working Capital Management

        Suppliers, employees, banks, and the government alike depend upon reliable payments from corporations. Working capital is a critical measure of any company’s liquidity, efficiency and ability to honor financial obligations. It also provides a unique perspective on overall financial health since it takes into account cash, inventory, accounts receivables and payable as well as other current assets & liabilities.

        In this module, Students become familiar with the cash conversion cycle including:

        Inventory & Debt Management

        Students learn the nuances of how companies maintain adequate cash flow. As the age-old saying goes: “SALES is vanity, PROFIT is sanity, but CASH is reality!”

      • Blue Ocean Strategy

        When an organization offers an undifferentiated product or service in a crowded market, the competition can be fierce. Pricing and volume come under pressure as closing each sale becomes more and more difficult. Some liken this situation to a “red ocean” in which sharks get so excited by the smell of blood that they begin to feed on each other.

        In this simulation, students learn to create a “blue ocean,” that is, an uncontested market space where their company can capitalize on it’s unique product and still grow at the same time using:

        Strategy Canvas to map out existing markets and create new ones
        Buyer Utility Map to easily locate promising areas of innovation
        Four Actions Framework to reduce costs while increasing customer value

        Students discover firsthand the effectiveness of value innovation as opposed to the more traditional competitive and retaliation-driven business strategies.

      • Growth Hacking

        Entrepreneurs operate in a sort of parallel universe in which the "rules of business" do not necessarily apply in the normal way.

        From a financing perspective, debt is not usually available. Hence, one must rely more heavily on equity to raise money and to generate value itself.

        On the marketing side, they may be operating in a brand new market which has never before existed, and that too with a zero marketing budget. Hence one must adopt the “hackers mindset” and find ways to use non-traditional approaches and somehow delivering torrid growth using a shoestring budget. Driving viral behavior among consumers or using freemium offerings are examples of these techniques.

        This course examines these aspects of using equity as a source of value as well as non-traditional approaches of driving growth.

      • Board Room Simulator

        As a Sr. executive, you will one day need to be able to visualize and manage the end to end business flow.

        'The Board Room Tournament' is an interactive online simulation where you make critical decisions for your firm in a quest to grow shareholder value. By playing the role of Chief Executive Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Sales Officer, Chief Production Officer and Chief Research Officer, you develop an appreciation for how other teams function and what decisions that they manage.

        As your perspective broadens, you will begin to realize how organizations formulate strategy and coordinate tactics across a wide variety of departments and functions. This holistic view of the organization stands you in good stead across a variety of real world business situations, including a far deeper appreciation for the competitive dynamics within your customer’s business as well as your own. This module is based on the ancient text of THE ART OF WAR by Sun Tzu.

      • Capstone Project

        The Capstone Project is designed to enhance your client handling & business execution skills in a live business environment with something real at stake.

        Team of 7-9 students working on each project
        Scope, objectives & deliverables to be finalized between you & client with inputs from faculty
        Good communication & client management are typically as important as doing good work

        These projects often involve significant primary data collection/calling decision makers in addition to secondary (internet+book) research. Each project would have different required readings and milestones based on the objectives and scope of that particular the project.

  • Course Directors

    Student Testimonials

    Having worked on real problems at Sunstone, not only helped me get through the interview process at Adobe, but also instilled the confidence to take more business responsibility!

    Vikas Yadav,
    Product Manager,
    Adobe Systems

    The most important skills developed that I use in my role are C-level readiness in communication and structured process to decision making.

    Anshuman Misra ,
    Account Manager
    Bharti Softbank

    Honestly, I think I would not have had this role if I had not done the Sunstone program. My thinking has evolved a lot. I will say single biggest change is my mindset. Its now more business oriented. Now I not only understand why certain strategic decisions are being taken in my organisation, but also contribute to them.

    Niharika Sharma
    Product Manager

    Unique, effective and balanced - that is how I would summarise this program!

    Pragati Dhingra,
    Program Manager

    • Frequently Asked Questions

      1. Does this program require me to leave my current job?

      No. This program does not require you to leave your job. However, you need to spend 10-12Hours every week to complete it on time.

      2. Is this a completely online program?

      Curriculum is delivered 100% online. However, its highly interactive program with live one-to-one interaction and guidance from faculty and industry leaders. Students are connected with their peers and coaches 24X7 through the course portal.

      Sunstone also organizes online networking days where students, alumni, industry guests come together for to learn and network together.

      3. What are different specializations and how should I choose one?

      Please refer to our curriculum for specializations. Students choose specialization based on their career choices. For example: senior professionals or people interested in entrepreneurship choose Business Planning and Entrepreneurship as they want to learn skills such as idea generation, business planning, operating plans. Analytics is chosen by people who want to advance in careers related to analytics.

      You don’t need to decide it at the time of admission. You will do the core courses first, and then you can discuss with coaches to identify right area for you.

      4. Is there placement assistance?

      Yes. Sunstone is the only program for working professionals in India with a career development service. It helps students to create opportunities and pitch for those opportunities. You also receive 1-on-1 career coaching from senior faculty.

      5. How is the program delivered?

      Sunstone curriculum is built on Problem based learning, it’s NOT a textbook based program. Faculty acts like a coach and help students to solve business problems. Sunstone is considered the most interactive online program with 4 Hrs/week of online LIVE classes and another 8 Hrs/week of group learning through problems. All students have access to Sunstone portal with licensed content from our partners including Harvard Business Publishing. Assignments, Project work, Team Workshops and Networking Events are other parts of the Curriculum.

      6. How is this program recognized by companies?

      Sunstone certification has a huge value because it signals the knowledge and skills of our students. Sunstone is a rigorous program that requires sincerity and commitment to complete. Various companies have been posting relevant jobs through placement services. Our recognition is also a result of our alumni’s success and performance in their companies. However, it ultimately comes down to specific student’s knowledge and skills.

      7. I have only done technical roles in the past. Can I really move to management roles through this program?

      This program helps you create differentiation by building critical business knowledge required to move and grow in management roles. Sunstone students started to move towards a management career path after doing this program. You need to be persistent with your effort and commitment to make it happen.

      8. What is the fee structure and are there any EMI options?

      There are several bank and credit card partnership so you can break it in instalments at a very nominal interest rate. You can check with admissions team about student loans and instalments options. You can also choose to pay for nano-MBA fee first, and pay the advance level fee only when you enrol for it. However, the fee amount for the program is valid only when you pay upfront.

      9. Do I need to be in certain locations to enroll in the program?

      Sunstone has students from 11 countries and 36 different locations. Students can join the program from anywhere in India or globally. Most of the delivery of the program is done through web based live classes and group assignments which require co-ordination over email, phone etc. Classes are held on Saturday only as per India time. All classes are recorded as well so that students can view them later.

*Note: Class timings might vary depending on Industry guest and faculty availability