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Revenue Recognition

Many of the historic financial scams involved direct manipulation of the top line. This should come as no surprise given it’s sensitivity to subjective assumptions. Note that the performance metrics and bonuses of many decision makers rely on revenue as the most variable factor. Hence “how to account for revenue” crops up as a perennial issue at the highest levels.

In this course students learn to decipher which transactions qualify as revenue and interpret the wider consequences on related parties in a company-customer transaction.

Course Directors

Aniket Khera is passionate about capital markets and is currently fund manager at Wegmans Financial Services

His philosophy of investment revolves around value investing in equity markets, event arbitrage, and behavioral finance. Aniket is a graduate from IIT Delhi and an MBA, Marketing and Finance from The University of Texas, Dallas.


Anchal Arora
Lead Software Engg
Abhinav Singh
Project Lead
Praveen Akolkar
General Manager
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Gairik Bhattacharya
Sr. Consultant

It helped me understand the importance of revenue recognition for an organization

Revenue typically drives the success of most businesses, as it is a means of generating profits and increasing equity. For this reason, attaining proper revenue recognition is paramount. Revenue is one of the most important measures used by investors in assessing a company’s performance and prospects. These concepts looked quite complicated before I attended the course but now I can relate to the learning while attending any such discussion and can be a part of the discussion with insights from my understanding.

This course equips you to form an informed opinion on financial reports

This course helped me understand the logic behind revenue and expense recognition for different companies. The fact that companies can play around with revenue recognition to make their financial figures look better coupled with the case-study for Educomp helped develop a good perspective on this concept

Pooja Agrawal
Software Quality Engineer