Attack the problem, not people


Written by our student Ajith Sundararaj Are you occasionally tempted to solve your problems by bringing down the credibility of others? Maybe not. Have you indeed ever brought down others as a way to address your problems? Certainly not! Yet, knowingly or unknowingly, it’s likely that you would have been a party to such behavior. … Read more

Wondering how to manage part time education with a full time job?

Anshu Sharma

Our student Anshu Sharma is an architect with hCentive. He is great at his job and is now managing part time management program with Sunstone really well. Here is how he does it… Why am I reading this article? If you are working and you are thinking to enroll in an online course, which requires … Read more

Why Sunstone?


Our student Charu Saxena talks about her experience at Sunstone. Experience I think in this information-pervasive world, knowledge alone empowers one to think differently and clearly. More importantly, it enables one to fearlessly and confidently apply it within one’s field. Having decided that management was a subject where I needed more insight, enrolling into Sunstone … Read more

Demystifying Management Consulting

Himanshu Jain

Takeaways from Webinar by our student Himanshu Jain Guest: Vikas Kharbanda, Principal at Arthur D. Little Consulting is one of the top corporate careers that an MBA can hope to pursue. Our class at Sunstone recently got a chance to interact with an eminent management consultant who spent his 13 years in realizing this dream … Read more

Life of a Product Manager

Himanshu Sharma-author

Takeaways from Webinar by our student Himanshu Sharma Guest: Chetan Channa, Product Manager – Times Internet Limited Sunstone spring 2014 batch got the opportunity to hear from Chetan Channa during monthly networking session in Feb 2014. Chetan has done B.Tech from NIT, Allahabad & MBA from Queen’s University (Canada). He has extensive experience of working … Read more

India, Leading with examples of Government Efficiency

Himanshu Jain

Takeaways from Webinar by our student Himanshu Jain Guest: Tanusree Deb Barma, District Magistrate of Khowai district India is a large country in terms of population. It is a country with diversified cultures, diversified terrains, mountains regions, deserts, oceanic region. It needs lot of efforts and proper mechanism to run any social welfare or any … Read more

Being all in one: product manager and concept of product management

Milind Shirolkar

Takeaways from Guest Sessions by our student Milind Shirolkar Guest: Aditya Bhelande, Founder of Yukta – a product consulting firm Product management is one of prime focused elective courses here in Sunstone; Sunstone brings in live experienced individuals to share expert insights in this area. Theme of Session was well poised of explaining concepts of … Read more

Hiring and retaining people an important element for organization’s growth

Tapan Dantre

Takeaways from Guest Sessions by our student Tapan Dantre Guest: Gajanan Sakhare, Co-Founder and CEO at SmartCloud – Nirbhaya: Be Fearless Sunstone Spring Batch 2014 got an opportunity to have a discussion with Mr. Gajanan Sakhare on the contact day held at Pune. Mr. Gajanan Sakhare is the cofounder and CEO of SmartCloud – Nirbhaya: … Read more

Achieving Business Growth

Saurabh Dhanda

Takeaways from Guest Sessions by our student Saurabh Dhanda Guest: Harpreet Singh Grover, Co-Founder and CEO – Scaling up their business and achieving business growth is a dream that every entrepreneur aspires for. But what are the key ingredients that can help a business succeed? We got a chance to hear Harpreet’s perspective on … Read more

Growing comes from Growth…

Tapan Nayak

Takeaways from Guest Sessions by our student Tapan Kumar Nayak Guest: Vishwas Mudagal, CEO at GoodWorkLabs and Author ‘Losing My Religion’. A famous quote says, “Life is a choice between AGEING and GROWING. AGEING is adding YEARS to LIFE and GROWING is adding LIFE to YEARS.” GROWING comes from GROWTH. A positive change in Size … Read more