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  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 8 April 2022


Choosing what to study and where to study from is significant to one’s career and possibilities that open up later in life. Many 10+2 students want to get into business, so they pick BBA as a course when it comes to graduation. BBA is a 3-year degree that equips a student with the knowledge required to manage the functional areas of a business.

What Does BBA Focus On?

Apart from imparting curriculum-based knowledge, the top BBA colleges in Kolkata offer a vast platform wherein students can undergo holistic development to their personalities. This is done by nurturing and grooming their skills in leadership, communication, and decision-making. By the end of the course, each student is made job-ready through various practical training sessions, expository seminars, internships, and case studies.

Things You Must Do Before Enrolling

Assuming you are prepared to do all that is possible to join one of the top BBA colleges in Kolkata and gain a good degree, there are a few necessary things to get out of the way before you join.

  1. Explore inwards: The best place to start is yourself. As the saying goes, “Only a fool tests the depth of the water with both feet”. In this context, it generally means there is no sense in joining a course if you don’t know for sure that you are committed to the idea. It is important to first gauge your abilities and interests, as well as figure out whether you wish to and are able to stick with it till the end. You would not fare well doing something you do not love, so figure out whether a BBA at one of the top 10 BBA colleges in Kolkata is the right path for you. It helps if you maintain a journal to catalogue your thoughts and experiences, and if reading it later reveals that you are suited to the BBA journey, then you can proceed to try and get into one of the best BBA colleges in Kolkata.
  2. Choose your college and course wisely: It may seem like a good idea to pick out a college based on your comfort, but in the long run, it really isn’t. Adopt a professional attitude when it comes to such major life decisions. Focus on the kind of work you want to be doing later in life. Basically, you can either run a business or work in a corporate for one, and neither is a bad choice. If you choose the former, then a BBA degree makes sense.
  3. Research: When considering BBA colleges in Kolkata, fees aren’t the only thing you should be looking at. You can not set up a good plan without having done due diligence about the colleges and courses, and for the latter, you need to do significant research. First, choose a degree and analyse it. If it’s BBA you’re looking at, know what comes after joining. Go through the curriculum and syllabus offered and consider whether these subjects are going to benefit you in the long run as this will also give you a good return on your investment.

Top BBA colleges in Kolkata based on Fees, Placement, and Salary

  1. Adamas University

Total Fees: ₹ 4.04 L - 4.58 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 4.8

Median Salary: ₹ 2.51 LPA

  1. Aliah University, New Town

Total Fees: ₹ 59.4 K

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 4.1

Median Salary: ₹ 3.5 LPA

  1. Techno International New Town

Total Fees: ₹ 2.95 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 2.9

Median Salary: ₹ 4 LPA

  1. Institute of Engineering and Management

Total Fees: ₹ 3.35 L

Placement Rating (Shiksha): 3.9

Median Salary: ₹ 3.38 LPA

Cost of Living in Kolkata

Kolkata is one of the largest cities in the country, and the cost of living here is comparable to those in cities like Delhi and Bangalore. Number estimates that for a single person, the monthly costs would go up as high as ₹25,366.98 excluding rent. For a detailed look at the prices of items and amenities, you can check out their website.

Top BBA Colleges in Kolkata According to Placements

  1. St. Xavier’s College Kolkata (SXC): The oldest college in Kolkata, this reputed institute boasts its enriching faculty and curriculum that has resulted in facilitating maximum job opportunities. There are pre-placement interactions, workshops, and seminars conducted that give a gist of what the students can expect when they join the company. Recruiters include Axis Bank, Aviva, Reliance, Aditya Birla Group, HDFC, Genpact, Federal Bank, Citi Bank, KPMG, and Tata Capital.
  2. Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan Institute of Management Science, Kolkata: This college offers 100% placement assistance, including common elements such as seminars and workshops to help students get in touch with better job opportunities.
  3. B.P. Poddar Institute of Management and Technology (BPPIMT): Established in 1999, it is affiliated with Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad University of Technology. Companies such as Infosys and Cognizant Technology Solutions are among the leading recruiters from this campus.
  4. Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology: Top companies where students at this college get placed include Amazon, TCS, Hitachi, Persistent, Idea Cell, Robert Bosch, Infosys, and Wipro. The mean salary offered in placements is ₹3LPA.

BBA Colleges in Kolkata That Accept Entrance Exam Scores

  1. Amity Global Business School: This institution accepts admissions based on MAT Exam, CAT Exam, or GMAT Exam.
  2. Aryabhatta Institute of Engineering and Management: This college bases its admissions on the WBJEE or AIEEE Exam.
  3. BP Poddar Institute of Management & Technology: This college admits students based on their score in either of the WBJEE and AIEEE Exams.
  4. Institute of Engineering & Management: This institute lets aspiring students apply based on scores achieved in IEMJEE and has passed 12th, with English being a mandatory subject.

Benefits of a BBA

  1. Leadership skills: The course sets up a strong sense of and aptitude in leadership, by employing various mixtures of classroom training, business cases studies, and decision-making exercises. Instilling leadership abilities is key to the curriculum because the student needs them not just in the management domain but in every sphere they intend to apply themselves in.
  2. Communication skills: Whether a BBA graduate joins an organisation or starts a business of their own, they should be well versed in putting their ideas across whenever needed. This is very important, which is why BBA graduates are often groomed to come across as confident individuals that can articulate their thoughts clearly.
  3. Inner Capabilities: A BBA course does not simply focus on making students corporate-ready; it also assists them in figuring out what elements their true inner strength comprises. All workshops, seminars and industrial training conducted are meant to help students understand more about their strengths and abilities.
  4. Entrepreneurial Skills: Entrepreneurship is a skill that not all people can learn. A BBA student learns the basics of this while pursuing the course, and it sets them up in a mental space where they can refine their character and thoughts through further learning. These skills and lessons will give an edge over others if students decide to pursue entrepreneurship.
  5. Career opportunities: BBA opens doors to vast career opportunities in domains of finance, marketing, human resources, operations etc., when they join the corporate world or can also set up and run their own business. The job possibilities in the national and international markets are almost innumerable.

BBA Subjects

The following are the subjects that you can expect to learn during a BBA course, which spans three years or six semesters. Some of them may differ based on the college or university or the specialisation that you choose.

  1. Understanding Industry and Markets
  2. Introduction to Sociology
  3. Introduction to Operations Research
  4. Project Management
  5. Personnel Management & Industry Relations
  6. Organisational Behaviour
  7. Business Economics
  8. Family Business Management
  9. Commercial Bank Management
  10. Essentials of Marketing
  11. Export/ Import Management
  12. E-Commerce
  13. PR Management
  14. Security Analysis
  15. Production & Material Management
  16. Financial & Commodity Derivatives
  17. Digital Marketing
  18. Entrepreneurship
  19. Business Laws
  20. Consumer Behaviour
  21. Industrial Relations and Labour Legislation
  22. Computer Applications
  23. Principles of Management
  24. International Business Management
  25. Human Resource Management
  26. Leadership and Ethics
  27. Quantitative Methods
  28. Financial Modelling using spreadsheets
  29. Business Mathematics & Statistics
  30. Sales & Distribution Management
  31. Marketing Management
  32. Introduction to Psychology
  33. Micro Economics
  34. Manufacture Planning and Control
  35. Corporate Strategic Management
  36. Business Data Processing
  37. Strategy
  38. Business Analytics
  39. MIS / Systems Design
  40. Financial & Management Accounting
  41. Retail Management

Career and Job Opportunities Post BBA

The first things students choosing BBA in Kolkata think about are the job and career opportunities that follow it. Most of these bring a good salary with attractive benefits and also come with chances to grow and advance higher. Following are some of the top job opportunities you can expect after doing a BBA course.

  1. Marketing Executive: This job is simply the best place for those with great people skills. Although it requires some amount of fieldwork, you also get to do lots of planning and strategising. You basically work as the person that markets your company’s services and products, builds brands, and designs and executes campaigns. This job is challenging yet exciting and comes with a handsome salary.
  2. HR Executive: The HR manager heads the HR department in every company. As an HR executive, the job entails bridging the employees and management together to achieve the company’s objective. HR executives are integral to any organisation since they make sure that the employee functioning stays smooth. In most companies, the position brings a good salary and benefits.
  3. R&D Manager: Research & Development is among the most crucial departments in almost any company selling products and services these days. In this job role, you would be responsible for managing the inventing and innovative capability, supervising new and improved products, and planning and strategising.
  4. Sales Executive: Sales drives every company, which means a sales executive is one of the most vital people in the company. In this role, you would be responsible for selling the products and services that the company offers. This includes existing products and services and newly launched ones as well. Most of the work will be out on the field, and chances for travelling abound. Sales executives get not only a good salary but also commissions based on the sales they manage to close, and the latter can add up to a pretty appealing sum.
  5. Accounting Manager: For people with specialisation in an accounting-related subject, and for those with a financial bent of mind, this role will be highly suitable. The position entails handling all the accounts which the company has, making you essential in terms of financial planning and strategising. Being the main money person on the company’s payroll, you can expect to be handed a handsome salary and attached benefits.

To conclude, a degree in BBA can either make you an employee or an employer, both of which offer a wide range of avenues to pick. Ensure that before enrolling in the college of your choice, you have done your due diligence and are confident of the returns you can expect in the long run.


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