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Earn ₹5000 each time your friend confirms his admission & pays the registration amount.

Additional Bonus Rewards

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Frequently Asked Question

How will I redeem my rewards?

Any time you receive a reward, you will see a scratch card in your rewards section. You can unlock these cards and redeem the amount by entering your UPI details and the amount will be credited to you shortly.

How do I refer a friend for Sunstone?

 Login to

Enter your name and mobile number

Get OTP to receive referral link

Share your referral link to a friend

Your friend can sign up using your referral link

Happy referring!

How will I receive the additional bonus rewards?

Apple products will be given to referrer’s in the month of January 2025.

Please note, successful admission for seeking apple products will only be counted only if referee successfully joins the program in campus and clears fee as per dates mentioned in Offer Letter.

How do I track my referrals?

If any of your friends sign up and completes the application test, you will start seeing their progress in the View Referrals section.

Are these offers applicable to all programs and colleges open for the admissions year 2024?

Yes, these offers are applicable for admissions in the year 2024 for all Undergraduate (UG), Postgraduate (PG), and Select programs except for programs offered at JECRC University, Jaipur.

What are the additional bonus rewards?

Additional rewards are over and above the base reward of ₹5000 per admission.

For example: If you refer 10 friends and they take admission in Sunstone, you are eligible for 10x₹5000 + ₹100000(or MacBook) = ₹150000

Is there a limit to the number of students I can refer?

No, there is no limit to the number of students you can refer. Happy referring!

What if my referral has questions about the program?

Direct your referrals to our helpline desk where they can get information and assistance related to the referral program. Reach out to us on +91 7065-30-30-30.

I have referred a friend to Sunstone but they have signed up before. Can I still get rewards?

Only new and unique referrals, who have not been registered with Sunstone before, will be considered for eligibility in the referral program giveaway.

Is the referee payment adjustable against the semester fees?

No, the INR 7,500 cashback to the referee will not be adjusted against the semester fees. It is a separate incentive provided as part of the referral program.

Can the referee choose an alternative payment method instead of cashback?

No, the payment will be exclusively provided as cashback and cannot be altered to any other form.

What information is required for the cash transfer?

To ensure a smooth transfer, participants must provide their UPI ID or bank details, including account number, account holder's name, cancelled cheque and bank name.

Can I transfer my cash incentive to another person's bank account?

The cash incentive is typically non-transferable. It will be directly transferred to the bank account provided by the referrer and the referee during the UPI/Bank details sharing process.