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The 3Ds of Sunstone Select

Unlock your full potential by gaining practical skills with hands-on projects and immersive experiences outside the classroom in every semester to stand out in the fast-paced world.



Discover your true potential with immersive learning experiences outside the classroom



Develop in-demand skills with simulations of real-life problems to build a professional portfolio



Disrupt the industry by demonstrating your expertise through industry meet-ups and on-ground projects

01/ Discover

Discover your true potential by learning outside the classroom

Explore the world beyond your classroom and discover what truly excites you

What you'll be doing

Explore the foothills on a Mountain Expedition to discover your strengths

Travel through 8 cities with the Discover India Journey to truly experience cultural diversity

Visit another country with the Global Immersion Program to understand its local culture

Embark on the unique Leadership Retreat to unleash the change-maker in you

02/ Develop

Develop in-demand skills through hands-on learning

Apply what you learn in class and fine-tune your skill set for a professional portfolio

What you'll be doing

Build A Brand by executing marketing strategies based on consumer insight

Develop an Android Mobile Application with engaging interfaces, APIs & UI elements

Identify a content niche and build your audience for the Influencer Challenge

Learn programming languages to build a Digital 2 Player Game with a focus on UX/UI tools

03/ Disrupt

Disrupt the industry by showcasing your expertise

Kickstart your career with opportunities to test your expertise in the real-world

What you'll be doing

Showcase your tech skills at Tech Conclave with industry-led workshops and hackathons

Participate in Management Fests to showcase your business acumen & skills

Promote Social Innovation by helping a local NGO in refine its operations with your tech skills

Pitch to potential investors and raise capital up to ₹ 10 Cr. with Startup-Shala

Learn from Industry Experts

Learn from industry leaders working in 30+ top corporates across diverse domains through weekly sessions.

Awards and Recognitions

Excellence in Edtech Innovation for Higher Education

Excellence in Edtech Innovation for Higher Education

Edtech Company of the Year

Edtech Company of the Year

2022 South Asia EdTech 100

2022 South Asia EdTech 100

Placement Accountability Program

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Our Media Presence

"Sunstone introduces experiential MBA programme"
"Sunstone introduces experiential MBA programme ‘Sunstone Select’ at Sharda University"
"Sunstone introduces path breaking experiential MBA programme ‘Sunstone Select’ at Sharda University"
"Sunstone introduces path-breaking experiential MBA programme ‘Sunstone Select’ at Sharda University"

Frequently Asked Question

What makes this MBA/PGDM and B.Tech program different from others?

Our MBA/PGDM and B.Tech program is designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom. With outdoor learning, global immersion, leadership retreat, and real-world projects, students get a chance to explore and learn in a practical and immersive way.

We also offer six new age specialisations across Marketing & MarkTech, Finance & Fintech, People & Organisation, Product Innovation & Management, Business Analytics & Insights and Logistics & Supply Chain which give our students an edge over others.

What is the minimum guarantee for the job CTC?

We are confident in our program and our ability to place you. However, we also think that nothing can replace hard work and dedication.

Sunstone’s Placement Accountability Program assures that you are placed – 10+ Guaranteed opportunities at 8+LPA CTC or Sunstone will reimburse 100% of the total fee*

*T&C apply.

What kind of projects can students expect to work on?

Our program focuses on providing students with a hands-on experience. Students get to work on real-life projects such as creating a Digital game, E-com website & Android app with our experiential B.Tech program, and Brand building, Capstone simulation & CXO mentorship with our experiential MBA/PGDM program, respectively.

We also offer challenges such as Influencer challenge, Tech/Domain conclave, Social innovation & Venture initiation to help our students gain valuable practical skills.

Which campuses are currently offering this program?

At present, we have collaborated with three leading campuses for Select program, which have state-of-the-art infrastructure and are fully equipped with cutting-edge facilities. Sunstone Select offers an immersive learning experience to the students with real-life projects, industry immersion, social innovation and leadership retreat.

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