Our expert panel of trainers

Regular counsel and guidance from distinguished professionals significantly raise the students’ confidence during placements. 1000+ hours of training every year, packed in a career-oriented approach, under the guidance of a stellar faculty, equips candidates with the ability to tackle challenges faced in the fast-paced corporate world.

Nitin Kapoor

Nitin has been enabling people and business transformations across India, MEA and APAC. He has also been recognised for his exceptional performance by ET Now and the World HRD Congress. He has built and led teams at OYO, Housing.com and VLCC Healthcare.

Sonia Jaitly

Sonia has 18+ years of experience as a Behavioural Trainer and Psychotherapist. She has worked with reputed MNCs and Academic Institutions. Her interventions and workshops have benefitted over 9000 professionals.

Aparna Kaul

Aparna has 17+ years of experience in Academic and Corporate training. She specialises in Communication skills, Aviation management, Public relations and Marketing. She has trained more than 1000 students in getting their dream jobs.


With 20+ years of experience in Academic and Corporate training, Vijayalakshmi manifests a comprehensive and assorted career in Marketing and HR as a communications and personality development trainer.


A PhD in English with over 15 years of teaching and mentoring experience, Dr Amruta has previously taught at the Symbiosis University of Applied Science, Indore. She is a certified communications coach, life coach and NLP practitioner.


With over ten years of teaching and corporate experience, Raunak is passionate about preparing students for the globalised world they will encounter.


With 12+ years of teaching and corporate experience, Niharika is highly passionate about teaching and facilitating students through practical teaching methods using the latest pedagogical tools.


A soft skills trainer and coach, Puja has vast experience helping students and aspiring managers build strong business acumen, the most sought after skills in the industry, and interpersonal skills needed to make it in and lead the corporate world.