7 Benefits of MCA: Why Choose MCA?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 8 April 2022
Benefits of MCA - Why Pursue MCA? | Sunstone

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MCA is a postgraduate degree with a duration of three years, meant for aspirants who wish to go deeper into the area of computer application development using modern programming languages. This master’s degree is the ideal option for people who want to build an advanced technical base while working with the latest technological advancements and take the next step in their app development career. At Sunstone, we have adapted this course to meet the rising demand for adept professionals in the IT field.

While pursuing this course, students will gain a deeper understanding of topics such as systems designing, computer networks, application software development, system administration, database administration, web designing and development, data mining, etc.

The Main Reasons to Choose MCA as a Career

Above was a general idea about MCA and what you can expect to learn while pursuing it. Now let’s take a look at why MCA is a wise choice in today’s job market. Following are some of the advantages of MCA that you should know.

  • A great career in the ever-changing IT industry: An article by McKinsey predicts that the Indian IT industry will touch around $350bn in the next five years. This means more jobs in this field, especially compared to what was seen in previous years. IT has long been one of the fastest-growing sectors in India, and with new jobs added each year, new opportunities and a decent career are in the offing for savvy MCA graduates.
  • Getting the skills to transform into an IT expert: Today’s world is highly competitive, and a bachelor’s degree can’t always get you very far when it comes to grabbing enviable jobs and working with prominent companies. The corporate world needs trained professionals capable of thinking critically and developing advanced IT solutions, and in most situations, having an MCA can be a game-changer.

While pursuing an MCA, it’s typical to be trained by expert academicians and industry practitioners, letting you imbibe the kind of expertise and skillsets the industry is looking for. At Sunstone, we have designed our curriculum in a way that you acquire specialised knowledge regarding various IT sector domains and get the chance to enhance your skills enough to master them.

  • Exploring multiple job profiles: As already mentioned, there are myriad job opportunities on the cards to explore after getting an MCA degree. Some of the top roles include Software Developer, Project Manager, Computer System Specialist, Data Scientist, Troubleshooter, Hardware Engineer, Cyber Security Expert, and Cloud Architect. Based on what you decide to specialise in, you can pick from these roles and many others.
  • Getting good compensation: As the saying goes, money makes the world go around. This is bound to affect your choice of a master's degree to pursue because everyone wants a significant return on their investment. MCA is one degree that will not disappoint in this regard, and that’s just when you start off your career. As you pick up more experience, your pay will increase.
  • Never going out of demand: The IT field is growing by leaps and bounds and hasn’t shown any signs of stopping. There are new jobs and requirements opening up not just in India but also across the world. With an MCA degree in hand, you don’t need to worry about being laid off or not finding work. The MCA is a testament to your technical competency, which is why you will continue to be in demand across the globe.
  • Getting placed at a leading organisation: Every student has a question regarding where they will find a job after completing their studies. What are the types of companies that an MCA would find work at? If you didn’t know before, then here are some leading companies that commonly hire MCAs right off the bat.

·        IBM

·        Accenture

·        HCL

·        Cybage

·        SAP

·        Amazon

·        Oracle

·        Capgemini

·        KPIT

·        Harbinger Systems

·        Extentia

  • Pursuing industry-oriented specialisations: Many professional specialisations have far greater potential than the conventional MCA options, such as Mobile Computing and Cloud Computing. Both of these and others have high demand in the IT field. Such optional subjects often concentrate on real-life case studies, helping students gain the expertise and skills which happen to be highly in demand in the industry. These are also globally accepted, which means someone who studies them can see their employability quotient go up substantially.

Career Options after MCA

You’ve looked at the top benefits of MCA, so now let’s look at what job opportunities arise after you complete your MCA. Following are some of the top roles that you can expect to fill.

  • Software Developer: The job of a software developer entails developing, testing, installing, and maintaining brand-new software systems for the use of clients. Their work also involves creating challenging new software to meet specific requirements. Such work is considered complex and often quite rewarding, and that’s why most MCA graduates have a leaning towards this job role. It doesn’t hurt to have pretty good pay and plenty of opportunities to grow.


  • Hardware Engineer: When thinking of IT, people’s minds usually tend to register thoughts about software. But software is not all IT is about; there’s also hardware and the people working on it. Hardware engineers design, install and repair the physical elements of a computer. The modern world owes its most innovative and functional PC designs to the hard work of hardware engineers. Thanks to this, they earn a handsome wage and are in high demand. A lot of MCA students can consider picking this career path after graduating.

  • System Analyst: It’s the job of a system analyst to analyse, redesign, improve and implement IT systems and in the process, offer up better business solutions that are helpful to clients. Many system analysts choose to overhaul IT systems completely so that business improves. These professionals don’t do much groundwork; they liaise between client and developer to ensure the ideal solution is presented in every scenario. The pay is good, mainly because of some managerial aspects related to the role.

  • Troubleshooter: This profession is both highly vital and versatile. A person working in this role must know about software, networking, and hardware. Their job entails quickly fixing new issues so that nothing gets in the way of work. They also perform regular maintenance with regard to the company's IT infrastructure. Most companies have troubleshooters on their payroll because they are instrumental in ensuring everything functions smoothly. If you ever try out this line of work, you’ll find the pay is advantageous, and chances for growth are plenty.

  • Data Scientist: The sheer existence of this profession owes to the near-infinite amount of data generated in the world today. Data scientists analyse all the data available to make predictions, comprehend consumer behaviour, and mainly improve business decisions and customer service. This profession is seeing high demand and continual rise and already has an impressive pay scale for beginners.

  • Software Consultant:  These professionals lend their skills and expertise to companies looking for software advice. Their job involves thoroughly analysing and evaluating the software from a business perspective. They then make suggestions on how to optimise the said software. This position requires an expert, which means having prior experience in the same field. There is also the requirement of knowing multiple computer languages. Software consultants are known to work on a project basis and make a handsome living for the most part.

  • Web Designer and Developer: These days, people selling things have less need of a salesman and more of a stellar website. Every business needs a website of its own, serving as a place where people can find out more about it. A web designer and developer make every such website. What you see at first glance is the design part, while the website's functioning comes down to how it was developed. Developers and designers can build beautiful and powerful websites for their clients and, as a result, can earn a pretty decent living.

We hope that you’ve gleaned a decent understanding of how getting an MCA will help you carve out a successful path in IT. To ensure that you gain the maximum benefits, ensure that you pursue it at a reputed college or university.

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