4 types of entrance exams you can appear for to pursue PGDM

  • By Swikriti Chauhan
  • 12 July 2022
4 types of entrance exams you can appear for to pursue PGDM

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An introduction

PGDM is one of the most popular postgraduate courses for students who have recently graduated from college or university. Many students move their attention to the PGDM admission examinations as soon as the PGDM course enters their minds, and they focus on how to do well in these exams.

PGDM stands for Post-Graduate Diploma in Management, or PGDM, in short. PGDM is a diploma programme that focuses on management and business topics. The diploma programme is akin to an MBA and provides a wide range of employment options. Discover all there is to know about entrance exams for PGDM courses and tips to crack them!

What are the PGDM entrance exams?

Exams such as CAT, MAT,  XAT, and GMAT are the most prevalent. Here are the four entrance exams for PGDM courses :


Admission to MBA, PGDM, and comparable programmes is determined by taking the Common Admission Test (CAT). At least a bachelor's degree and at least 50 percent for the general category and 45 percent for SC/ST and differently-abled candidates are required for this post. In order to prepare for the CAT exam, aptitude books are available for purchase. Many classes are available to help students prepare for the CAT.


It is possible to gain admission to over 150 colleges by taking the Xavier Aptitude Test, another computer-based entrance exam. It's an objective-based paper that also includes a penalty for incorrect answers. You can study for the XAT with the help of XAT books that are readily available.


The MAT, or the Management Aptitude Test, is another common exam for students applying to  PGDM admission and programmes. The exam is given 4 times a year. Because it is computer-based and objective, there is no upper age limit on who can take it. Provisional registration is permitted for final-year students as well.


Students applying to management degrees are required to take the GMAT– Graduate Management Aptitude Test, a computer-based test that measures analytical, writing, and reading skills. The GMAT does not include a penalty for incorrect answers, but you are not allowed to retake the test.

How to crack PGDM entrance exams?

How it's tested

When it comes to the next exam, MAT, there is a lot of the same, but the CAT is a lot less difficult than the SAT. Students can still go to a Tier 2 B-School and get their PGDM by applying with an acceptable score on the GMAT or GRE though. XAT and ATMA are significantly less difficult than CAT and MAT. Students who pass these exams are eligible to enrol in a PGDM entrance exam at a college or university that is accredited by the UGC or AICTE.

Students must choose the institutions they want to attend for their PGDM entrance exam programme and then prepare for the relevant entrance tests for those colleges. On the basis of several variables, such as financial limits, geography and the sort of education, this decision will be made. As a result, before sitting for any of these entrance exams, every aspiring PGDM student must first decide on their preferred PGDM schools.

Make sure you're strong in the basics

Success and achievement can only be achieved if the fundamentals are in place. Take a skyscraper as an example; without a solid foundation, the building will not be able to reach its full potential. Similarly, the same holds when preparing for entrance tests. Focus on the fundamentals and make sure you have a solid grasp of them before taking any exams.

Creating a Game Plan and a Strategy

A well-thought-out plan and approach are essential to a student's success on any exam. Before beginning their PGDM program, students should plan thoroughly and use their best techniques to succeed. The students should have a thorough comprehension of what these tests are and how they might be figured out. You can find a tonne of information regarding these tests by performing a simple internet search.

Emphasise the negative

The next stage for students is to figure out how to study for the tests they've selected. The first step is to narrow in on your areas of weakness. Focus on the areas where you can improve and work hard on the areas where you can improve. 

Improve your self-esteem

It is believed that self-confidence is the best way to achieve. The biggest error that students make when preparing for admission examinations is getting sidetracked by competition and losing confidence in themselves. The question that follows is, "How do I achieve this confidence?" Having a firm grasp of the fundamentals is a good way to build confidence. Preparation is the key to a strong foundation. They also concentrate on time management in addition to this. The more time students spend preparing for tests, the better they will be at managing their time.


One must pay attention to what one sees. The PGDM exam paper may be difficult, but it is not impossible to succeed at it. Students should review the prior year's questions to get a sense of how the questions will be asked. It is suggested that they use stop timers to complete these papers so that they can manage their time better. To have a clear picture of how questions have evolved, the past five years of question papers will be invaluable. A good sense of the inquiries to expect can be gleaned from this observation.


When studying for the PGDM exam paper, the adage "Practice makes perfect" can be put to good use. Aspirants for the PGDM programme should practice a wide range of questions from diverse sources before attempting the examination. A great deal of one's self-assurance can be attributed to well-run practice sessions.


This can be exhausting, but a correct and channelized approach can turn this exhaustion into an interest that will help any student realise their goal of obtaining a PGDM degree from one of the country's best universities.

Following the tips in this article is certain to lead to a positive outcome for those who put their efforts into it. Students are urged to follow these measures and devote themselves to their preparation with total commitment. Having a PGDM degree gives them a leg up in their work, allowing them to take their positions to new heights. Get the best PGDM courses with Sunstone!


Which entrance exam is best for PGDM?

Cat, NMAT, MAT and GMAT are among the most popular PGDM course Entrance Exams. It is possible to specialise in one or more of the following areas in the full-time programme: marketing, finance, or human resources.

Can we do PGDM without an entrance exam?

Several MBA universities in India offer Direct MBA Admission without an Entrance Exam. Additionally, AICTE has mandated that PGDM/MBA institutions that have not been able to administer MBA entrance exams owing to a pandemic give 2022 direct admission based on academic performance.

How can I get admission to PGDM?

PGDM course Entrance Exams at the national or university level are used to determine eligibility for the PGDM programme for admission.

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