Dr Atul Sharma

With demonstrated years of experience in creating, managing and leading change, Dr Atul currently serves as the Academics Director at Sunstone Eduversity. A PhD and MBA with over 34 years of rich and diverse experience in the corporate and education industries, Dr Atul Sharma is an established author and trainer with visionary institution-building experience.

Dr Ashvin Gutti

Currently serving as the Director, academics at Sunstone Eduversity, Dr Ashvin brings over 30 years of rich Academic and Marketing experience to the classroom. He is well versed with Marketing strategies, acquiring clients and spearheading end-to-end academic, non-academic and co-curricular activities with the best-in-class pedagogy.

Jayati Relan

Currently pursuing her PhD from Manav Rachna University, Jayati has worked with various big education providers for over six years and enjoys sharing her knowledge with students and future business leaders.

Soumitra Chakraborty

A dedicated and passionate teacher who thrives to give management education a more understandable and practical approach, Soumitra has over 28 years of rich academic experience in teaching and the corporate world, He has previously worked with the likes of Panasonic and Alcatel. He has also served as the dean of MBA at SRIMT.

Sarita Shanker

Currently, the program coordinator at Sunstone Eduversity, she is also pursuing a PhD in Commerce. A Double gold medalist, Prof. Sarita has a rich experience of 15 years in teaching and training in the subjects of Accounting and Finance.

Abhishek Sharma

Currently, serving as the Associate Dean, Marketing at Sunstone Eduversity, Abhishek has over 17 years of experience with leading consumer goods and media companies like Coca Cola, Star TV and Asian PPG, with rich experience in B2B and B2C sales and strategy as well.

Dr Amruta Sharma

Currently, Dr Amruta is an Associate professor at Sunstone, A PhD in English, with over 15 years of teaching and mentoring experience. Dr Amruta has previously taught at the Symbiosis University of Applied Science, Indore prior to Sunstone. She is a certified communications coach, life coach and NLP practitioner.

Neharika Shrivastava

An expert in quantitative techniques and statistics, Neharika has 12+ years of teaching and corporate experience. She is highly passionate about teaching and facilitating students through practical teaching methods using the latest pedagogical tools.

Puja Sharma

A soft skills trainer and coach, Puja has vast experience in helping students and aspiring managers to build a strong business acumen, the most sought after skills in the industry and interpersonal skills needed to make it in and lead the corporate world.

Shriya Singh

An alumnus of IIM Indore, Shriya has prior corporate experience with Tata Steel and Capgemini. Currently, Shriya is an assistant professor at Sunstone, teaching and training students in Human Resource Management.

Raunak Sharma

With over ten years of teaching and corporate experience, Raunak is passionate about preparing students for the globalised world they will encounter. Raunak is a firm believer in technology-led education.