7 MCA Specializations Available in India

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 12 July 2022
7 MCA Specializations Available in India

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MCA or Master of Computer Application upskills your knowledge of software development and computer applications at the master's level. 

It is one of the best postgraduate options after BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application) or BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science). Moreover, an MCA degree from a reputed college can assure you of a high-paying job in the technologically advanced world.

MCA duration is 3 years or 6 semesters, including studying the latest software development trends, computer application tools, and programming languages. 

MCA course details, as well as MCA specialisation subjects, can be found on the official websites of the institutes you shortlist for admissions. 

You can choose the MCA specialisations as per your choice and learn additional skills such as Python, C++, Java scripting, OX, UX, etc. There is a vast range of MCA specialisation fields and choosing the specialisation is an important aspect of MCA since your future depends on it. 

If you opt for the right specialisation, you can work as a Software Developer, Troubleshooter, Programmer, Software Application Architect, System Engineer, Quality Assurance Engineer, System Analyst, Web Designer and Developer, Software Consultant, etc., once you complete the course. 

Top 7 MCA specialisations in India

When you choose an MCA specialisation, you are choosing an area of expertise, considering your interests and what your talent aligns with. To build a great career, carefully consider the options you have. 

Here is the MCA specialisation list with the top MCA specialisations available in India. 

  • MCA in Management Information Systems

Information systems of computer hardware and software are used for decision-making, coordination, analysis, and visualisation in an organisation. 

MCA in Management Information Systems, one of the most popular MCA specialisation fields, teaches to develop these information systems. 

Management information systems analyse the organisation's environment and provide timely and appropriate information to managers to make effective decisions quickly.

  • MCA in Systems Engineering

MCA in Systems Engineering deals with engineering complex IT systems. System engineers design all the efficient systems used in IT firms. 

Every aspect of the complex systems, including the design, integration, maintenance, and system management, is included in this specialisation. 

If you are a candidate interested in developing such complex IT systems, you don't have to think twice before opting for system engineering as your specialisation.

  • MCA in Software Development

An MCA in Software Development helps you learn about modern innovations and technology along with strong logical and analytical knowledge. 

As the name suggests, different kinds of software and their development are included in the training module. 

It can also lead one to a career in ethical hacking due to the high demand and increasing cybersecurity threats. 

  • MCA in Networking

Networking is one of the best specialisations in MCA since it offers great opportunities in the IT field. 

The ever-growing IT industry of the country requires efficient networking professionals for the smooth handling of the network and communication. 

Generally, networking refers to a computer network creation that will help interact with each other based on customised networking protocols. Hence, it will become a fundamental necessity in every workplace.

  • MCA in Systems Management

Management of the IT and the various computer systems in an organisation is dealt with in Systems management. 

Efficient system management is key for IT-related businesses since it will help reduce wastage and cut costs. An MCA in Systems Management teaches to overlook widespread multiple subsystems. This importance makes this MCA specialisation subject a vital part of the IT industry.

  • MCA in Cloud Computing

Cloud is a remote, on-demand resource for storage, computing, and deployment. 

MCA specialisation in cloud computing teaches all about the fundamental ideas of the emerging Cloud Computing paradigm and how to leverage cloud technology to improve the IT infrastructure. 

It is a new area of MCA specialisation, and the course's demand will increase over time.

  • MCA in Systems Development

The creation of a system from scratch, testing, deployment, and maintenance throughout its life cycle is called system development. The whole process is carried out by an IT expert like a Systems Developer. 

This MCA specialisation teaches you to create a database and customised systems for internal and commercial use. With a great scope, it is one of the good specialisations to choose from.

How to choose a specialisation in MCA?

  • Since all of the specialisations have great scope in India and will help you build a successful career, choosing one may take a lot of work. Here is how you can choose an MCA specialisation:
  • Your interest: Ultimately, life and career are yours. You should choose a specialisation that you are interested in to make your life happy and successful.
  • Your talent: Understand your skills and cross-check them against the skill set required for a particular specialisation. It will help you choose the right one.
  • The demand of the course: Check for the MCA specialisations that are in demand by searching for the job advertisements in online job portals to choose a course of higher scope.
  • Professional consultation: Get in touch with some IT professionals and know their opinion. They will be able to guide you well in choosing the right specialisation since they know the industry.

What are the high-in-demand MCA specialisations in India

Here are some of the MCA with specialisations high in demand: 

  • MCA in cloud computing 
  • MCA in application software 
  • MCA in mobile computing 
  • MCA in hardware technology 
  • MCA in management information system 

Besides these MCA specialisation subjects, you can also check MCA specialisation in data science and MCA specialisation in cybersecurity if that piques your interest. 


MCA courses have a significant number of specialisations in high demand and can help you build a career with a high salary in India. However, when it comes to specialisations, you must make the right choices. 

Hope this extensive MCA specialisation list helps you explore different specialisations in MCA options and choose one that best matches your goals and interests. 

You can also pursue specialisation courses after MCA to make your portfolio strong. MCA  at top colleges with Sunstone can help you grow in your career. So, invest some time and effort before making a choice. 

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