ATMA Exam: Preparation Tips

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 5 June 2023
ATMA Exam: Preparation Tips

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Are you the one who is about to give ATMA exam? If yes, then have you started preparing yet? MBA entrance exams are not to be taken lightly as they decide your future business school. To get admission into an MBA degree, you need to score well in the MBA entrance exam, like the ATMA exam. Hence, we have created a complete roadmap for you. In this blog, you will get to know how to prepare for the ATMA exam 2024. So, scroll down to read about the preparation tips for the ATMA exam that will guide you.

Six-Month Preparation Strategy for ATMA 2024

Candidates need to prepare a study routine and stick to the same so that they can crack the ATMA exam easily. While you are preparing for the ATMA exam, you should be thorough with the syllabus. The ATMA syllabus is divided into six sections, and you need to prepare for all six sections. As it is a time-based exam, you need to prepare accordingly. The preparation strategy is divided into different phases, and today, we are going to discuss the same.

Analytical Reasoning

Analytical reasoning analyses the critical thinking of a candidate, and it is a moderately difficult section. If you are preparing for the Analytical Reasoning section, you need to start solving puzzles, riddles, coding, decoding, syllogisms and others. This section comprehends your skills and will analyse how you concluded.

Verbal Skills

It is very important to improve your English skills to crack this section. This section is about Reading Comprehension and the usage of English. You should start reading magazines and newspapers to ace this particular section. Not only this, it's time you start solving grammatical questions, para jumbles, synonyms and antonyms, sentence completion, phrases, idioms and more.

Quantitative Skills

To ace this section, you should refer to the mathematics books of Class 10th and 12th. You need to brush up on your mathematical skills and should start learning formulas and theories by heart. If you learn the tricks and techniques to solve lengthy questions, it would be great for you. Quants are never easy to crack, but if you have practised ATMA mock tests, and have worked on your speed and accuracy, it won’t be challenging for you.

Three-Month Preparation Strategy for ATMA 2024

If you have appeared in any management entrance examination, ATMA is easy. The candidate must devote their last three months to the preparation for the ATMA examination. The last three-month strategy for preparing ATMA examination must be in 3 phases.

Phase 1

Every exam has its pattern and syllabus that one needs to understand and cover. You need to go through the exam pattern strategically and should have practice enough. You need to dedicate your equal time to all three sections. You might be good at one section; hence, you will concentrate on that, and you will end up skipping an important topic from a different section, which can result in bad scoring.

Phase 2

In the next phase of the ATMA exam preparation, you need to know your strength and weaknesses. There is no use in gathering the books and study material; until and unless you are very sure of the ATMA syllabus. You need to categorise this ATMA syllabus into different parts like most difficult, difficult, moderate, easy and very easy. Then you need to understand the strength and weaknesses of each section, this will help you to solve the questions during an examination. Apart from that, knowing more than one way to solve the questions will be great.

Phase 3

In phase 3 of the last three months of ATMA exam preparation, you need to revise the formulas and solve the practice papers as much as you can. Solving mock tests and understanding the time limit will help you in the main ATMA examination. Candidates must assess how much time is it taking to solve each section and should improve accordingly.

Last Minute Preparation Strategy for ATMA 2024

Now that the ATMA exam is pretty close, you should remember certain preparation strategies that can help you in nailing this examination.

  • Solve as many mock tests as you can.
  • Devote your time to revising all the topics that you have studied now.
  • Revise formulas and theorems daily that you have prepared for Quants and Analytical Reasoning.
  • Have a sound sleep and keep yourself calm to crack this examination.
  • You must reach the examination at least 1 hour before, and you should have all the necessary documents with you.
  • Practice being calm while attending the question paper because you cannot afford to panic if you are stuck on a question.

ATMA Exam 2024 Highlights

Name of the Examination

AIMS Test of Management Admissions

ATMA Exam Conducted by 

Association of Indian Management Schools

ATMA Exam Level

National Level

ATMA Exam Frequency

4-5 times a year

ATMA Exam Mode

Centre-Based Online

ATMA Exam Duration 

3 hours or 180 minutes

Eligibility Criteria for the ATMA Exam

The candidate should be an Indian citizen

Candidate should have at least 50% aggregate in graduation from a recognised university.

Number of Sections in the ATMA Exam

Six sections:

  • Analytical Reasoning - 1
  • Verbal Skills - 1
  • Quantitative Skills - 1
  • Analytical Reasoning - 2
  • Verbal Skills - 2
  • Quantitative Skills - 2

Types of Questions in the ATMA Exam

Multiple Choice Questions

ATMA Exam Syllabus

Analytical Reasoning Skills, Verbal Skills and Quantitative Skills

Total Marks


ATMA Exam Marking Scheme

+1 mark for every correct answer

-0.25 mark for every incorrect answer

ATMA Exam Fees

₹ 2,000/-



ATMA Exam Purpose

To get admission into 756 colleges

Test Conducted in No. of Cities

102 test cities

Course Offered


ATMA Exam Helpdesk Number


ATMA Exam Official Website

Exam Day Checklist

You must take care of the exam day checklist because even a single miss can cost you the ATMA exam.

  • The ATMA admission card 2023 must be printed twice by candidates, and both versions must bear a passport-size photo. The picture must be the same as the one in the ATMA application. Candidates won't be able to take the exam if they don't have an ID or admit card.
  • A copy of the ATMA application form and the original and photocopies of any photo IDs issued by the Indian government must also be kept by candidates for identification.
  • Since ATMA 2023 will be administered across numerous exam centres, candidates should arrive at the testing location at least one hour before the exam begins. The test will be given between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Do not arrive at the ATMA exam site late. Latecomers won't be permitted into the exam centre.
  • Candidates are required to have a transparent water bottle, a ballpoint pen, and hand sanitiser. Before the assessment, they must also put on a mask and a pair of gloves. They must always act in a COVID-19-compliant manner.
  • Before beginning the exam, candidates must attentively read the instructions provided on the question paper.
  • During the test, students are not permitted to leave their seats.
  • During the test, remain silent.
  • The invigilator will supply loose blank sheets for messy work.
  • No need to press F5. Your exam will conclude suddenly.


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FAQs – ATMA Preparation Tips

How much time is required to ace the ATMA examination?

For at least 3 months you should dedicatedly study for the ATMA examination.

Is the ATMA exam difficult?

ATMA examination is one the easiest management entrance examinations for the MBA program.

How many attempts can one take in the ATMA examination?

As there is no age limit, one can appear for the ATMA exam as many times as they want. Also,  the ATMA exam is conducted four to five times a year.

MAT or ATMA - Which is easy?

ATMA exam is considered tougher than the MAT exam by way of execution as there is a sectional time limit that candidates need to keep in mind.

What is the registration fee for the ATMA exam?

The registration fee for the ATMA exam is ₹ 2,000 only.

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