B.Tech in Automation & Robotics: A Detailed Guide

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 27 September 2023
B.Tech in Automation & Robotics: A Detailed Guide

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In an era defined by technological advancement and automation, pursuing a Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech degree has never been more promising. Among the myriad of specialised fields within engineering, B.Tech in Automation and Robotics stands out as a captivating and transformative discipline.

In this blog, we will dive deep into the fascinating world of B.Tech in Automation and Robotics, exploring the key aspects, opportunities, and the profound impact this field has on our rapidly evolving world. 

What is B.Tech in Automation and Robotics?

  • A B.Tech in Automation and Robotics is an undergraduate engineering degree program that focuses on the design, development, and application of automated systems and robotic technologies. 
  • This program integrates knowledge from multiple engineering fields to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of automation and robotics. It covers mechanical design, electronics, programming, artificial intelligence, and control systems.
  • Automation involves the use of technology and control systems to operate and manage processes or machinery without direct human intervention.
  • Robotics focuses on the creation of intelligent machines or robots that can perform a wide range of tasks. 
  • Students in this program learn how to design, build, program, and control robots for applications in fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, space exploration, and more.

Admission Process for B.Tech in Automation and Robotics

The admission process for this B.Tech program can vary depending on the university or college. However, here is a general overview of the typical steps involved in the admission process:

  • You should have completed 10+2 or its equivalent with a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, and chemistry, with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Research and identify universities, colleges, and institutions offering B.Tech programs in Automation and Robotics. Consider factors such as reputation, accreditation, faculty, facilities, and location.
  • Most B.Tech admissions are based on B.Tech entrance exams. Different states and institutions conduct their own entrance exams. 

Syllabus of B.Tech in Automation and Robotics



Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Chemistry

Engineering Physics

Elements of Mechanical Engineering and Workshop Practice

Engineering Mechanics

Elements of Electrical Engineering

Elements of Electronics Engineering

Elements of Computer Science & Engineering

Engineering Drawing

Professional Communication

Constitution, Human Rights & Laws



Engineering Mathematics

Engineering Mathematics

Strength of Materials

Analog and Digital Electronics

Measurement, Data, Acquisition, and Processing

Machine Dynamics and Laboratory

Introduction to Robotics and Mechatronics

Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

Electrical Machines Drives and Actuators

Digital Signal Processing

Environmental Studies

Fluid Power Systems for Robots



Design of Machine Elements

Robotic Programming and Simulation

Embedded Processors and Controllers

Robotics Dynamics and Laboratory

Robot Kinematics and Laboratory

Robotic System Design

Computer Vision

Applied Control Systems

Control System

Digital Image Processing

Engineering Economics and Cost Estimation




Professional Core Elective - 1

Professional Core Elective - 3

Professional Core Elective - 2

Paper Presentation

Paper Presentation

Project Work

Project Work




Jobs after B.Tech in Automation and Robotics

A B.Tech in Automation and Robotics opens up a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. Here are some common job roles that graduates with this degree can pursue:

Job Role 

Job Description

Average Salary

Automation Engineer

You will be responsible for designing, developing, and implementing automated systems and processes in industries.

₹6 LPA

Robotics Engineer

You will be responsible for designing, building, programming, and maintaining robots for various applications.

₹5.6 LPA

Control Systems Engineer

You will be responsible for designing and maintaining control systems that regulate the behaviour of machines, processes, and equipment.

₹6.3 LPA

Manufacturing Engineer

You will be responsible for the design and improvement of manufacturing processes and systems.

₹5 LPA

Quality Control Engineer

You will be responsible for ensuring that products meet specified quality standards and undergo testing and inspection processes.

₹6.6 LPA

Top Recruiters

Graduates with a B.Tech in Automation and Robotics are in high demand, and they can find career opportunities with a wide range of employers across various industries. Here are some top recruiters for B.Tech graduates in Automation and Robotics:

  • Toyota
  • Google
  • Tesla
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Accenture
  • Deloitte
  • McKinsey & Company
  • Boston Consulting Group

Future Scope

The future scope of a B.Tech in Automation and Robotics is exceptionally promising, as automation and robotics technologies continue to advance and become integral to various industries. Here are some key factors contributing to the bright future outlook for professionals with this degree:

  • Industries are increasingly adopting automation and robotics to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance productivity. This growing demand for automation solutions creates a continuous need for experts in the field.
  • Innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and sensors are leading to the development of smarter and more capable robots and automated systems. 
  • Automation and robotics technologies are not limited to a single industry. They have applications in healthcare (surgical robots), agriculture (precision farming), space exploration (rovers and drones), and even consumer products (smart home devices). This versatility means that professionals can find opportunities in various sectors.
  • The demand for automation and robotics solutions is not limited to one region or country. This field offers international career opportunities as companies worldwide seek to leverage automation to remain competitive and efficient.
  • Many governments are investing in research and development related to automation and robotics to remain competitive on a global scale. These initiatives can create additional opportunities for professionals in this field.

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