B.Com vs BBI: Which One to Choose After 12th?

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 27 July 2022
B.Com vs BBI: Which One to Choose After 12th?

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Choosing a career in commerce and business might be difficult because there are so many fantastic courses available. Following the completion of class 12, most students contemplate pursuing a B.Com or BBI programme. However, the debate remains as to whether the path is preferable. Let us examine each course's features in detail and then pick which course will be a better fit for you based on your career goals:

BBI Vs B.Com - An Overview

  • BBI: If you want to manage a firm or establish a thriving business through entrepreneurship, BBI is the course for you.
  • B.Com: If you wish to work in finance, taxation, insurance, or accounting, this is the course for you.

What is B.Com?

B.Com, or Bachelor of Commerce, is a three-year undergraduate degree programme accredited by the Universities Grants Commission (UGC). In addition to full-time delivery, one can take a Distance B.Com or Online B.Com course. B.Com is a popular programme among Class 12 graduates with a Commerce background.

What is BBI?

Bachelor of banking and insurance (BBI) programmes last 3-3.5 years and are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in the domains of banking, finance, insurance, and other related fields. You will not only master the academic parts of the courses, but you also be prepared to apply new banking policies, numerous regulatory acts in insurance, market reforms, and much more. The theoretical emphasis will be readily offset by engaging and interactive case studies, as well as industrial visits. After completing the BBI course, you will be able to face business difficulties by applying your fundamental understanding of two critical domain sectors: banking and insurance.

BBI Vs B.Com - Eligibility Criteria

  • BBI: For BBI admissions, several of the leading B-schools in India allow applicants with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in class 12 in any stream.
  • B.Com: The best private institutions in India accept applicants with a minimum of 50% aggregate in class 12 for B.Com admissions. Students from the commerce stream are given first priority.

BBI Vs B.Com - Syllabus

  • BBI: International Business, Finance and Banking, Insurance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Family Business and Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, and Event Management are just a few of the possibilities available to BBI students. Some of India's top management schools also provide advanced BBI degrees, such as BBI Honours, to help students develop important industrial skills.
  • B.Com: As part of a B.Com degree curriculum, you will learn about accounting, micro and macroeconomics, law, and finance.

Is B.Com better than BBI? - Career prospects

  • BBI: A professional with a BBI Honours degree will have more work opportunities than someone with a regular BBI degree. Finance, marketing, human resources, information technology, and entrepreneurship specialists have a better chance of landing a lucrative job. BBI candidates who go on to study an MBA in their field of interest might advance their careers and earn a higher wage.
  • B.Com: A B.Com graduate's employment prospects will differ based on whether they obtained a normal B.Com degree or an advanced degree such as B.Com with Tally Certification. Professionals with advanced degrees will have better work opportunities in the business.

BBI Vs B.Com -  Salary package

  • BBI: Professionals with a BBI degree can earn an annual package of INR 2 lakhs per year, which can be increased by additional studies, certifications, and work experience.
  • B.Com: Professionals with a general B.Com degree can earn a beginning annual compensation of INR 2.5 lakhs, but professionals with an advanced degree can earn up to INR 3.5 lakhs per year.

BBI Vs B.Com -  Higher education

  • BBI: After completing a BBI, your options for further education are limited to an MBA degree. It is recommended that you obtain an MBA with the same specialisation as your BBI. One advantage of getting an MBA after completing a BBI is that you will already have a firm foundation in the subjects included in the MBA programme.
  • B.Com: Professionals with a B.Com degree can pursue a postgraduate M.Com degree. Other qualifications, such as CFA, CA, CMA, and so on, are also available.

Best B.Com Colleges In India

Commerce is a field of study offered at the PG, UG, diploma, and PhD levels. Commerce as a profession provides students an abundance of professional paths to explore and conquer. Students interested in pursuing a career in Commerce can choose between UG, PG, integrated, and PhD degrees. Top B.com colleges in India are as follows:-

  • NM College of Commerce & Economics
  • Loyola College, Chennai 
  • Hansraj College, Delhi
  • SRCC, Delhi
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi

Wrapping up

It is difficult to claim unequivocally which degree is superior to the other because both have advantages and limitations. If you are unsure about which field of commerce you want to pursue, you might enrol in B.Com to determine your career ambitions. If, on the other hand, you are certain that you want to pursue a career in business management, then BBI is the correct decision for you. Regardless of which undergraduate programme you choose, you will be able to pursue an MBA at the postgraduate level. So, in the long run, let your job goals and ability determine which degree is best for you.

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