B.Tech in Data Science and Engineering: A Comprehensive Guide

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 1 November 2022

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An Introduction

B.Tech Data Science in India is a four-year undergraduate programme that focuses on the application of various scientific tools and techniques to extract relevant information from a large volume of available data. The  B.Tech Data Science course is contemporary and offers students the chance to learn skills and techniques such as technique analysis, data extraction, and similar topics.

Since the Data Science B.Tech Course is just a newly added course that is only offered by a handful of colleges, this curriculum cannot be continued to pursue via distance learning. The B.Tech Data Science course includes topics such as Mechanical Workshop, Discrete Structures, Theory of Computation, Physics, Engineering, and similar topics.

The basic eligibility requirement for this curriculum is an aggregate score of 70% on the 10+2 PCM examination from a recognised university. A minimum score of 50% is often needed in mathematics. Based on entrance examinations such as NPAT, SUAT, and the like, a handful of colleges offer this programme.

The average cost of a B.Tech in Data Science is between INR 2 and 3 crores. The fee structure differs between institutions. After successfully completing the course, you can anticipate an annual salary of between 8 and 10 Lakhs. B.Tech graduates have the option of continuing their education. M.Tech and MBA. are among the most popular choices. 70% of B.Tech students opt for an MBA as their bachelor's degree.

B.Tech Data Science : What is it about?

B.Tech Data Science in India is a rapidly expanding field that includes data science as a subject focused on problem-solving. The programme introduces the students to the subjects that facilitate the formation of well-informed judgments.

This is a four-year, eight-semester programme that aids in the development of algorithm, data retrieval, and analytical skills. This programme is appropriate for those who want to learn the skill sets of data extraction and presenting data-based presentations and reports.

Why B.Tech Data Science?

The most common question that students have is why choose B.Tech? B.Tech Data Science graduate students are in a growing market because this is a relatively new and in-demand course that is only offered by a small number of colleges. Therefore, this course includes a number of benefits. 

Several benefits are described in detail below:

  • Provides knowledge and skills pertaining to both data sciences and computer-related technologies. Data Science B.Tech course is a good backup option for those who cannot pursue B.Tech computer science.
  • The course is widely accepted and in high demand in the industrial sector.
  • Depending on your experience and skills, you can receive a good salary package or a raise in pay.
  • This course expands the number of lucrative employment opportunities available to you.

B.Tech Data Science Admission Process

B.Tech Data Science admissions are determined by either entrance examinations or college/university-issued merit lists. In some colleges, the entrance examination is followed by a second round of personal interviews. You must obtain the application, complete it, and submit it. Take the application form's printout for future reference.

In case of entrance tests, finalists may be required to participate in additional rounds of interviews. After its last round, the institution will provide a B.Tech Data Science course.

B.Tech Data Science: Eligibility

To enrol in a B.Tech Data Science course, you must meet the prerequisites. To satisfy the eligibility requirements for this course, you must satisfy a number of prerequisites. The eligibility requirements are discussed below:

  • You must have earned a minimum of 70% in the 10+2 standard.
  • A minimum of 60 percent is required in PCM (Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics) Biotechnology or PCM Computer Science.
  • You must hold a maths grade of at least 50 percent.
  • Some institutions do acknowledge entrance exam grades. To earn a Bachelor of Technology in Data Science from the college or university of your preference, you must perform well on entrance exams.

B.Tech Data Science: Entrance Exams

Handful colleges administer one‘s own college-based entrance examinations for B.Tech Data Science enrollment, while other colleges acknowledge the scores of the common entrance exams. 

Several of these entrance exams are discussed in the section that follows:



JEE Advanced

28th August, 2022

JEE Main

25th July, 2022 


4th July, 2022 to 20th July, 2022 (Session 2)


30th April, 2022


5th August to 11th August, 2022

How To Prepare for Entrance Examination?

To start preparing for B.Tech Data Science entrance tests, there are several things to bear in mind that will aid you in passing. Several of these significant factors are discussed below:

  • You should be proficient in the science subjects of your eleventh and twelfth grades.
  • Start preparing a Time Table and adhere strictly to it so that you can devote equal time to each subject.
  • Browse the sample and practise exams for the subject areas on the course outline.
  • The curriculum typically includes chemistry, physics, and mathematics. Prepare a separate register of notes for every subject to prevent confusion.
  • Provide sufficient time for revision too.

B.Tech Data Science Job Prospects and Scope

B.Tech degree holders have an abundance of employment choices and career prospects. As just a B.Tech Data Science graduate, you could indeed work in numerous sectors, including Education, Artificial Intelligence offices, multinational corporations, and others.

B.Tech degree is in high demand, and the table below outlines the job descriptions for these graduates:


Job Description

Average salary (In INR)

Financial Modeller

The position of a Financial Modeller would be to evaluate the financial prototype of an organisation and recommend improvements. They aid in the order to prepare monthly and annual budget projections.

INR 8.05 Lakhs

Data Architects

Data Architects are accountable for developing application architecture strategies and statistical models. They organise a data strategy in collaboration with IT industries as well as other businesses.

INR 19 Lakhs

Clinical and Pharmaceutical Data Analyst

Their primary responsibilities include data reporting, data analysis, data mining, and coordination with other pertinent departments. Essentially, they generate and run data reports

INR 3.06 Lakhs

Data Engineers

They are accountable for the creation of technical methods used for data access and data usage. Essentially, they create the toolkits and analysis tools for the clients.

INR 8.69 Lakhs

Database Administrators

They are accountable for developing the technological solutions for information access and data utilisation. They way to better the client's techniques and dashboards.

INR 10 Lakhs


B.Tech Data Science offers a general overview of data science subjects with an understanding of computer technical language, and the course focuses just on the world of electronic application areas and works to improve it by using data science tools. Those who wish to pursue a B.Tech in Data Science and hold a B.Tech degree should therefore prepare themselves adequately.

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People Also Ask

  • What is B.Tech in Data Science and Engineering?

The Bachelor of Technology programme in Data Science & Engineering prepares engineers to be competent Data Scientists. The focus is on fundamental data science topics in addition to statistics, computational mathematics, and computer science.

  • What is the eligibility criteria for admission to B.Tech in data science and engineering?

The admissions process for B.Tech AI and DS is centred on both the high school grade point average and the results of the entrance examination. Students who have passed the 10+2 science examination with a minimum grade of 50 percent are able to qualify for enrollment to this programme.

  • What is the duration of the course B.Tech Data Science ?

B.Tech Data Science is a four-year undergraduate programme that focuses on the application of various scientific techniques and tools to retrieve specific data from a huge volume of data available.

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