Can a Student Pursue Data Science after B.Com?

  • By Swikriti Chauhan
  • 19 July 2022

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Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is a three-year graduation program designed for students who wish to pursue a detailed study of commerce topics. It is one of the most popular graduation courses opted for by students in India. Students get to understand the various skills required in a corporate career.

It is very common for B.Com students to choose non-commerce courses for higher education. Data Science might not be very common but is a viable choice for students who wish to choose non-commerce courses for higher education. Students pursuing data science courses after a B.Com degree make them skilled, qualified, and worth a high-paying job. It includes tools like excel, data analysis software, etc.

Students learn about various topics like mathematics, business acumen, tools, machine techniques, and algorithms in data analytics after a B.Com degree. The primary role of a data scientist is to decode the hidden patterns and insights from the data. This decoded information is further used for taking important business decisions.

Reasons for B.Com Students to Choose Data Science Courses

As weird as it sounds, there are many similarities between B.Com and data science. There are many ways of using B.Com knowledge in data science courses. Here is a list of reasons to pursue data science for B.Com students -

Overlapping Topics

Many topics are taught in both B.Com and data science. One such example is Microsoft Excel. Anyone interested in pursuing B.Com or data science should focus on learning excel as well. It will be a great advantage. One should check data science as well as course details to get a better understanding of the curriculum.

Data Analysation

Both courses, B.Com, and data science require working with data. This includes collecting, storing, and analysing data via various methods. Even if you do not pursue both the courses together, there is a high chance that your careers might overlap.

Higher Employment Chances

If a student only has a B.Com degree, the availability of jobs might be low but the job opportunities for data science students are high. Therefore,  pursuing data analytics after a B.Com will increase your chance of securing a high-pay scale job.

Improved Resume

Even if you do not wish to work in the field of data science for the long term, even some years of work experience in this field can add a lot of value to your resume. A resume with good work experience is always valued in the corporate market.

More Income

There is no doubt in the fact that data scientists get high packages even in the initial years of their job. The stability and security are also high, which is not similar to the case of B.Com jobs. Therefore a data science course degree would indeed be beneficial.

How Can a B.Com Student Become Data Scientist?

The field of data science does have the features like high pay, job security and a dynamic work environment which sounds appealing to a lot of people, including B.Com students. Here is a step-by-step process to become a data scientist after a B.Com degree.

Online Courses and Bootcamp

There are many courses and boot camps available online which include both paid and free courses. The paid ones might look a little expensive but are definitely worth the investment.


It is very important to understand the importance of a graduation degree. Though leaving college and directly studying for the course might sound appealing to a lot of students but this is not a good option at all. Apart from the skills you have developed a valid degree plays a crucial role in your corporate career.

Learn New Programs

The course that you opt for will provide you with knowledge about the basics of computer programs, but it is suggested to all the students that try to learn as many new programs by themselves. The information about all such programs is available on online platforms like youtube.


Make sure you give ample amount of time for self-study. Try to gather as much as possible information from various platforms. Once you are done with gathering information and learning it, try making data compilations of your own. This will increase your practical knowledge, which will be helpful in your career.

Hunt Job Opportunities

Indeed, a decent resume will surely end you up with a good job, but it is always better to keep your options open. Try to apply for as many jobs available as this will increase your chances of getting hired.

Other Job Opportunities for B.Com Students

There are many job opportunities open for students other than data scientists after a B.Com degree. 

Financial Risk Manager 

The major responsibility of this position includes analysing financial risks for an individual or a firm. The clients come to a risk manager with different options for investments, stocks and financial decisions. Risk managers study in detail the particular decision and figure out the best action plan, which eventually will save the client’s maximum amount of money.

Certified Financial Planner 

Similar to the job of a risk manager, a CFP’s job is to manage the finances most cost-effectively. Along with risk analysis, a CFP’s responsibility includes setting up saving accounts and financial goals. In this manner, a person can systematically do financial planning.

Investment Banking 

The name justifies the job role. Investment bankers look after the operations related to the investments made by the clients. This includes looking after the financial planning, especially in terms of financial planning.


Apart from the corporate areas, B.Com students can also get a job in the education sector, maybe as a professor. B.Com students go through all the required training and therefore are fit perfectly for these professions as well. 

Data Science Courses

Here is a list of the best data science courses that one can pursue after a B.Com degree -


For all beginner students who want to build strong foundational skills in data science should consider DataCamp. One membership account of DataCamp gives the students access to more than 335 data science courses, which is not very common to find on any other platform. 

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

It is the best definition of a high return on the least investment. Under this, students do not have to make much of an effort but the market value of this course is very high, which eventually ends up the students in high-paying jobs.

MITxMicroMasters Program in Data Science

For intermediate-level students who wish to gain expertise in the field and learn at an advanced level, there is no better option than MITxMicroMasters Program. 

Top  Colleges Offering Data Science Courses

College Name

Fee Structure

IIT Delhi

Rs. 1,25,000

IIT Madras

Rs. 2,42,000

IIM Calcutta

Rs. 4,70,000

BITS Pilani (WILP)

Rs. 2,58,000

Jain Online University

Rs. 2,00,000

Amity University Online

Rs. 2,55,000

CU Online

Rs. 2,40,000

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Can a B.Com student go for data science?

Yes, a student can opt for a data science course after B.Com as higher education. Both the programs have many similarities and therefore, it is easy for B.Com students to study data science at an advanced level.

Can commerce students become Data Scientists?

Yes, students coming from commerce backgrounds can become data scientists. The skills like excel, data analysis, etc., taught to B.Com graduates act as additional benefits for students while pursuing data science.

Can B.Com students do Python?

Anyone can pursue a Python course irrespective of which stream they belong to. It is useful for everyone who has to work with data generation, decoding or analysis. There are many python courses available online on platforms like youtube, online institutes, etc.

How much can I earn as a data scientist?

The annual average package that a data scientist gets in India is Rs. 4.5 lakh that can go up to Rs. 25 lakh.

Do I need the experience to become a data scientist?

No, there is no requirement to have any prior work experience to become a data scientist. You can easily acquire the required skills by yourself through various courses and platforms and secure a good job.

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