Career after Graduation in India: A Detailed Guide | Sunstone Blog

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 19 July 2022
Career after Graduation in India: A Detailed Guide | Sunstone Blog

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Graduation is a mandatory academic degree that every student has to get in order to get a job after graduation or proceed further in their career. However, after completing this 'first-ever college experience' students start to wonder, 'now what?' Choosing the right path among the career opportunities after graduation can be, sometimes, a daunting task. Further studies or the career path may not always give you the U-turn and so it is very important that you make this decision wisely. Surf, research, explore yourself and only then decide what suits you the most. Graduation opens the door for both placements, jobs, and further higher studies like postgraduate education. So, as a first step, you need to decide which path you wish to take. Let's know more about it in the further sections of this article. 

What is the best career after graduation?

What is the best career for you is similar to asking what is the best food for you. Well, there are a plethora of options and depending on a number of factors and situations, you have to decide the best one for you. However, for your ease, below mentioned are some of the most sought-after career options that you can pursue after completing your graduation days-

Postgraduate Education

Pursuing post-graduation after you are done with your Bachelor's degree is one option if you want to study further. There may be several reasons why you choose to go for PGP, including your interest in higher studies or the eligibility for your chosen career path. You may choose to pursue PG in your graduation subject or even change it. For instance, you can pursue MBA even if you have done, you may go for MA if you have done a BA, and so on. 

Diploma Degree

After or even whole pursuing your graduation degree, you can look for diploma degrees if you are interested. There are several courses that offer diploma and advanced diploma courses like fashion designing, public relations, human resource management, etc. Depending on your interest or the need for a career, you may go for it. 

Placement Jobs 

Professional courses offer a number of placement jobs when you complete your graduation. For instance, if you have completed your four-year degree of B.Tech, you may sit in placement exams or interviews and excel at it to get a decent job. You may also go for off-campus placements. Having job experience prior to getting post-graduate degrees like MBA, M.Tech, etc. may give you enough weightage. 

Government Jobs

For most of the government jobs in India, you need to have a minimum of a graduation degree. There are various PGP options after graduation in the field of government service. So, if you aim for a government job, you are now absolutely eligible and must go for it. You may also take a year gap, prepare for your dream job and ace it with all your hard work. 


Self-employment may not require you to be a graduate. However, having a graduate degree may make a difference in your experience and knowledge in your field. So, you may complete your graduation and start your full-fledged business. 

How do I start my career after graduation?

Deciding how to start your career after graduation may sound a little vague in the beginning. However, the very first thing you need to keep assuring is, that you will achieve what you desire and do not let failure pull you back. Now, how should you shape it up to leave no stone unturned in giving your best shot? Here are some tips that might help you start your career after graduation-

Explore your area of interest 

When you think of 'what next?' After graduation, the very basic thing is to explore the inner you. As an individual, you need to analyse your area of interest and only then can you choose the right path. Do not make the mistake of following what others have been following. One job cannot be everyone's cup of tea and so your interests can also be different from students around you. When you decide your end game, you will also understand if you have to study further or go in a particular direction. 

Know your threshold 

Liking a particular career path is not enough. You have to analyze and understand the amount of patience and dedication it demands. For instance, it might not be easy to crack a government job in just one year. Hence, you must realize your threshold. 

Understanding the scope of a career

Having growth in your career is a must. So, it is also essential that you research enough to understand the scope of a particular career path. 


Research and research about your chosen career and gather all the information you can and you should. Talk to the ones experienced or those in your chosen field. It gives you a clearer understanding of the ground reality. 

Patience and hard work

Once you choose a career path and begin walking on it, make sure you give your 100%. Have patience, work hard and you will definitely enjoy the future you have created. 

Which stream has the highest salary?

Your payout matters the most in the end. So, make sure you have a decent job with a decent salary. Here is a list of some of the highest-paid jobs in India-

  • Surgeons and doctors 
  • Chartered Accountants
  • Data Scientists 
  • Marketing Manager
  • Blockchain Developer 
  • Software Developer
  • Scientists 
  • Actors
  • Pilots
  • Company secretary
  • Fashion Designers
  • Graphic Designers, etc. 

Bottom line

Graduation truly signifies an important era of a student’s life. However, the key to success is consistency and sheer dedication. You do not need to compromise your whole day to make a career after graduation. Stick to a specific routine and try your best to follow it daily. Remember, 'everything else can wait and nothing else is important. Create a career that you aspire for.

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