College V/S Course | Expert Guide to Make the Choice

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 28 January 2019

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Getting admission into your dream management college is difficult. Many times, a student either compromises on the course or on college. In fact, choosing between the prefered course and desired college is a dilemma that most students face at least once in their academic life. While students who are headstrong about their career choice, opt for the preferred course in a mediocre management college over a less desired course in a good college. On the other hand, students who feel that a prestigious MBA college would provide them with better career opportunities, choose the college over their desired course. Whatever be the choice, it is the student’s calibre that ultimately decides the success he achieves in his career.

How do you decide between Course and College?

This is a question that has popped up in all our heads at some point in time. Every student looking to get into a college wonders what is more important- the course or the college.

This is because many times, you might not be getting admission to your favourite course at your favourite college. In this scenario, you need to make a choice, and it's a very tough choice.

Do you settle for the college or the course? There is no correct answer to this question. It all depends on the particular circumstances and your own preference. However, we have provided you with some points below so that you can make an informed decision.

Benefits of courses over college

Passion and Interest are the key factors for a successful career. Management students who believe in this ideology choose their preferred course in mediocre colleges over a less desired course in prestigious colleges. Also, they understand that course selection is a lifetime decision as it is the course that stays with them all along their professional life. Such students hold the utmost confidence on their passion, knowledge and calibre to create their own path to a successful career.

Opting for a preferred course ensures that the interest of a student is maintained in the course curriculum. By following the motto, 

‘Do what you love and love what you do’

a student would have a far better chance of experiencing an enriching academic environment. Moreover, having a brilliant academic record from a lesser-known management college is better than having a mediocre academic record from a prestigious MBA college.

Having said that, opting for a preferred PGDM course in a mediocre college has its setbacks as well. Being a professional course, a mediocre management college, at times, is not able to provide with the opportunities that an exceptional college provides. In such colleges, the curriculum is not regularly updated and is taught by faculty with poor industry connect. This tampers with the overall personality as well as industry-related skill development of the students which create moderate management professionals who are not industry-ready. Furthermore, such management colleges are also not able to attract big brands for their placement drives, thus reducing the employment opportunities

Therefore, before opting for the desired course in a moderate PGDM college, students must research the faculty and industry connections of the college so that their placement opportunities are not compromised.

Benefits of college over courses

In today’s higher education system, the brand value of the management college determines the companies that come for recruitments. These high-profile recruiters bring diverse employment opportunities with them that attract students in huge numbers. Many of these students believe that the brand name of the college would shoot up their professional careers and end up taking a less preferred course, if not applicable to their desired one. When a PGDM course is concerned, this decision of the students has its own advantages.

A prestigious management college paints a pretty picture for the students with its lavish infrastructure and exceptional educational facilities. These colleges hire experienced faculty and have deep industry connections that enhance the learning environment of the student and give them adequate industry exposure. Moreover, the students are provided with an opportunity to interact with fellows from diverse backgrounds, enhance their soft skills and make multiple contacts that advance their careers in the long run. Such PGDM colleges, thus churn out industry ready professionals with placement offers from high-profile companies.

However, while cherishing these wonderful facilities, students who have opted for a less desired course in exceptional PGDM institutes do face certain issues in their academic domain. Since the selected course is not of students’ choice, they gradually lose interest in the course curriculum which slows down their academic growth. Even with high-profile companies visiting the campus during placement drives, the students are not able to bag lucrative jobs. In some cases, the students do not get the work satisfaction since they lose interest mid-way in that particular field. Such students, even after having a branded management college on their resumes do not succeed much in their respective careers.

Getting into a prestigious management college with a less preferred course choice should not become a downfall for the student’s career. The students must ensure that the chosen course is related to their preferred course so that their interests are maintained throughout the career.

Remember: Cashing on the college brand name does not reap results if the academic performance is low!

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