11 Common Interview Questions for B.Tech Graduates

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 21 June 2023
11 Common Interview Questions for B.Tech Graduates

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A B.Tech degree is an exciting degree for any B. Tech graduate, filled with countless opportunities and the potential to shape the world with technology. The full form of B. Tech is Bachelor of Technology which has a duration of four-year.  Once you complete your B.Tech degree and step into the professional world, one crucial aspect that can make or break your career aspirations is the interview process. Interviews serve as the gateway to your dream job, where employers assess your skills, knowledge, and suitability for the role.

In this blog, we will provide you with some common interview questions that are generally asked during an interview along with some tips to answer those. 

11 Common Interview Questions for BTech Graduates

Always remember, apart from preparing answers to these questions, it's important to practice your responses and be able to articulate your thoughts clearly and confidently.  Here are some common interview questions that are often asked to B.Tech graduates along with the tips that will help you to answer these questions:

Tell us about yourself

Tips to answer this question:

  • Start by providing a brief overview of your educational background, highlighting your B.Tech degree and any relevant specialisations.
  • Discuss any internships, part-time jobs, or projects you have worked on that are relevant to the job you are applying for. 
  • If you have any hobbies or interests that directly relate to the job then briefly mention them.

What made you choose B Tech as your field of study?

Tips to answer this question:

  • Reflect on what genuinely attracted you to this field and motivated your decision.
  • Discuss how you have always been fascinated by the possibilities and impact of technology on various aspects of society and industries.
  • Connect your choice of B.Tech with your natural skills and strengths.

Describe your final year project and its significance.

Tips to answer this question:

  • Begin by providing a concise summary of your final year project, including its title and a high-level description of its purpose and objectives.
  • Highlight the contributions and explain your specific role and responsibilities within the project team. 
  • Share the methodology or approach you used to tackle any problem.

Have you worked on any real-world projects during your studies? If yes, explain your role and the outcome.

Tips to answer this question:

  • Choose a real-world project that aligns with the job requirements or showcases your technical skills and experience. 
  • Briefly introduce the project by explaining its purpose, scope, and the problem it aimed to solve.
  • Clearly explain your role and responsibilities within the project. Discuss the tasks you performed, the skills you utilised, and any leadership or coordination responsibilities you undertook.

What technical skills do you possess that make you a suitable candidate for this position?

Tips to answer this question:

  • Before the interview, carefully review the job description and identify the key technical skills required for the position.
  • Rather than providing a generic list of technical skills, offer specific examples and evidence to demonstrate your proficiency.
  • Highlight your ability and willingness to learn new technologies and adapt to changing trends.

What are your career goals in the next five years?

Tips to answer this question:

  • Express your career goals in a way that aligns with the company's objectives and values. 
  • Provide a clear idea of your career goals, indicating the direction you would like to pursue. However, also demonstrate flexibility and openness to adapt as opportunities arise.
  • Also, discuss how your career goals align with your personal and professional development.

Describe a situation where you provided innovative solutions to a problem.

Tips to answer this question:

  • Select an example that is closely related to the job you are applying for or demonstrates your problem-solving skills in a technical context.
  • Provide a clear description of the problem or challenge you encountered. Explain the context, the impact of the problem, and any limitations that made it particularly challenging.
  • Explain how you approached the problem with an innovative mindset. Share the steps you took to analyse the problem, identify potential solutions, and generate new ideas.

What do you consider your strengths and weaknesses as a B Tech graduate?

Tips to answer this question:

  • Highlight your strengths by focusing on technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and curiosity about learning new skills and technologies.
  • Showcase your soft skills like effective communication to explain technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Address weaknesses wisely and focus on areas where you have room for improvement with examples. Discuss how you actively work on overcoming your weaknesses and provide examples of steps you have taken to develop those areas.

How do you handle failure or setbacks in your work?

Tips to answer this question:

  • Start by acknowledging that failure is a natural part of any professional journey. Be open about the fact that setbacks can happen, even to the most skilled individuals.
  • Talk about how setbacks provide valuable learning experiences and opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  • Share examples of how you have overcome setbacks in the past. Discuss the steps you took to address the issue, including any creative or innovative solutions you implemented.

Why do you want to join our company?

Tips to answer this question:

  • Take the time to thoroughly research the company before the interview. Understand their mission, values, products/services, recent accomplishments, and any unique aspects that differentiate them from competitors.
  • Connect your career goals and aspirations with what the company has to offer. 
  • Express your genuine interest and passion for the industry the company operates in.

Describe a situation where you had to work under pressure to meet a deadline.

Tips to answer this question:

  • Select a situation from your academic or professional experience where you had to work under pressure to meet a deadline. 
  • Begin by briefly explaining the background and context of the situation. 
  • Discuss the strategies and actions you took to manage the pressure and meet the deadline.


The journey from being a B.Tech graduate to securing a rewarding job in your desired field requires careful preparation, confidence, and the ability to effectively showcase your skills and experiences. By familiarising yourself with these common interview questions and practising thoughtful responses, you can approach your interviews with more confidence. 

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FAQs - Interview Questions for B Tech Graduates

Is B.Tech a good choice?

B.Tech is a good choice for those who want to build their career in technical fields. B.tech degree provides both theoretical and practical learning to the students during the course period. Hence, preparing the students for a better career after graduation.

Can I do B.tech after completing 10+2 in the commerce field?

No, for students to pursue a b.tech course they have to complete their 10+2 only in the science stream.

What are the skills required for B.Tech?

In order to have a successful journey in four years of engineering students must have the following skills:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Creative Thinking
  • Multi-disciplinary exposure
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills

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