Communication Management: Scope & Salary

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 11 July 2023
Communication Management: Scope & Salary

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In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, effective communication has become a vital aspect of success for organisations across industries. As businesses strive to build strong relationships with stakeholders, maintain a positive brand image, and navigate the complexities of the digital age, the demand for skilled communication professionals is on the rise. One avenue that offers a comprehensive understanding of communication strategies and their implementation is pursuing an MBA degree in Communication Management. MBA benefits students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in various communication roles, and it also opens up a world of opportunities in terms of scope and salary.

In this blog, we will learn more about “What is Communication Management?” and help you answer the biggest question that why MBA in communication management will be beneficial for you.

What is Communication Management?

  • Communication management refers to the systematic planning, implementation, monitoring, and control of an organisation's communication processes. 
  • It involves the strategic management of internal and external communication to ensure an effective and efficient exchange of information, ideas, and messages.
  • Effective communication management helps in establishing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders, fostering collaboration and coordination among team members, managing conflicts, and minimising misunderstandings and disruptions. 
  • It plays a crucial role in aligning project objectives to deliver successful outcomes.

What does Communication Manager do?

The primary role of a communication manager is to develop and execute communication strategies that align with the organization's goals and objectives. Here are some key responsibilities of a communication manager:

  • Strategic planning: They develop strategic communication plans that support the organisation's overall objectives.
  • Internal communication: They facilitate effective communication within the organisation. They create internal communication channels to keep employees informed about company news, updates, and initiatives.
  • External communication: They handle the organisation's external communication efforts. They also manage relationships with stakeholders, including customers, media, investors, government agencies, and the public. 
  • Content creation: They oversee the creation of compelling and engaging content for various communication channels. 
  • Stakeholder engagement: Communication managers identify and engage with key stakeholders to build relationships and ensure their needs and concerns are addressed. 

MBA in Communication Management

  • Master of Business Administration or MBA in Communication Management focuses on developing skills and knowledge in the field of communication within the context of business organisations.
  • MBA in communication management is a two-year specialised MBA program with average fees ranging anywhere from ₹ 30K - ₹8 Lakhs. 
  • To be eligible for this MBA program you are required to have a minimum of 50% in undergraduate degree from any field. Many universities take admissions based on the marks scored in top MBA entrance exams. While a few universities take admission based on merit.
  • The curriculum of an MBA in Communication Management typically includes core business courses such as finance, marketing, management, and strategy. Additionally, it offers specialized courses related to communication.
  • Students learn how to craft compelling messages, target specific audiences, use various communication channels, and evaluate the impact of their communication efforts.

Career Options in Communication Management

A career in communication management offers a wide range of opportunities in various industries and sectors. Here are some common career options in communication management:

Job Role

Job Description 

Average Salary

Communication Manager/Director

You will be responsible for overseeing all communication activities within an organisation. 

₹25 LPA

Internal Communications Manager

You will be responsible for focusing on communication within an organisation.

₹15.5 LPA

Communication Consultant/Freelancer

Some professionals choose to work independently as communication consultants or freelancers, offering their expertise to organisations on a project basis.

₹12 LPA

Marketing Communications Manager

You will be responsible for developing and executing communication strategies to promote products or services.

₹11 LPA

Corporate Communications Manager

You will be responsible for handling communication efforts specific to corporations. 

₹11 LPA

Digital Communications Manager

You will be responsible for managing an organisation's online presence. 

₹10 LPA

Public Relations (PR) Manager

You will manage the organisation's public image and maintain positive relationships with the media and other stakeholders.

₹9 LPA

Top Recruiters 

The field of communication management offers a wide range of career opportunities with various types of employers. Here are some of the top recruiters to recruit communication management professionals:

  • IBM 
  • Microsoft
  • Amazon
  • Johnson & Johnson 
  • Coca-Cola
  • Netflix
  • Spotify

Future Scope of Communication Management

The future scope of communication management is bright, increasing reliance on strategic communication, digital transformation, data-driven approaches, and ethical communication practices. The ability to navigate emerging trends, integrate various channels, engage stakeholders, and leverage technology will be key skills for communication professionals in the future.

Students after completing their MBA in communication management can either opt for high-paying jobs or can pursue higher education such as Phd Management.


The field of communication management offers a vast scope of opportunities and a promising future for professionals with strong communication skills and strategic acumen. Pursuing an MBA in Communication Management can be a valuable investment, as it equips individuals with the necessary knowledge and expertise to excel in various communication roles across industries.

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FAQs - Communication Management: Scope & Salary

Can I pursue MBA in Communication after an engineering degree?

Yes, you can pursue an MBA degree in Communication after engineering. To learn more you can check out this sunstone blog, MBA after engineering.

What is the right time to pursue an MBA program?

It depends on the person’s choice, whether they want to pursue it right after graduation or after work experience. To learn more about it read this Sunstone blog: When is the best time to pursue MBA

Can I pursue MBA right after the 12th?

One of the MBA programs is 5-year integrated MBA program, that students can pursue right after 12th. In this program, students study both UG and PG programs altogether. 

Does MBA in Communication Management ensure a high salary?

As MBA is a globally accepted master’s degree, therefore it does ensure a high salary package. 

Which are the top 5 colleges powered by Sunstone for the MBA program?

You can pursue MBA courses from colleges powered by Sunstone. Some of the top colleges are:

  • Atlas Ideal International College
  • Ajeenkya DY Patil University
  • GD Goenka University
  • Bangalore Institute of Management Studies
  • SAGE University

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