3 Ways to Ensure Guaranteed Placement After Education

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 18 July 2022

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Are you in search of a job after completing your education? You may have sent out resumes but not received any responses yet. You might have checked all the online job portals, searched for jobs that match your profile, and clicked on many ‘Apply Now’ buttons. But, getting no emails, callbacks, or interview calls can make you feel sad. 

How can you ensure a placement guarantee after completing your education from the colleges in India? Some of the best colleges in India offer a guaranteed placement program or a placement assistance program in their brochure. They could arrange interviews for you with the top companies in India. However, it is your performance that will secure you the job after completing these placement guarantee courses. 

You need to make an offer they can’t resist! Boring, traditional resumes and cover letters will not impact the employer and secure a job. These resumes are not enough. You have to take care of the 3 things mentioned below to ensure a placement guarantee. 

1. Prove you will make your employer get a profit

When a company hires you, it comes at a cost. They have to pay your salary and further incentives. So, you must prove that you will earn more for the company than what you cost. You have to convince them that the efforts you make for the work will bring in revenue.

How can you do this? You can bring in the past results you have generated. It could be from a previous job or internship you have done. Else, if you have worked on some kind of project, you could also quote them. 

For instance, if you have contributed an idea to the firm you have worked with and it generated benefits for the company, you can incorporate them into your resume. This will be solid, tangible, and quantifiable proof that you are worth more than you cost.

If you don’t have any past record like that, you can take another route. Research well about the company you want to join or apply for the job. If it is possible, formulate some suggestions or ideas you would like to suggest for the benefit of the company. If this will bring revenue for the company, add that to your resume in detail. It could guarantee you a placement.

2. Add testimonials about you and your work

Nothing more than word of mouth can market you in a better way. Nowadays, employers value your past performance and character while considering a job application. After careful consideration of these elements, the company will decide whether you are a high potential candidate.

Factors like testimonials are a great way to leave a huge impact on the employer. You should get testimonials from credible people like mentors, employers, peers, or teachers to show proof of your character and past performance. If you don’t have these yet, start thinking of credible people who can provide great testimonials for you and request them to provide one.

LinkedIn has now made the gathering of these testimonials easier by adding an option for that. If you want to make a huge difference start adding the option from today.

3. Offer a trial run of your services

Most companies prefer candidates with experience. If you don’t have enough experience or a strong profile to go for, companies won’t consider you for the position. A lack of credible testimonials or proof of generating results can be the offer to work for free for a week, or even up to three months.

You must have graduated from the top colleges in India but, to get the dream job or position with the employer of your choice, you may need to offer to work for free. Make this offer only if there is a chance that working for free will lead to a job. Also, please note that the job you choose shall open up a world of opportunities and help you build a great career within the next 2 to 3 years. 

We hope you got an idea about the 3 different ways to ensure guaranteed placement. You must complete your course from reputed organisations or the best colleges in India to secure a good job. 

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People Also Ask

Which course has the best placement?

The best colleges in India offer a guaranteed placement program or a placement assistance program along with the course. They could arrange interviews for you with the top companies in India. However, it is your performance and the college from which you graduated will secure you the job after completing these placement guarantee courses. 

Can you do a placement year after you graduate?

If you are a graduate who passed the exam recently and haven't been offered a suitable job yet, by undertaking a graduate placement or internship you can boost your skills and gain a foothold in the world of work.

Should I go for placements or higher studies?

If you are financially stable, it is better to go for higher studies to build a strong profile before applying for a job. If you are not, you can take the job you get during campus placements as an undergraduate. You can go for higher studies once you are financially stable after working for a couple of years.

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