What is a Full Stack Developer: Skills and Responsibilities

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 31 January 2023
full stack developer qualifications

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A full stack developer is a software developer who has a comprehensive understanding of all layers of a web or mobile application technology stack. They are proficient in both front-end and back-end development and are able to design and develop complete end-to-end applications. 

Full stack developers are experienced in a variety of programming languages, technologies, and frameworks, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and back-end languages such as Python, Ruby, and Java, as well as database technologies like MySQL. 

If you want to be a full stack developer, you can get into B.Tech, BCA, or an MCA programme. These are the most popular courses to become a software engineer. 

While B.Tech is a 4-year UG degree, MCA degree is a 3-year PG-level degree focusing on in-depth knowledge of computer applications. There are many amazing job opportunities that one can find after completing the Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) or Master of Computer Application (MCA) course. Both of these courses can help you become a full stack web developer.

To know more details of the full stack web developer roles and responsibilities, keep reading.

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Who is a Full Stack Web Developer?

The meaning of full stack technology is essential to understand who is a full stack developer. The whole depth of the computer applications is known as full stack technology. The person who takes care of the back end, as well as the front end of the web application, is known as a full stack developer. 

The full stack developer works on the server side, as well as the client side of any web application. A full stack software developer comprehends the requirements of the users and translates them into the overall web application architecture and implements these new systems. They also ensure that the reliability, efficiency, and other important features of the application stay proper. 

Full Stack Developer Skills

Now that we have all the information regarding a full stack developer, there are some key skills that a full stack software developer must have. 

Below are the skills required for a full stack developer.

  • Front-end technology

The full stack web developer should be well versed with all the front-end technologies like Java, JavaScript, CSS3, etc. If the full stack developer has knowledge of some of the third-party libraries like Angular, ReactJS, jQuery, and LESS, that is a great thing. 

  • Development languages

The full stack web developer should be well-versed in one of the important server-side coding languages like Java, Ruby, Python, etc.

  • Cache and database

The full stack developer should have in-depth information on the different DBMS technology. MySQL, SQLServer, etc., are some of the ones that are being used widely. Knowledge of some of the top cache mechanisms like Redis, Memcached, etc., is always a plus.

  • Basic ability to design

To become a successful full stack software developer, you must know some of the basics of design. You should also know the principles of UI/UX design and prototype design.

  • Server

Some knowledge regarding the handling of servers like Nginx servers or Apache is required. If you have good knowledge of Linux, then administering the servers becomes an easy task.

  • VCS (Version Control System)

A VCS helps the full stack web developer keep a check and track all the changes that take place in the codebase. An in-depth understanding of Git helps the developer in knowing the ways to get the latest updated codes, update some parts of the code, and initiate changes in the code of the developer without moving too many things around.

  • Working with API

It is important for full-stack developers to have some knowledge related to web services or API. Understanding the consumption and creation of SOAP and REST is helpful.

Some of the other skills include

  • The ability of the developer to write some high-quality unit tests.
  • They should have in-depth knowledge of the automated processes for its building, testing, documentation, and deployment at scale.
  • It is important for the full stack developer to understand the security concerns, as every layer has different vulnerabilities.
  • It is essential for developers to have knowledge regarding data structures and algorithms. 

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Soft Skills That a Full Stack Developer Must Possess

Other than the full stack developer qualifications, there are some soft skills that are required. Here is the list.

  • Creativity

It is essential that the full stack developer understands the objectives of a certain project and creates an amazing product that interests the target audience.

  • Strategic Planning

Planning a strategy is important for each and every stage of life. The full stack developer needs to plan, execute, design, develop, and implement the different phases of the application in a strategic manner. This will provide a streamlined approach to the project.

  • Analytical skills

To understand the given data accurately and to make decisions that are logical and driven by the data that has been analysed, analytic skills are very important. This leads to the maximising of efficiency which makes the work better. These skills can be developed while working but a good level of understanding is still needed.

  • Problem-solving skills

While working you might encounter many problems. Thus, problem-solving skills are required to predict any issues that might take place and make applications that are free from bugs. Also, in case something goes wrong, it should be handled efficiently and calmly.

  • Time management skills

Time management is essential for developers so that they adhere to the given timelines and ensure that everything is ready on time.

Responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer

Now that we know all the necessary skills that a full stack developer must have. Here is the list of responsibilities that the full stack developer needs to handle:

  • The development of the front-end of an application is the responsibility of the full stack developer. Using the libraries and frameworks, it is essential for the developer to make user-friendly interfaces that are interactive. 
  • The responsibility for the design of the back end also lies with the full stack web developer. Thus, designing a robust back-end is essential so that it can fetch the required data from the servers without issues. 
  • The creation of servers and databases is also the job of the developer. These should be built in a way that they are resilient and keep on functioning endlessly. 
  • The developer also must ensure cross-platform compatibility. Any application must be able to run smoothly and efficiently across all operating systems such as Linux, macOS, Windows, etc.
  • Based on the architecture of the web application, building the API is also the job of the developer. APIs are the ones responsible for crucial tasks like fetching the required data from the servers. 
  • It is essential that the full stack software developer is able to meet all the technical and consumer requirements. The applications built by the developer must be responsive and must keep the user engaged. 


Along with the full stack developer qualifications, it is very essential for the developer to have all the necessary skills and knowledge. You must have a solid understanding of all the technologies that are used in building web applications. Besides, in this competitive era it is essential that you keep upskilling yourself, and you can sign up with Sunstone for that. It is a leading education service provider offering advanced certifications, industry-specific training courses and personality development programmes. 

FAQ - Full Stack Developer

What is a full stack developer?

The person who takes care of the back end, as well as the front end of the web application, is known as a full stack developer. He/she takes care of the client side as well as the server side of a web application. 

What are full stack developer skills?

Some of the skills that full stack developers have are in-depth knowledge about the technologies related to the front end and back end of a web application, knowledge of developmental languages, designing user interfaces, comprehending the needs of consumers and making the application more interactive.

How to be a full stack developer?

You can become a full-stack developer by doing a degree in computer applications, or a course in full-stack development. You also need to learn the different programming languages. After gaining all the necessary knowledge and skills, you will become a full-stack developer and get a great job. 

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