Full Stack Developer Salary in India – For Freshers & Experienced

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 11 October 2022
Salary of Full-Stack Developer in India

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Technology is perhaps the most dynamic field in the world today, and it is going through a period of disruptive changes that evolve everything from how business processes are carried out to how students choose their career paths. For quite some time now, Full-Stack Development has been a career that is preferred by STEM students, especially with dedicated computer science degrees such as a Masters in Computer Applications, or MCA, or MTech in Computer Science Engineering (MTech CSE). 

In this article, we shall discuss in detail the career of a Full Stack Developer, right from the roles and responsibilities, and skills required for the position, to the scope of the career and the full stack web developer salary in India depending upon experience and specialisation.

Introduction to the Field of Full Stack Development

The idea of Full Stack Development is a process of software development where the software developer creates and maintains both the "Frontend" (Client-End) and the "Backend" (Server-End) of a technological product at any IT-oriented company. It is also necessary for a Full-Stack Developer to be proficient in a myriad of technological tools and skills required to produce indigenous software or websites tailored to meet the specific requirements of their clients.

They play a critical role in customer acquisition and making decisions about business processes using modern technology. It is also one of the most sought-after positions in the IT industry. Both the front-end, which is the client-facing aspect of the product, as well as the back-end, or the server-based backbone of the product, are designed and executed by the Full-Stack developers.

The functioning of a full-stack developer includes the following four parts:

  • Front-End: Also referred to as the client-face of the mobile or web application that the person interacts with. The developer will be responsible for coding the user interface and enlisting all essential user experience needs. 

  • Back-End: The server-facet of mobile or web application software is the backbone infrastructure that defines what is going on at the back of the product. Such a developer is liable for the bottom functioning of software or web and mobile apps. 
  • Database: The database is an area to keep the information for any of your ventures or software you're operating. Some of the most popular databases include MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. 
  • Development Operations: Also known as DevOps, it is a method in which the distance between the improvement and operations group is bridged seamlessly with the use of agile techniques. They collectively form a group to supply faster, reliable, and cost-effective solutions while developing software products. 

Full Stack Developers Job Roles and Responsibilities

The following are the various job roles and responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer:

  • Procuring venture necessities such as vision, goals and objectives from customers and other stakeholders including clients and businesses
  • Developing the backend architecture for the software product
  • Developing the front-end interface of the software, aligning the client’s goals with the consumer’s interactivity and the user interface requirements.
  • Creating databases and linking them to servers for retrieval and storage of valuable data.
  • Development Testing for bugs in the programming of the software product 
  • Modifying codes to increase the efficiency of the hardware and software components of the product. 
  • Using methodical trial techniques for problem-solving
  • Cross-platform optimization so that the product can be used seamlessly across several platforms

Some of the most sought-after roles you can discover in the field include the following:

  • Project Manager 
  • System architect 
  • Team Leader in an IT firm
  • Database Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Project Manager

Salary Based on the Employer

In India, the average pay scale of a full-stack developer is INR 6-10 lakhs per annum (LPA). Full stack developer salary in India per month may range between INR 30000 to around INR 75000 in this respect. This range may cross INR 14 LPA for the right candidate and may also go as low as INR 3 LPA if the candidate lacks the skills necessary for the various positions. 

Salaries offered by some of the top Indian companies recruiting full-stack developers are as follows:

  • Nuclei: INR 10.5 LPA
  • Infosys: INR 3.5 LPA - 4.5 LPA
  • Gale Partners: INR 8 LPA
  • Cognizant Technology: INR 3.5 LPA - 6.5 LPA
  • Vassar Labs: INR 7.8 LPA 
  • Wipro: INR 6 LPA 
  • Tata Consultancy Services: INR 4 LPA - INR 6 LPA 
  • Accenture: INR 5 LPA - INR 7 LPA 
  • IBM: INR 6.5 LPA 
  • Oracle: INR 13 LPA - INR 17 LPA 

Salary Based on Experience

A Full stack developer’s salary depends on a wide range of factors including the employing organisation and the job roles offered by the business. However, experience is one of the most pivotal factors in this regard.

The salary expectations of a full-stack developer based on the years of experience accumulated in the service period of a candidate are as follows:

  • Average Salary for Fresher Full-Stack Developer: INR 4 LPA
  • Average Salary for Full-Stack Developer with 1-4 years of experience: INR 8 LPA
  • Average Salary for Full-Stack Developer with 5-9 years of experience: INR 12 LPA - INR 14 LPA

Salary Based on the Place of Service

The salary expectations of a full-stack developer also depend on the city where the developer or the organisation is based.  Different cities and metropolises in India offer diverse compensation packages to full-stack developers. 

The average salaries offered in different Indian cities are mentioned below.

  • Delhi: INR 6.5 LPA 
  • Mumbai: INR 7.3 LPA 
  • Bangalore: INR 7.8 LPA 
  • Pune: INR 7.2 LPA 
  • Hyderabad: INR 7.4 LPA 
  • Kolkata: INR 5.9 LPA 
  • Chennai: INR 6.1 LPA 
  • Ahmedabad: INR 6.4 LPA 

Now that you know the basic job responsibilities of a full-stack developer in India along with the different salary expectations for professionals based on their recruiters, experience, and cities they are based in, let’s focus on the skills necessary. 

Salary Based on Your Skills

As stated before, the technical and professional skills influence the pay package a candidate receives when applying for a full-stack developer role. A few of these and their consequent salaries are defined below:

  • Full Stack Python Developer: INR 8-12 LPA
  • Full Stack Java Developer: INR 6-10 LPA
  • Full Stack Solidity/Blockchain Engineer: INR 12-15 LPA
  • Full Stack Javascript Developer: INR 8-12 LPA

However, these pay scales may differ depending on the exact requirements of the job role and the organisation providing it. 

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

The daily job routine of a full-stack developer encompasses developing applications, maintenance, deployment, debugging software and managing the databases and servers. If you are in the IT industry, being a full-stack developer gives you a vantage point to witness and drive the entire production cycle of a software product. 

This makes you a valuable and versatile asset to your company, enabling you to make vital decisions for the growth of the enterprise. Furthermore, the pandemic has increased demand for full-stack developers who can provide a product that is customised end-to-end from the visual angles as well as its usability. 

What Skills are Required to be a Full Stack Developer?

The skills, both technical and professional, determine how a full-stack developer is paid. Although there is a definite manner in which these skills determine the pay scale, it is quite necessary. The technical skills may include programming languages such as Python, C, C++, Javascript, NodeJS, Angular and other technicalities such as cloud architecture development, DevOps, dotNET, data visualisation, et al. 

Professional skills include verbal abilities, corporate communications, quantitative ability, and market knowledge, among others. If any full-stack developer possesses these additional skills, they are likely to get a multiplier of around 1.25x on their current pay range. 

Career Scope of a Full Stack Developer in India

There has been a steady debate over what position and duties a full-stack developer in India encompasses. A full-stack developer no longer wants to be that superhuman individual who is aware of the entire software development cycle but might concentrate on specific business domains or technical avenues. The scope of such developers continues to grow with the advent of technologies and the need to drive more innovation and tech-driven businesses.

Key Factors to Choose Full Stack Developer as Your Profession

The following are a few essential factors any full stack developer should consider before applying for a relevant position:

  • Learn about the software that the company uses.
  • Adjust your abilities to the business vision, mission and objectives.
  • Consider focusing more on  consumer needs and deriving value from market data.
  • Create a complete portfolio from past assignments and internships.
  • Understand if you can deliver the requirements and fulfil the eligibility criteria for the position.
  • Learn more about the agile methodology and DevOps processes.

Key Takeaways

A full-stack developer in India plays a crucial role in today’s technology-backed world. It benefits businesses as they can hire a candidate who can handle both the backend and front-end processes of software development. Soft skills are just as important as technical knowledge, and it is critical to stay current on new offerings and industry standards. The salary and scope of this field are also quite vast and expansive. There is also scope for MCA lateral entry and a need to understand the discourse between MCA and MSc as well. To learn more about being a full-stack developer in India, connect with an expert Sunstone mentor today.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the salary for a full-stack developer in India for freshers?

The salary of a full stack developer in India is in the range of INR 4-6 LPA for freshers and may gradually grow with exposure and work experience.

  • Which full stack developer has the highest salary?

A full-stack developer who is experienced and has a unique consumer-driven portfolio earns the highest pay package. A full-stack developer in Javascript or Python may earn the highest. Newer avenues such as blockchain also pay at a hefty paygrade.

  • How much do full stack developers earn monthly?

A full stack developer can earn in the range of INR 30000-75000 LPA monthly depending on the job role and the work experience of the candidate.

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