How BBA in Management Can Give Your Career an Optimal Start?

  • By Swikriti Chauhan
  • 19 July 2022
How BBA in Management Can Give Your Career an Optimal Start?

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All students, whether in India or anywhere else in the world, find it difficult to choose a stream to continue with after finishing class 12. This is mostly due to a lack of clarity regarding the available undergraduate courses and their personal interests in making decisions. Confusion can also arise in the minds of students owing to a lack of awareness about a degree and the professional opportunities it would open up for them. Therefore, it is best to collect as much information as possible regarding the different career opportunities that align with their interests and then choose the one that best suits their needs.

If you are interested in taking up management as a career, you can choose to pursue a BBA degree after your 12th examination. The BBA degree will help you in laying a solid foundation for your MBA and is also a popular undergraduate course in management. In this article, we will understand what are the benefits of doing BBA and why it is a great way to start a management career.

What are the benefits of doing BBA?

Here are the reasons why BBA is better than other courses

Helps to develop managerial skills earlier in life

The management course gives the students a good start on developing a variety of skills in the management field. The BBA program will help you to study the fundamentals of management, such as sales, marketing, strategy management, etc. The BBA degree in many business schools also includes important topics like economics and finance. 

Further, the course will assist you in developing soft skills throughout the term.  The practical and theoretical knowledge you will gain throughout the program will assist you in expanding job opportunities when merged with practical experience and technical expertise.

Lays a solid foundation for MBA

Since the discipline of management differs greatly from other academic fields, it calls for a strong foundation that may help you get your fundamentals correct. To ensure that you are prepared to tackle the challenging management concepts, it helps to have a solid foundation in management principles and the fundamentals of business administration.

Additionally, the top BBA colleges in India create their course curriculum with the fundamentals of management studies at the core, which is advantageous for students wishing to pursue an MBA in the future.

Provides great exposure while being industry-oriented

If you are wondering why BBA is the best degree, it is certainly because BBA courses are well-designed to prepare students for industry requirements. A BBA course's blend of theoretical and practical knowledge helps to make a student more valuable in the market. Since students from good college for BBA are capable of handling different types of responsibilities in any organisation, reputable businesses and startups are always on the lookout for them.

As a result, you will be able to gain exposure to different types of business activities, for example, strategy development, data analysis, sales, marketing, etc before deciding what you want to do next. If you want to be a manager in a big company or start your own business someday, a BBA degree would be the right choice for you.

Great job opportunities along with scope for growth are available

As a BBA graduate, you will have numerous job prospects available in the market since you will be adept to fit into a wide range of roles in a company. Companies are always in search of fresh graduates who can contribute new ideas and energy. BBA graduates can be placed in a variety of roles and responsibilities within an organisation. The BBA program would be ideal for you if you wish to learn how to run your own business or become an entrepreneur.

Graduates with prior work experience should keep an eye out for new opportunities. The starting salary of a BBA graduate in an executive-level position can range between INR. 2.5 LPA to INR 4 LPA. while, in the case of experienced employees, they can advance to higher ranks such as Assistant Managers and Associates and earn anywhere between INR 5 LPA to INR 7 LPA.

Helps to make a better decision while choosing MBA specialisation

One of the most difficult challenges for MBA candidates pursuing management studies directly at the master's degree level is deciding on a specialisation. MBA students who do not have a prior understanding of management concepts will find it difficult to select a specialisation based solely on market trends.

Some people may end up selecting the incorrect specialisation. If you complete your undergraduate degree from good BBA colleges, you will have a better understanding of the various MBA specialisations that can be incorporated as part of the course.

To wrap it up!

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Why BBA is the best degree?

With BBA, you will be able to advance your management career significantly with the abilities you learn in the program. Students with a BBA degree have excellent opportunities for growth. Most BBA can be placed in a variety of roles and responsibilities

Why BBA is better than other courses?

A BBA program can be a great career option after passing class 12 if you have a knack for management or entrepreneurship. It will help you to develop some analytical and management skills earlier in your career so that you can always stay ahead of the race. There are a number of options that can you can choose from:

    1. BBA in finance
    2. BBA in management 
    3. BBA in human resource management
    4. BBA in computer application
    5. BBA in international business
    6. BBA in hospitality

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