How to Choose MBA College for Yourself?

  • By Harshita Mehrotra
  • 7 July 2022
How to Choose the Perfect MBA College in India?

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There is just one word that comes to mind when trying to select an MBA college in India: pandemonium. Like in the case of high schools and undergraduate universities, there is no explicit standard or procedure defined by the government. The abundance of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) colleges that seem to spring up every year only adds to the confusion. As there are various periodicals and newspaper pieces containing facts, data, and advice that are diametrically opposed, there are vested interests at work as well. As a result, you must choose an MBA college in India with great care. You may choose the best college by using a few criteria. You will be moving in the correct direction if you follow them strictly.

Here are various steps for choosing the ideal MBA college for your career:

Make a List 

List MBA schools that fit within your career plan now that you are aware of it. Make a list of the colleges you favour above others because your decision should matter a lot. This will greatly assist you in narrowing down your options.

Your Career Plan 

Know your job goals and what you expect from your MBA college before anything else. Consider your career objectives and what you want to do, and you will be able to determine which college is best for you. You must select a college that offers the specialisation, for instance, if you have a specific one in mind.


Look closely at the academic staff who instruct at the college. You should want a combination of youth and experience. You can also read reviews of the professors online or speak with any past pupils. The best MBA colleges are regarded as such because of their top-notch professors. Students who study with outstanding instructors fare well in the workplace.

Colleges Accreditation

The most crucial parameter is this one. The college to which you are applying needs to be AICTE and AIU accredited. You can check if the college has been listed on the official AICTE and AIU websites. MBA degrees from schools without accreditation are worthless in the job market. And as you are aware, MBA school costs are not minimal. So, to obtain a top-notch education and a recognised degree, search for approved universities.

Additional Relevant Certifications & Programs

Think beyond a simple MBA. The top MBA schools are skilled at giving their students a competitive advantage. As a result, they provide additional courses and globally relevant certification programmes in addition to their specialty. You become a more attractive candidate for the best organisations and have a better chance of receiving a higher wage offer as a result of these courses.


The ways in which we teach today are so very different. The time of only studying theory has passed. The curricula of the top MBA schools in the nation meet worldwide standards. So keep an eye out for curricula and teaching techniques that are unique and go beyond theory. Practical application, group discussions, self-evaluation, on-the-spot problem resolution, interactions with business professionals, and more should all be included. So, when searching for an MBA college, keep this in mind.

Legacy of the College

There have been several MBA schools for many years. If these colleges weren't good, this wouldn't have happened. Before selecting a college, you should consider its history. You can also have a peek at other organisations and colleges connected to the MBA college that its administration founded. You ought to take the college into consideration for admittance if these have a high reputation as well.


An excellent MBA college must have good infrastructure. Therefore, if you have a few colleges on your short list, be sure to visit their campuses. Students go to the trouble of visiting each college they have applied to in Western and some Eastern nations. You follow suit. Check out the infrastructure by going there. Make sure the infrastructure is in good shape because you will be spending two of the most essential years of your life here.


The best people to ask for honest comments are former pupils. Through alumni associations or college-related social media pages, you can find them. The majority of them are friendly and will share an honest description of their college experiences with you. Along with other things, you can inquire about starting salary, education, faculty, and placements.

Placement Record

Rarely will you discover an MBA course that doesn't make this claim. Who checks to see if it's accurate, and what kinds of businesses hire college students? Remember, only the top MBA institutions receive business from the finest corporations. Ask about what organisations frequently participate in campus recruitment efforts and the range of pay they provide.


Chances of the college being a top-notch MBA school significantly improve if it is situated on a large campus in a major city. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore are home to some of the nation's top MBA colleges. Only the top MBA schools can afford to run out of such places. Reputable MBA colleges can be found in well-known educational centres like Pune and Indore.

International Exposure

Your MBA education cannot only be localised because we live in a globally interconnected environment. Choose an MBA programme from a college that also exposes you to other countries through an international standard curriculum, opportunities for international internships and placements, and student exchange programmes. Find out if any reputable universities or institutions have international links or associations.

Wrapping Up

If you heed the recommendations given above, you will be able to determine which MBA school you belong in. Make sure you are at the correct place by also checking lowest fees for MBA in India that will set you on the route to success because MBA degrees take a lot of time and money to complete.

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