MAH CET 2020 Preparation : Tricks for Quantitative Aptitude Section

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 3 March 2020

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The MAH CET 2020 preparation is in full swing with the state management entrance exam scheduled for the 14th & 15th March. With the exam being just a few days away, let's not waste time and get into what the MAH MBA CET is really about. 

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The MAH MBA CET is a timed online exam, with a total of 200 questions that need to be completed in 150 minutes. However, there is no negative marking. Go through the MAH CET 2020 highlights at a glance:

Exam MAH CET 2020 - Online State-level management entrance exam
Date 14th & 15th March 2020
Questions 200 questions
Options per question 5
Marks 200 marks
Time 150 minutes
Negative marking No negative marking

The MBA MAH CET consists of four sections, Logical Reasoning, Abstract Thinking, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude. The weightage of each section of the MAH CET 2020 is as follows.

Sections  Number of Questions Weightage
Logical Reasoning 75 50%
Abstract Reasoning 25
Quantitative Aptitude 50 25%
Verbal Ability 50 25%

In our previous article on How to Prepare for MAH CET 2020:Logical and Abstract Reasoning sections, we have discussed the tips on how you can crack these sections even with this time crunch. In this article, we will discuss the weightage of the Quantitative Aptitude section in the MAH MBA CET exam and how to ace this section.

MAH CET 2020 Preparation: Quantitative Aptitude Section

The Quantitative Aptitude section comprises 25% of the MAH CET 2020 i.e. 50 questions for 50 marks. Out of these 50 questions, you can aim to attempt at least 40-45 questions, out of which 33-36 are correct or good attempts. This will ensure that despite the little time in hand, you can still score the 90+ percentile overall.

Section Difficulty Level Good attempts
Quantitative Section Moderate to Difficult 33-36

To get 33 or more good attempts, you need to focus only on the topics you already are familiar with and from which more questions have been asked in the past. Read on to know MAH CET 2020 preparation tips for the important topics in the Quantitative Aptitude section. 

MAH CET 2020 Preparation Tips for Important Topics. 

The Quantitative Aptitude section includes various questions to test how fast and accurate one can work with numbers, understand various arithmetic problems involving ratio and proportion, percentage, etc. and do numerical calculations. The questions in this section help to measure a candidate’s power of reasoning based on numbers ore data, interpretation of tables, common graphs, and charts. Practicing and revising our 8th,9th & 10th Grade mathematics is going to help us revise the same concepts and build the quantitative ability that the MAH CET exam is evaluating. The syllabus for the MAH CET 2020 Quantitative Aptitude section is: 



Mensuration Volume, area, perimeter - Circle, Cube, square, sphere, rectangle, cones, pipes etc. 
Geometry Angles, lines, triangles, circles etc. 
Calculus Maxima & Minima, Functions
Trigonometry Ratios, Heights, distances etc. 
Arithmetic Number system, Percentage, average, age, time& work, distance & speed, ratios, HC& LCM, Simplification etc. 
Algebra Quadratic equations, sets, permutation & combinations, sequence & series etc. 

Also read: How to Crack MAH CET 2020 Verbal Reasoning Section Since the MAH CET 2020 exam is time-bound, it is crucial that our main focus is speed and accuracy. Out of the topics given above, one can focus on just the following and still make the 40+ attempted question mark. 

Topics to Focus on:

  • Arithmetic
  • Mensuration
  • Algebra

Our suggestion would be to revise the formulas and concepts of the topics from your high school maths books, even if you focus on just these three topics. If your mathematical base is strong, you can aim to have 40+ correct attempts. Shortcuts and mathematical tricks will help you glide through the Quant section and will help you manage your time. Some more preparation tips on these topics are: 

  1. Data interpretation-If the answers are numbers not close to each other, then you do not need to do accurate calculations. As a result, you can round off the numbers and do approximate calculations and mark the answer closest to the answer you calculated. Use the answer options to find the solution as nothing beats the elimination strategy in DI. 
  2. Quadratic Equations- Revising your 9th & 10th-grade mathematics book on factorization to assist you in finding the roots to the quadratic equations faster.
  3. Series – Mostly n2, n3, n2 ± constant, n3 ± constant, n2 ±n, n3 ±n, and n2 ±n3 will cover around 75% of the series completion problems. Hence, relax and attempt.

 Besides the topic-wise hacks, there are some points that you should keep in mind for MAH CET 2020 preparation. Here are some last-minute tips to help you with the Quants section of the MAH MBA CET 2020.

Last-minute Tips & MAH CET 2020 Preparation tricks for Quantitative section

  1. The most important thing is to identify the type of question and the topic it is from. If you know that, it will help you apply the required formula without wasting much time.
  2. Try to avoid long calculations- in an exam like MAH CET, where aspirants are required to solve 50 questions in 30-40 minutes; so avoid ending up wasting time doing long calculations.
  3.  Use the last few days to formulate a strategy to attempt questions based on conceptual understanding. Solve as many of last year's questions as possible. Nothing beats practice.  
  4. Start to attempt as many mock tests as possible, this will help you understand the type of question and where it has been asked from.
  5. In addition, analyzing your mock tests will provide you with insights, such as time management, selection of questions and topics, formulation of an effective strategy to nail the test, etc.

In the last few days of MAH CET 2020 preparation, devote maximum time to the Quantitative Aptitude section revision and practicing previous year's question papers.  All the Best!

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