MBA after MBBS: From Medicine to Management

  • By Aashruti Bhadoria
  • 21 March 2023
MBA after MBBS

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An MBBS degree on its own is already a popular course, but when paired with an MBA course, it can open a whole new set of doors for students. For example, MBBS graduates who pursue MBA degrees can work in areas like hospital administration and other managerial positions in the medical industry. 

Getting an MBA after MBBS in India is a growing trend among students who want to improve and capitalise on their managerial skills in the medical sector. So if you're asking, "Can I do an MBA after MBBS?" - You absolutely can!

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What is an MBA Program?

An MBA is short for Master of Business Administration. It's a two-year postgraduate degree that students from any undergraduate stream can opt for as a PG course. Its entire syllabus is spread out over 4 semesters. An MBA syllabus is a blend of generic and specialised management courses meant to help students hone specific skill sets based on the field they want to specialise in.

So if you're a medical student asking, "After my MBBS, can I do an MBA?" it's definitely a possible option to consider. Medical students would significantly benefit from doing MBA specialisations like MBA in healthcare management, MBA in healthcare and hospital management, MBA in hospital administration, etc.

Doctors who are interested in opening their own practices are also interested in getting an MBA degree. It allows them to understand how the healthcare delivery and treatment processes work and how they can further be adapted and improved to their own practices in the future. 

Overview of an MMBS and MBA Program:

Course Name 

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Master of Business Administration

Course Level 



Course Duration 

5.5 years

2 years

Eligibility Criteria 

50% or above in 10th and 12th in PCM/PCB stream with English as a mandatory subject

50% or above in Graduation of any stream.

Entrance Exams 



Average Placement Package 

₹5 Lakhs  - ₹8  Lakhs Per Annum

₹10 Lakhs  - ₹14 Lakhs Per Annum

How To Do MBA After MBBS: Eligibility Criteria

These are the conditions candidates/students need to fulfil if they want to pursue an MBA course after graduating from an MBBS program.

  • Students applying for an MBA course need to have finished their undergraduate program. So a 50% minimum on an MBBS degree is valid for MBA applications. 

  • The MBBS degree must be from a recognised college under the University Grants Commission (UGC) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

  • Candidates should have a passing score in all their graduation subjects.

  • Some MBA courses, like executive MBAs, require candidates to have a minimum number of years of work experience to qualify for MBA admissions

  • Candidates aiming for top MBA colleges like the IIMs institutions would also need to take a state or national-level entrance exam like CAT, CMAT, GMAT, XAT etc. Some universities even have their own entrance exams. 

Specialisations Under An MBA After MBBS

There are many specialisations under an MBA course. For example, medical students asking, "Can we do MBA after MBBS?" will find that many programs under an MBA are relevant to the medical field. 

Here are some popular MBA courses after MBBS for students:

  • MBA Healthcare Management

This course is a two-year management course that trains students to manage several operations in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, as well as other healthcare systems. This specialisation focuses on the administration of clinics and hospitals.

Course Fees

₹20,000 to ₹20 Lakhs 

Top Colleges 

  • AIMS Institute, Bangalore
  • Amity University, Mumbai
  • Rajalakshmi School of Business (RSB), Chennai

Average Salary 

₹10 Lakhs Per Annum

Popular Job Prospects

  • Hospital Manager, 
  • Medical superintendent, 
  • Healthcare Finance manager 
  • Healthcare Administrator

  • MBA Hospital Management

Healthcare and hospitality are both prevalent fields. This MBA course combines aspects from both fields and pairs them with a specialised MBA program. This helps students learn how to perform managerial roles like administering, planning and coordinating in the medical field. 

Course Fees

₹5 Lakhs - ₹7 Lakhs 

Top Colleges 

  • Institute of Management Studies, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya (IMS DAVV)
  • Guru Kashi University
  • MGM Institute of Management & Research
  • Aligarh Muslim University

Average Salary 

₹8 Lakhs Per Annum

Popular Job Prospects

  • Administrators, 
  • Healthcare Finance Managers, 
  • Deputy Superintendents.


  • MBA Healthcare And Hospital Management

This course is offered in several public and private institutions as an MBA specialisation. Students are taught the various issues healthcare systems face and the skill set required to manage and oversee the perfect functioning of businesses in the healthcare sector.

Course Fees

₹30,000 to ₹4 Lakhs 

Top Colleges 

  • University of Hyderabad, Telangana
  • SRIHER (Sri Ramachandra Institute of Higher Education and Research), Chennai
  • IIHMR University, Jaipur

Average Salary 

₹5 Lakhs to ₹8 Lakhs Per Annum

Popular Job Prospects

  • Healthcare Manager, 
  • Hospital Administrator, 
  • Chief Operations Officer, 
  • Healthcare Advisor, 
  • Compliance Officer, 
  • Program Planning Advisor

  • MBA Hospital Administration

Like most MBA courses, this program can be taken by students from any stream. It benefits MBBS graduates who want to become competent general and financial managers, efficient planners, etc. 

Course Fees

₹1.5 Lakhs to ₹7 lakhs

Top Colleges 

  • Royal Global University (RGU)
  • AJ Institute of Management
  • CMJ University

Average Salary 

₹2 Lakhs to ₹10 Lakhs Per Annum

Popular Job Prospects

  • Healthcare Finance Manager 
  • Medical and Health Service Manager, Hospital Administrator
  • Medical Director
  • Blood Bank Administrator
  • Hospital Business Manager
  • Food and Beverage Manager

  • PG Diploma In Hospital and Health Management

A one-year diploma course in hospital and health management. It's a rigorous course that enables students to develop managerial skill sets they can fall back on later in their careers. Students graduating with this degree can find jobs in administrative and consultative positions in the medical sectors. 

Course Fees

₹3,000 - ₹25 Lakhs

Top Colleges 

  • AIIMS, Delhi, 
  • Bangalore University
  • Madras Medical College
  • Gandhi Medical College

Average Salary 

₹1 Lakh to ₹15 Lakhs Per Annum

Popular Job Prospects

  • Medicinal services chief, 
  • Healthcare management executive, Associate/Assistant professor, 
  • Hospital planning adviser


Students that get an MBA after MBBS have a huge scope in the job market. Their managerial skills and medical knowledge allow them to expand their horizons and even start their own practices or clinics.

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