MBA in Information Technology: Colleges, Syllabus and Admissions

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 7 October 2022
MBA in Information Technology

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MBA For IT Professionals

Your ability to manage both IT systems and workers will be enhanced by earning an MBA IT, which combines the standard business knowledge of an MBA course with specialist courses in information security, telecommunications, and IT project management.

MBA IT Course Details

  • One of the most popular MBA programs right now in India is MBA IT.
  • Along with many work chances in the tax, finance, corporate, and other sectors, the applicants will also have access to several IT businesses.
  • This course's applications are not limited to the IT industry. Candidates may pick the field in which they wish to work after finishing this course.
  • The value of this course is anticipated to grow more in the future as organizations throughout the globe completely digitize. Because it allows MBA graduates to demand greater compensation, the MBA is sometimes referred to as a career accelerator.
  • It exists to sate one's zeal and success-hunger. MBA has the potential to help you become a successful entrepreneur.
  • You may explore a variety of business-related opportunities and sharpen your technical and business abilities.

Admissions To MBA In IT

There are two ways to get into an MBA IT program: either by taking an entrance test or by being admitted directly based on merit or management quota. There are typically following steps in the procedure.

  • Register & Apply for the MBA Entrance Exam: The CAT is one of the key tests for the MBA. The official website,, is where you may register for it. You will need to register individually for other tests.
  • Attend the MBA Entrance Exam: Attend the appropriate tests and then await the outcome.
  • The number of students who took the tests and the number of seats available will be taken into consideration when shortlisting candidates. All colleges' cutoffs will be made public.
  • Last Round of the Admissions Process: Both the group discussion and the personal interview are conducted in this round and are given varying weights.

MBA In IT Eligibility

Students who want to pursue an MBA in IT must meet the requirements specified below:

  • Your grade for graduation needs to be at least 50%. IIMs and IITs, two prestigious institutions, need a minimum score of 60%.
  • Students from the OBC, SC, and ST categories are given a 5% reduction on the required percentage.
  • Most MBA institutions allow final-year students to apply for MBA Admissions as long as they produce a provisional degree from their school.

IT MBA Distance Education

  • Candidates who want to study for an MBA while working other part-time jobs or from the comfort of their homes can choose a distance MBA.
  • Only Amity University is well-known for its online MBA program with a focus on information technology; there aren't many MBA IT distance education programs offered in India.
  • The minimal requirements for applying for MBA IT online education are proficiency in the English language and 40% in graduation (a diploma is not accepted).
  • It is suggested for students whose first language is not English to complete high school or get a degree from an English-medium institution.
  • The program lasts two years and consists of seven to ten hours of lectures per week. 

How Can I Get Into A Reputable MBA In IT college?

  • You will need a strong percentile on one of the admission examinations, such as the CAT, MAT, or XAT, among others, as the majority of top management institutions need you to pass one of the entrance exams.
  • Prepare yourself intellectually and physically for the group discussion and personal interview that will follow the admission test.
  • Keep track of the crucial entrance exam dates so you can register for the test in time.
  • Keep up with current events to help you pass the admission test and the interview stage.
  • Start your admission test preparation a year in advance while keeping your desired institution in mind.

MBA In IT Syllabus

  • Entrepreneurship in IT
  • Biodesign Data
  • Data mining and big data
  • Supply chain administration
  • newest forms of energy

All MBA courses follow the same fundamental course format. All the fundamentals are covered in the first year, and optional courses start to be offered in the second year.

MBA After Engineering - Future Outlook

  • The Information Technology (IT) sector has created several possibilities across many industries and is the driving force behind India's economic change.
  • Students may study many information technology-related topics in-depth with an MBA in IT.
  • After completing this program, there is a wide range of work opportunities available not only in India but also throughout the world.
  • It has been observed that prestigious international employers like McKinsey and Company, Boston Consulting Group, Bain and Company, etc. have begun to send recruits to India in recent years.

Tips On Preparing For Entrance Exams

  • The planning should start long in advance to cover all the themes. The included questions will assess a candidate's verbal, analytical, and general knowledge abilities as well as their ability to comprehend data.
  • Mathematical and analytical principles should be well mastered. Verbal ability, data interpretation, quantitative ability, decision-making, logical thinking, and general knowledge will all be tested. Candidates should dedicate themselves to studying for the test while following correct instructions and using the best resources.
  • To familiarize themselves with the exam format in advance, candidates should undertake practice sessions using sample question papers, mock exams, and practice tests. Candidates may then formulate a plan to take the entrance test more successfully by analysing their mistakes and making necessary corrections.
  • Candidates should have good tech skills in MBA so they can respond to 180–200 questions in around two hours or roughly one minute per question. Candidates should be aware of the shortcuts and insider information for mathematics problems. This will cut down on revision time.
  • To improve your general knowledge, make it a habit to read the newspaper every day and browse the most recent headlines. Questions on general knowledge and current events are often posed in entrance tests and sometimes in person.

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  • What does an MBA in IT do?

An MBA in IT combines the standard business knowledge of an MBA with specialist courses in information security, telecommunications, and IT project management, to mention a few. This degree will provide you with the abilities necessary to manage both IT systems and personnel.

  • Does an MBA in IT have a scope?

After earning your master's degree, you have a wide range of job opportunities in the IT industry.

  • Who is eligible for an MBA in IT?

Candidates must successfully earn a Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution in any field that takes at least three years to complete. Candidates must additionally pass any nationalized entrance test.

  • What is an MBA in IT salary?

The starting salary for an IT-focused MBA graduate is Rs 5,00,000. An MBA grad with 0–4 years of experience may expect to earn Rs 5,77,793 annually. An IT manager typically makes approximately Rs 12 lakhs per year.

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