MBA Internships: Detailed Guide to Internships for MBA Students

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 18 July 2022
MBA Internships: Detailed Guide to Internships for MBA Students

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An internship is a perfect opportunity for a student in any field to obtain professional corporate experience. It highlights the basic tenets of your coursework and simultaneously lets you gain hands-on experience and networking opportunities to help you later in your professional endeavours. It is equally important that you know the best way to use internship experiences to your benefit before and after graduating with your MBA. This article will explain what MBA internships are, their requirements, and how you can best channel them to benefit your career.

What are MBA Internships?

An MBA internship, like most internships, is a temporary position in a company related to your field of study. Multiple companies, big and small, offer such positions. Usually, students are employed in these positions while pursuing their degree course, and they can be paid, non-profit, or internships for credit. Unlike a full-time job, MBA internships go on for a specified duration, usually no more than a few weeks or months.

In some MBA degree programs, having an internship under your belt is a curriculum requirement. An MBA internship, if done properly, will aid a student in grasping course content and enhance training. It also ensures exposure to leading organisations in the industry.

Is it mandatory to participate in an MBA internship?

Participating in an MBA internship may be among the curriculum requirements for certain MBA courses. This requirement is often easiest to fulfil during the second year of an MBA. Quite a number of colleges require an MBA internship for class credit and also provide the resources to find one best suited to your specialization. Each of the organizations provided is likely to be accredited by the school, making it easier for students to apply to be an MBA intern. By participating in an internship before starting up a full-time job, a student begins to prepare for the challenges they may face in their line of work.

How to Find MBA Internship Opportunities

While social media has made internship opportunities widely accessible to students, some methods may be followed to achieve the best result:

  1. Internships for MBA students may be found through various platforms, but the recommended method is to contact the University career centre. The career centre will most likely have access to internships that will be closely aligned with your field of work.
  2. Career centres often have counsellors who communicate with you directly to find an MBA internship that will be the best fit for you. This makes the process of finding an internship accredited by the university easier and allows students to explore opportunities that are best suited to them.
  3. You may also look for opportunities in newspapers, websites and social media platforms where job postings are listed. An MBA student or aspirant with a specialisation in technology should look up magazines that cater to tech-based consumers. This method makes it easier to find internships that align with your interests and are relevant to your goals.

It may be beneficial to attend career fairs and networking events. Universities frequently collaborate with businesses and organizations that come to campus career fairs looking to hire immediately.

Benefits of an MBA internship

  • An MBA internship is designed to teach students about the entry-level knowledge they will need in their future jobs and provide them with additional knowledge to help them excel in their careers.
  • In some MBA courses, it is not mandatory to intern in any projects. Still, it can significantly benefit students in their professional and academic life to have prior knowledge of how things work.
  • An MBA internship is the perfect opportunity to obtain hands-on experience before graduation. It also allows a networking pedestal for the students.
  • Having an internship under your belt can benefit you in the application process and give you an edge in the job market. Many jobs after completion of an MBA may ask you to provide an account of your achievements outside your coursework. Gaining experience through an internship can allow you to respond positively.
  • An internship is the equivalent of an entry-level position in the field you are hoping to pursue after obtaining your MBA. In a full-time job, errors in the learning process may be frowned upon, but they are dealt with leniently in an internship.
  • Businesses expect you to leave their company with more knowledge than you came in with. Witnessing students’ growth first-hand is what encourages companies to offer interns full-time positions after their internships have ended.
  • Companies are much more likely to hire someone they know and whose work ethic they are familiar with.
  • An MBA internship is also an opportunity to learn from people around you as you are allowed to network with people in your field of study. While the opportunity may not come from the company you are working for, you may make the acquaintance of co-workers who will provide you with opportunities in the long run.

Networking is an integral aspect to find the best MBA internships. It can lead to full-time job offers after the internship duration is over through a Pre-Placement Offer, making the internship the first step toward your professional aspirations.

Tips to make the best of your MBA internship

1. Be Proactive

Companies looking for MBA interns often seek people who will benefit their business with fresh ideas and high energy. You should appear enthusiastic and persistent in your desire to learn new skills. Show your passion by asking questions and going out of your way to obtain knowledge or make innovative suggestions. Taking initiative indicates that you want to learn rapidly and be an asset to the organization.

2. Be Professional

Being professional during an internship is integral. It bodes well for your character and it encourages the company to hire you as a full-time employee. By consistently being professional, you may prove that you already have the capabilities it takes to thrive in a professional environment. If an employer admires your determination and works ethic, they may be encouraged to hire you after your internship.

3. Ask For Feedback and Make Contacts

An MBA internship is a learning curve, so asking for feedback is important. The only way to know if you are making progress is to have your work reviewed by someone with more experience in the field than you. Making contacts and speaking with people who have insights to offer is also a pragmatic move. It gets you into networks that will benefit you in the long run.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do an internship during MBA?

It is recommended that you do an internship during your MBA. It provides you with hands-on experience and makes you look better while looking for full-time work opportunities. It also allows you to gain additional insight into your coursework.

What is an MBA internship?

An MBA internship is a temporary opportunity that a student may pursue for a week related to their field of work. The internship may be paid, non-proft, or credit-based for MBA coursework.

Do you need an internship for MBA?

Many MBA programs require you to have full-time work experience before applying. An internship is a close substitute for a full-time job while applying for a prestigious MBA.

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