My Teacher, My Inspiration

  • By Sunstone Student
  • 10 November 2022
My teacher, my inspiration

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A teacher who has been my inspiration….
Teachers are the torchbearers of our life who help us climb the ladder of progress in our life. The word teacher is not just
confined to a person who provides us with academic training, a teacher could be anyone who show
us the right path and help us to strengthen our life. Our mistakes are also our teachers from which
we learn.
Since the day we are born, we are guided by our parents, relatives, teachers, friends, colleagues
and many more. Life without this guidance is monotonous. Teachers play a great role in
determining the character of a student. Everyone has a favourite teacher, and so do I. My first teachers are my parents who are the ones constantly guiding me since the day
I opened my eyes & witnessed this wonderful world. Everything from my walking, talking, ethics,
behaviour, and personality, has their touch. Just their mere presence and a few words from them can
change the course of my life. Still now when I feel stagnant, confused or feel surrounded by
procrastination, they are the ones who rescue me. They are the foundation of who I am today.
My parents are my first teachers who introduced me to all my teachers, and mentors I have till now, who guided me and enlightened my life with knowledge. Surely every teacher has influenced me,
from my kindergarten teacher who taught me the alphabet, my lower and upper primary school
teachers who made me believe in myself, my high-school teacher who boosted my confidence
and developed my personality, and my professors who showed me the path that leads toward success
and a better life. They are the fireflies in the extreme darkness. They taught me how to deal with
the harsh realities of life and deal with certain aspects of life that would not come to me
naturally. Their advice and suggestions paved a path with flowers that leads to a better
tomorrow. So, what I am today is because of these excellent teachers and I am really grateful to
them. Without their hard work and determination, I would have been nothing. I would have been a
clueless wanderer.

Written by-
Charmi B Borbora,
ADTU Campus

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