What makes Sunstone’s BBA program different from other B-schools?

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 21 July 2021

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BBA is a highly sought-after undergraduate course in India. It is extremely competitive because of the great prospects it offers to graduates. They can either go for a job straight away or pursue an MBA, after completing a BBA in India. As competition has increased in the field, so has the idea that a BBA is not enough and that it is essential to do an MBA before one can land a good job. But this can be very misleading, so don't get swayed by such notions!

With saturation in the number of BBA colleges, a challenge has emerged. As isolated institutions, colleges compete among themselves for placements, which often leads to one losing out at the cost of another.

We, at Sunstone Eduversity, have brought forth a solution to this problem. Years of experience in innovation and development in management education have enabled us to partner with the best BBA colleges in India. As part of joint offerings with multiple partner institutions and global professional associations, our BBA course is unique. 

Here are 5 reasons why Sunstone Eduversity’s BBA programme offers better value to students.          

Sunstone - A Hub of Management Education

At Sunstone , we offer standardized management education across 15 major cities. This has been possible through our partnership with the top management colleges in India. 

One major problem in most corporate organizations today is the shortage of well-trained management professionals. Our mission has always been to bridge this gap. This problem appears time and again because of a lack of standardization in management education across all parts of the country.

Moreover, colleges compete among themselves to secure placement for their students. As a result, top companies only go to trusted institutes, where they have had a positive experience of recruiting before.

We have partnered with several top BBA colleges in India and created a standard curriculum across the country. By becoming a hub of management education, we are seeking to address the problems individual institutes face locally. Here are the BBA colleges in India that we have partnered with:

Netaji Shubhash University Jharkhand Jamshedpur
CT University Punjab Ludhiana
Rathinam College Tamil Nadu Coimbatore
Himgiri Zee University Uttarakhand Dehradun
Suresh Gyan Vihar University Rajasthan Jaipur
IBMR Karnataka Hubli

It is a mutually beneficial process which not only raises the standard of the institute, but also offers more value to students.  We have two unique offerings for BBA aspirants: 

  • BBA (3 years & full-time)
  • Global Immersion BBA (3 years & full-time)

Placements at Sunstone

Sunstone’s approach to management education focuses on employment. As a leading placement promoter in the industry, it is our primary aim and we guarantee placements to all graduates. 

There are 400+ recruiters on board at Sunstone and many top global companies regularly hire from us. The reason behind such performance is the industry-oriented curriculum. Some of the companies who have hired from us are: 

  • Google
  • Pepsico
  • Tata 
  • KPMG

As part of the coursework, Sunstone focuses on hands-on skills over theoretical learning. There is a mandatory provision of internship for all BBA students for at least 10 months.   

When you are seeking out jobs after BBA, it is common knowledge that prior industry exposure pays off a lot. If you are already exposed to the industry, then it will be easier for you to adjust to the work-environment quickly and fulfill the roles and functions assigned to you better. 

At Sunstone, you can leave the worry about what to do after BBA to us. In fact, Sunstone graduates have the option to be financially independent during the course and pay the course fee only after securing a placement. 

Pay After Placement 

Another factor that contributes to the lack of skills among management professionals is the relatively high costs of getting a degree. Many students choose not to pursue a BBA in India because of the financial burden that it entails.  

The Pay After Placement policy is a solution to that. At Sunstone , you can choose to pay the course fee only after securing a placement. The fee is adjusted according to the salary you get and you can pay the fee in installments while working. 

In fact, the financial burden on students generally puts them under a lot of pressure which affects their performance in academics. It is one of the reasons why there is such a dearth of adequate skills for the industry among management graduates. 

Sunstone frees you from this worry so that you can focus all your attention on getting a comprehensive education, instead of worrying about what to do after BBA. In short, it reduces your financial risks and makes you financially independent.  

Sunstone's Global Immersion Program

Elite MBA colleges offer Study Abroad Programme (SAP) which exposes students to global business environments. A similar program, however, has never been available in the BBA colleges. 

The idea that only at the MBA level you get to experience top industry environments has contributed to the understanding that BBA has no value without an MBA afterwards. 

At Sunstone, we offer a Global Immersion BBA program that takes graduates to any one of the top global business hubs - Singapore, Dubai or Malaysia. Over a 10 days period students are exposed to global corporate environments of the highest intensity. 

This program is also part of Sunstone’s hands-on approach to education which stresses practical learning and makes you highly employable after graduation.

Sunstone Spread Across India

One of the reasons why there is a lack of standardization of skills among management graduates is the distance between centre and periphery. Top colleges are usually located in the metro cities, which makes them inaccessible for many. 

Sunstone 's partnership with colleges across 15 cities, gives you the option to be a part of our program at the nearest partner college. You can reap all the benefits of global education from a small-town as well.

It reduces additional living expenses as you can stay in your home-town for the most part of the course.


Sunstone offers you a number of additional advantages and opportunities in the BBA courses. Our great network, with more than 400 recruiters on board, gives you ample opportunity to network professionally during the course. The 10 months mandatory internship program leaves no stone unturned to thoroughly expose you to the working environment in corporate organisations. In many ways, Sunstone also eases the financial burden on your shoulder by allowing you to pay only after finding placement.   

FAQs About Sunstone's BBA Program

Is Sunstone good for a BBA?

Coupled with a lot of practical knowledge, internship opportunities, workshops, and the Pay After Placement model, Sunstone's BBA program will not only equip you with industry-ready skills but will also land you a job in your desired organization.

What is the pay after placement BBA program at Sunstone?

If you want to opt for the pay after placement program fee structure, you can do so by paying the nominal registration fee.
After this, you pay nothing for the duration of 3 years. Once you are placed, you are required to pay 12x of your monthly salary as the BBA fee.

What is the process of admission for BBA at Sunstone?

The admission process is as follows-
Register for the program here.
Appear for Sunstone’s Graduate Aptitude Test, clear the test & get your offer letter.
Accept offer letter & enroll.

What is the eligibility for BBA at Sunstone?

The most basic eligibility criteria is completing 12th grade. Those appearing for final exams in 2021 can also apply.

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