BBA in India: How will Sunstone's BBA create a difference in your career?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 21 July 2021

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Coming out fresh from high school can be a confusing experience. Till the time you finally take admission into a college, it might feel as if your future is hanging by the thread. In a market that has become so competitive over the years, concerns over eventually getting a good and respectable job also loom large. If you are thinking of doing a BBA course in India, then you are on the right track. Irrespective of what the future holds for you, you are surely looking in the right direction!

So, what is a BBA in India? It’s a 3 year, full-time, entry-level management course that you can complete from private as well as government colleges. But it is also different from regular courses in many respects. For example, it is quite common for candidates to confuse BBA and B.Com, especially if they have a background in commerce. 

Such confusion arises only when you are not aware of what exactly it means to do a Bachelors in Business Administration. The key thing to know is what difference a BBA degree will create in your career. 

BBA in India: A Competitive Edge

There are many colleges that are offering BBA degrees. The number of specializations offered varies from college to college, and you can find BBA colleges in all states now. But there are a few fine lines that you need to read through if you want to be able to make a choice with full conviction. 

So, when you are looking at the placement records of an institute, it is wiser to look at the collaborations that the institute has with industry and trade bodies. Sunstone’s BBA programme has over 400 recruiters on board.

When the top recruiters partner with institutes, they do so based on past experience of recruiting qualified and eligible graduates. Based on this trust, they go back to institutes every year to fulfil their demands in the workforce. Of course, they also recruit off-campus, but the majority comes through placements.

There is usually a common perception that after BBA in India, it is essential to spend two more years and a hefty sum doing an MBA. But that’s not true. There are many jobs after BBA, both in the private and government sectors. 

Sunstone has a global immersion BBA program which is unlike any other BBA in India. Candidates are taken to one of the three global business hubs - in Dubai, Singapore, or Malaysia - for a period of 10 days. The program is similar to the SAP program offered by many elite MBA colleges. Candidates get a competitive edge in their career by being exposed to global business roles and functions hands-on. 

Ensuring wholesome education with a BBA in India

The discipline is highly competitive as many students are now looking to join the top BBA colleges in India. So, you need to pull up your socks, if you want to see yourself in a great institute. 

Getting into the best BBA colleges in India can prove to be a difficult proposition for many. Most colleges offer admission based on the marks obtained in class 12. Some colleges conduct entrance exams of their own. You need to be thoroughly prepared for this stage and ace the entrance of the institute of your choice in due time.

There’s another factor that directly concerns your job prospects after graduation - the choice of college. A good college focuses on the all-round professional development of students by combining education with industry experience.

Before you can land a full-time position in an organization, you need to have some experience in the industry in advance. Good colleges carry a competitive edge because they provide students with the following additional (but essential) benefits: 

  • Internships and Projects 
  • Hands-on industry collaborations 
  • Exposure to the global business environment
  • Development of managerial skills 
  • Development of soft skills and professional ethics 

However, there is a problem with many BBA colleges. As isolated colleges offering many other courses, they often fail to make students properly understand what to do after BBA. At Sunstone we have ventured on a unique collaboration with many of the best BBA colleges in India in order to bridge this gap. Here are the BBA colleges in India that Sunstone has partnered with:

Netaji Shubhash University Jharkhand Jamshedpur
CT University Punjab Ludhiana
Rathinam College Tamil Nadu Coimbatore
Himgiri Zee University Uttarakhand Dehradun
Suresh Gyan Vihar University Rajasthan Jaipur
IBMR Karnataka Hubli

Sunstone's BBA Program

Sunstone’s BBA program is aimed at making industry-ready graduates, beyond the traditional confines of one single institution. As a leading placement promoter in the industry, we also offer the following as part of the BBA course: 

  • An industry-aligned curriculum 
  • 10 months of compulsory internship in top companies
  • Practical learning over theory

But the most compelling thing about Sunstone’s BBA program is the Pay After Placement Policy. Candidates can choose to pay for the course fee only after obtaining a placement. They can start the course after paying an initial registration amount at the beginning, while the rest of the amount will be adjusted according to the salary after placement.  

In short, you can leave your worry about what to do after BBA to Sunstone . We provide a well-rounded and comprehensive BBA degree and reduce financial risks of students by making them financially independent during the course.  

Jobs After a BBA in India

Once you have this answer, you can easily visualize what lies ahead for you after doing a BBA in India. In the last twenty or so years, the job market in India has undergone some serious changes.

More and more foreign companies are investing in India. Indian companies are also connecting with global value chains and starting operations in other countries. 

This has caused a reduction in traditional roles in the job market and there are now new opportunities and new roles that require more dynamic specializations. A BBA in India is perfectly optimized to meet these requirements. 

With a BBA in India, you can find employment in IT, Real Estate, Banks, Advertising Agencies, Retail, and many other sectors. Here’s a list of some of the posts you can get in organizations after completing BBA: 

  • Finance Officer
  • Sales Manager
  • Admin Executive     
  • HR Executive
  • Relationship Manager
  • Social Media Manager

There are many opportunities in the government sector as well.  A BBA in India is a sufficient qualification even if you want to appear for the government job exams like UPSC, CGL, Bank, etc.

Moreover, if you are interested in working in the area of Sustainable Development or the Social Sector, then you can find employment through lateral entry into different ministry-run projects of central and state governments.  


A BBA in India will inculcate an awareness of what is happening in the real corporate world. Rather than having popular and mythical notions about the corporate world, candidates do better with hands-on experience. No matter what your aspiration is, in the business world, a BBA degree can potentially fulfill that.

You could be thinking of doing a corporate job, or you might want to join a family business, or you could even have a great idea for a start-up that you want to see materialize - a BAA degree could do you wonders. But make sure to aim for the best! 

FAQs about Sunstone's BBA

Is Sunstone good for a BBA?

Coupled with a lot of practical knowledge, internship opportunities, workshops, and the Pay After Placement model, Sunstone's BBA program will not only equip you with industry-ready skills but will also land you a job in your desired organization.

What is the process of admission for BBA at Sunstone?

The admission process is as follows-
Register for the program here.
Appear for Sunstone’s Graduate Aptitude Test, clear the test & get your offer letter.
Accept offer letter & enroll.

What is the pay after placement BBA program at Sunstone?

If you want to opt for the pay after placement program fee structure, you can do so by paying the nominal registration fee.
After this, you pay nothing for the duration of 3 years. Once you are placed, you are required to pay 12x of your monthly salary as the BBA fee.

What is the eligibility for BBA at Sunstone?

The most basic eligibility criteria is completing 12th grade. Those appearing for final exams in 2021 can also apply.

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