CAT 2019 exam - The Do's & Don'ts for D-day

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 31 October 2019

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With the CAT 2019 being just around the corner, i.e. on the 24th of November, the anxiety felt by the students is palpable in all the MBA communities. Every year 2 lac plus aspirants are trying their luck at a high percentile in the Common Aptitude Test exam. CAT preparation requires immense hard work and focus from the students' end, be it CAT preparation material, making a CAT preparation timetable, regular checks to see any new developments in the format of the CAT 2019 exam online, etc. So close to the exam, aspirants are looking at what to expect from the CAT 2019 and all the do’s and don’ts to be kept in mind before the D-day. If our preparation for the CAT 2019 exam is done well in advance, we save ourselves from the last-minute anxiety of collecting and arranging for required documents and logistics.

CAT 2019 Exam: the Do’s and Don’ts to be kept in mind

  We need to get a clear understanding of the strategy of reaching the test centre and other logistics  

  1. The admit card: the admit card arrives almost 4 weeks before the exam. The admit card for the CAT 2019 will have the time slot specified in which you will appear for the exam. The CAT 2019 admit card will also consist of the candidates' name, caste, DoB, registration number, an emergency contact, and a test system number for the candidate to identify his/her examination room. The admit card also has space provided for the students to affix their photographs. Make sure that your passport size picture is recent. The students are requested to try to use the same image as used during the application process of the CAT 2019 exam. In case the candidate forgets the admit card, the candidate CANNOT show a digital copy.

Some errors to check for on the admit card are: 

  • Name of the candidate
  • CAT 2019 exam registration ID of the candidate should be the same as per the registered user ID.
  • DOB should be the same as per the official documents of the candidate.
  • Test city should be one of the four (as mentioned in the application form)
  • Candidates' photographs and signatures should be clear.


  1. Know your time slot: The CAT 2019 exam will take place in two slots, ie. the forenoon session, and the afternoon session. The forenoon session goes on from 9 AM to 12 PM. For students with this time slot, the reporting time for the students attempting this is 7:30 AM with no entries allowed after 8: 45 AM. For the afternoon session, the exam will be conducted from 2: 30 PM to 5: 30 PM for students with this time slot, the reporting time will be 1: PM with no entries allowed beyond 2: 15 PM. So be sure to reach your test centre well in time. No candidate will be allowed to give the CAT 2019 exam in two slots if a candidate’s name is found in both slots, their candidature will be cancelled.


  1. Logistical arrangements: As stated above in the first point, the CAT 2019 examination will be conducted in two slots, hence it is necessary to make the required arrangements to reach the test venue and any other arrangements like food, travel, and accommodation (if coming from afar), etc. are required. The students that may have medical issues should also come prepared as no one is sure about the arrangements made by the test centre.


  1. Google Maps Link: Since the past couple of years the IIMs have a google map link for the candidates' test centre on the admit card. The candidate should use the google map link specified on the admit card to reach the test centre and also to plan which mode of transport would be the most comfortable and easily available.


  1. Photo identity proof: The candidate will be required to carry valid and original photo identity proof. The supporting ID proof will then be used to cross verify the candidates' details provided during the application process.


  1. Personal belongings: the CAT 2019 appearing candidates are advised not to bring any personal belongings that might not be required. The candidate’s personal belongings will not be allowed in the test room, and personal articles like mobile phones, bags, wallets, calculators or other electronic devices and stationery items. Hence to prevent loss of personal materials, the candidates should refrain from carrying any item that they may not need.


  1. Locate the right room: The CAT 2019 exam is a computer-based examination and a computer device will be allotted to each candidate. Make sure you are on the right computer by matching your reference number given on the admit card to the laboratory/room number in the centre. Generally, the reference numbers for each laboratory are specified on a notice board.


  1. Attendance record: make sure that you mark your attendance in the form with your name and signature. This is required to make sure that the candidate was present in the right test centre and time slot.


  1. No washroom breaks allowed: Any candidate will not be allowed to go to the washroom in the duration of the CAT 2019 exam. The CAT 2019 exam is a three-hour long exam and as it is time-based and going to attend any nature’s call will not be permitted. In case the candidate has a medical condition, he/she will have to carry any medical records and supporting documents and will be permitted to take any bio-breaks in the middle of the exam.


  1. Using the keyboard: The candidate will not be allowed the usage of keyboards that are attached to the computers. The candidate can only use the mouse for MCQ type questions and a keyboard on the screen to attempt the non-MCQ type questions, for which also the mouse will be used.


  1. Change regarding the test lab: The candidate will not be allowed to change the laboratory he/she has been assigned to attempt the CAT 2019 exam. In case of an emergency, one can consult the invigilator.

A positive mental state and a good night's sleep are a must to be fresh and calm before the D-day. Have a healthy breakfast and trust yourself and the effort put in by you.  

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