10 MBA Specialisations in India

  • By Christy
  • 11 July 2022
10 MBA Specializations in India

A person's career in business management is advanced significantly after earning an MBA. By giving you the most recent knowledge, training, and expertise in the industry that your competitors might not possess, obtaining an MBA in a preferred sector gives you a competitive edge and increases your chances of better career progression. The MBA/PGDM degree is offered in a number of specialisations from which one may select depending on their aptitude and area of interest. These MBA specialisations courses facts are fascinating.

  • The most popular MBA specialisations historically have been in Finance, Marketing, International Management, Human Resources, IT, Operations Management, and Entrepreneurship. Most students view them as the most secure employment possibilities.
  • Additionally, MBA degrees in specialised fields like Hospitality, Tourism, Innovation, Healthcare Management, and Communications Management are becoming incredibly popular.
  • However, as time and technology advance, so do business needs. Future MBA specialisations like Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, Global MBA, etc. are being pursued by business schools and students.
  • To make the best professional decision, one must comprehend the many MBA branches.

What Is MBA Specialisation?

A company or organisation has numerous divisions and functions. Business schools permit students to enrol in additional optional courses and projects in a particular field or area during an MBA course, such as Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, etc. The student receives an MBA degree with specialisation in that particular subject after successfully completing this series of elective courses focused on that area. It aids students in finding employment in their field of study.

India's Best MBA Specialisations: An Overview

MBA in Marketing:

The MBA in Marketing is equally as popular among MBA aspirants as the MBA in Finance. If you want to make a lot of money quickly, an MBA in marketing offers a lot of chances. Sharp abilities and knowledge in the areas of Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations are required for an MBA in marketing. One can enter and advance faster into the corporate world with an MBA in Sales & Marketing.

MBA in Finance:

With a focus on the Indian capital and money market, managerial accounting and control, privatisation, banking and international finance, Finance has become a popular MBA specialisation. One can choose from a number of positions in banks, financial consultancies, and other financial institutions after earning an MBA in Finance. One can also find employment with an MBA in Finance in fields including investment and consumer banking, corporate finance, merchant banking, institutional finance, and international finance.

MBA in International Business:

Nowadays, the majority of businesses operate on a worldwide scale, necessitating the need for experienced and highly educated personnel in order to effectively handle business operations, management, and administration. A job in international business management is one that an MBA in International Business can open up for you. One needs exceptional business awareness and the capacity to adapt in a diverse workplace to succeed in this sector.

MBA in Information Technology:

MBA courses in Information Technology have recently gained a lot of popularity in Indian B-Schools. Since everything in our technologically advanced world is interconnected, the management of teams and projects in the IT sector requires highly qualified and talented individuals. Future IT managers who pursue an MBA in IT gain knowledge and abilities as well as a better understanding of many project-related topics such as project planning, design, implementation, use, and administration of developing and convergent ICTs.

MBA in Leadership:

The popularity of an MBA in leadership is rising. Students obtain crucial leadership skills required for success in the business world, as well as interdisciplinary business education. The typical focus of this MBA in Leadership programme is on topics like team development, corporate communication, and conflict resolution, as well as fields like Finance, Management, and Marketing.

MBA in Operations Management:

One of a company's four pillars is operations, and an MBA in operations gives a candidate the skills necessary to manage a company effectively and efficiently. The planning, organising, controlling, and supervision of industrial processes are all included in an MBA in Operations Management. Candidates with a background in Engineering would benefit greatly from this specialisation.

MBA in Entrepreneurship:

The MBA in Entrepreneurship is intended for aspirants who want to become prosperous business owners, as its name suggests. Organisations today recruit professionals for managerial positions who can efficiently run the business and guide the organisation in order to guarantee the ongoing development of a firm. This programme focuses on commercial tactics that result in innovations.

MBA in Strategy:

In recent years, MBA candidates have responded well to management programmes that focus on strategy. Students who pursue an MBA in Strategy gain the strategic thinking skills necessary for managing competitive market dynamics successfully. Organisational structure, design, and alignment, market evolution and dynamics, internal analysis and competitive advantage are only a few of the strategic lessons.

MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility:

An MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility is growing in popularity these days as a result of the slowdown in the world economy. It is a special programme that integrates cutting-edge thinking in corporate social responsibility with management teaching and learning. Students have the opportunity to learn about the nature of various organisations, including nonprofit, public, and private ones, as well as their administration and the changing environment in which they function.

MBA in Innovation:

Innovation cannot be taught; it is innate. Do you also have this mindset? It's time to alter your perspective and advance with the times. Future managers benefit from a solid foundation provided by the MBA in Innovation specialisation, which also aids in the development of their abilities, knowledge, and way of thinking. One needs to be an effective manager in order to succeed in innovation management.

Which MBA specialisation is in demand?

Finance, project management, consultancy, strategy, and business analytics specialists are in high demand. Employers, on the other hand, hire MBA graduates with a wide range of specialisations since each degree type is suited to distinct positions. The ideal MBA specialisations for consulting professionals are management consulting and strategic management. Finance, marketing, and entrepreneurial specialities are also available to prospective consultants.

Wrapping Up

An MBA is still one of the most sought-after courses in India. However, with approximately 3200 B-Schools in the country and hundreds closing every year, the quality and returns remain a major concern. As a result, target all the best RoI MBA colleges in India as an MBA is already one of the most costly degrees in India, the continuously rising tuition rates are a source of concern when it comes to obtaining reasonable returns on investment. 

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