Handmade Toys by Wooly INDIA

  • By Sunstone Student
  • 25 August 2022
Handmade toys by Wooly India

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Wooly India is about the idea of making toys from wool wastage.We all know INDIA is famous
for its handicrafts and culture, however the speciality of making toys is very unique in the
state of Rajasthan. Some artisans were making toys from the waste of wool. Wouldn't you say
that is the cool thought! Obviously yes, on one occasion I was looking for decorative stuff for
my home, and unexpectedly my dad enlightened me regarding these toys and the craft of
making these toys so I went into the processing plant and I found out how the production is
turning out. An artisan was making these handmade toys and I came to know there is no
machine in the factory, only unskilled workers who are stitching and making these beautiful
toys. I interacted with those artisans and understood how they are making these toys for
everyday survival. I was simply stunned in light of the fact that nobody knows what they are
doing and nobody knows about these innovative toys. So I decided to form an organization and
all the artisan to work together under one roof. Through this startup Idea we additionally
welcome those ladies who are monetarily powerless and they face some misfortune in their
life. We train to see how these toys are made. So these ladies can bring in some cash with
their abilities for survival.
These toys are completely produced from the waste material of wool. The strengths of these
toys are that no one can copy the art of making and sewing these toys. I shared this idea of
making these toys with my mates so they also want to join my organization and currently we
all are doing research and ground-level research for launching these toys in the market.
Currently, we are about to start our business online mode as these products have huge demand
in foreign markets for decorative purposes. I design the product sketch and these artisans
make these sketches into real products. We categorize the product in various ways such as
toys, decorative items, pot cover, beverage cover etc. We try to change the consumer's
perspective toward the handmade product. If they purchase these types of products it will
be helpful for the artisans. A consumer shift is happening. A movement if you will, more and
more, people are willing to be educated about the value of an item that is made by hand. The
future of our startup is extremely brilliant on the grounds that there is an exceptionally
enormous interest in these wooly items worldwide.

Written By- 

Stuti Jain, SGVU Campus

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