What Do Students Think About MBA in 2021

  • By Sneha Dasgupta
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A lot has changed over the past year. The pandemic has changed the way the world works, for better or worse. This in-turn changed the way we learn and teach. MBA students have used this time to up-skill themselves and prepare for the world of opportunities coming their way.
In all this chaos, the demands and needs of MBA aspirants and students are changing.

students want change

A survey by consulting firm CarringtonCrisp- Tomorrow’s MBA has revealed some interesting findings.

Read on to find out the crux of the matter-

70% Of Respondents Are More Likely To Pursue An MBA Now Than A Year Ago

The majority of MBA aspirants are more confident of taking admission now than a year ago. This is most probably a result of surviving tactics in the pandemic and optimism gained with the vaccination program. Clearly there is a good feeling among students that it’s the right time to go for an MBA now.

78% Students Prefer B-Schools With Flexible Learning Options

With the advent of remote learning and work from home culture thanks to the pandemic, MBA aspirants also want flexible options of learning. Most want a hybrid of remote and in-class learning with a clear preference for online modes of studying. In fact, 70% want to complete most or all of their MBA online.

flexible work modes for students

Approaches to MBA

Clearly the pandemic has had a major impact on preference of students in terms of MBA. As the data above shows, students want to avoid a situation where they get stuck due to lockdowns or any other pandemic related factors. That’s the main factor behind the fondness of blended learning.
More than 70% of students stated that they would favour a program where course modules can be completed over the years in their own time.

The addition of new content in the degree is also important. Responsible management, ethical leadership, diversity and inclusion, and global issues like poverty and climate change were thought of as most crucial by most of the respondents. Such issues are important to MBA aspirants nowadays, and they should start getting reflected in the curriculums of B-Schools if they want to attract the best talent.


It’s high time that B-schools adapt to the times and offer students dynamic and flexible learning environments instead of the mundane static ones prevalent pre-pandemic. MBA students now want choices on what to study, where to study and the specialisations as well.

The B-schools that invest resources in providing tailored solutions suited to the needs of students will prosper. Industry-aligned curriculums with hands-on training are the future that will do justice to the requirements of both MBA students and recruiters alike.

This will bridge the gap that currently exists between what the industry demands and what most B-Schools currently provide. Instead of creating freshers, B-Schools need to listen to what MBA aspirants want and help create professionals that hit the ground running in the real world right from the start.

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