Your Teachers

  • By Sunstone Student
  • 19 October 2022
Your Teachers

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“Some students have teachers, we have magicians”

The above thought states that we the students of Sandip University are under the influence of a sorcerer who doesn’t use a wand nor wear robes like Dumbledore and Snape but influences students to do miracles with his talk. I am Talking about our Professor Tanmay Kulkarni and Parikshit Sir they are Like Batman and Robin. One is humorous and cracks jokes whereas the other is serious and handsome like Vijay. They both are Simple, elegant, quick-witted, undebatable, and whatnot even words fail to describe them.

Students are more likely to get bored with the traditional teaching methods of the teachers they need something new, and funny which is not only limited to books but an on-ground practical approach. 

Tanmay sir is not only a mentor or guide but he is the best friend who is standing next to you, and who always has your back. The teacher’s relation to a student’s life is not only limited to the classroom but to be the torch bearer in his darkest confusions. Tanmay Sir is the teacher who has all the qualities and holds a special place in the heart of Sandip's Students. His nature is like coconut he is hard from the outside but soft-hearted. He is the person who advises us and helps us.

Parikshit Sir is more of a calm and gentle guy. He cannot be described, he has the epitome of knowledge that is like impossible for a person to possess. He is like Krishna who has a solution to every problem, one that is a mystery for students. Every time he taught us we think there is more to learn from him. His knowledge of technology and the market is vast. 

So, our faculty is the perfect blend of Knowledge, Humour, and practical knowledge. 

There are many reasons to love our teachers some of them are

1.Hard-Working and Multitasks

2.Funny and Stylish 

3.Social and Friendly

We the students of Sandip University are blessed to have faculty like Tanmay sir and Parikshit Sir who guide and motivate us throughout the end.

Manan Falke

Sandip University

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