10 Benefits of Doing BCA Course (Advantages of BCA)

  • By Shashwat Tyagi
  • 20 July 2022
10 Benefits of Doing BCA Course (Advantages of BCA)

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BCA i.e. Bachelor's in Computer Application is a Computer Science degree which is very much in demand because of the booming IT industries and the need for skilled professionals who can scale the new innovations and technologies even further. Let us first brief you about what a BCA course is before we move forward with discussing the BCA course benefits of pursuing it.

Course details

  • BCA is a three-year degree that revolves around subjects like programming paradigms, networking, databases, and other IT applications.
  • The fee for pursuing BCA in India is between INR 90000- 150000
  • A person qualified 10+2 with a minimum of 50% can do BCA. Although some colleges may also prefer candidates to write an entrance exam.

Now let's move ahead and see what are the advantages of pursuing BCA as a career option.

Advantages of BCA

BCA can definitely be your key to a lucrative career and immense growth opportunities. The benefits of doing the BCA course are: 

Multi-sectoral employment opportunities

You can work in the private as well as the public sectors like Government Agencies, Financial Institutions, Software Development Companies, Banks, Educational institutions etc. Companies like Infosys, Oracle, IBM etc and government organisations like NIC, Indian Air Force, Navy, and Army recruit fresh BCA graduates.

Almost every industry requires an IT professional to handle their data and applications for which a BCA graduate is the right choice. This is the first BCA advantage

In-depth knowledge

The syllabus revolves around computers and their applications, about which the students will acquire in-depth knowledge. This would in turn enable them to undertake complex tasks, making them experts in the I.T sector.

Pocket-friendly career options

The course fee ranges from INR 90000-150000. It is quite affordable as compared to the other computer science and engineering courses.

Diverse job roles 

Since the skills imparted in a BCA degree are highly diverse, the candidate becomes eligible to fit into various job roles like Systems Engineer, Web Developer, Server Administrator, Programmer, Software / Application Developer, Network Administrator etc which are all very good job profiles.

Globally expandable career prospects

 Today the whole world depends on IT solutions and computer applications, hence the demand for BCA graduates is growing rapidly in India as well as abroad. One can even choose to do an MCA (Masters in computer Application) to further enhance the career prospects.

Affluent Salaries

A BCA graduate can earn a monthly salary ranging between INR 10000-40000.

Jobs are available in private as well as public sectors and with regular promotions in job roles, salaries will get a hike as you move forward in your career.

Paid Internships

Big business houses always welcome fresh graduates so they can train them according to the company's guidelines. Once you complete your education you can join the same company as a fully trained professional.

Specialisations and versatile course curriculum 

Specialisations are available in various fields like Blockchain Technology, Machine Learning, Cloud Technology, Information Security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Full Stack Development and Cyber Security.

It is meticulously designed by industry experts and renowned academicians that equips students with fundamental concepts of Computer Science and programming languages like Python, JavaScript, R, Java, etc.

Builds great interpersonal skills

It provides various opportunities for individuals to build a great network of people in the same domain through internships, seminars, workshops and campus activities. A good network can prove to be helpful in finding the right career opportunities.

Good Scope for higher education

After completing BCA, to gain further specialisation you can go for post graduation courses like Masters in Computer Applications (MCA), Masters in Computer Management (MCM), Masters in Information Management (MIM), Masters in Business Administration (MBA), etc. All these courses would help to take your career to greater heights by expanding your existing skill set.

Does BCA have value and is it a good option for the future?

BCA Course is ideal for those tech-savvy people who love to understand computers and how they operate, their software, hardware and other related tools and technologies. As BCA is a very practical based course, even if you only do graduation the job prospects are immense.

As the global tech industry seems to be growing at a continuously increasing pace, job opportunities will only grow in the future. So, if you’re a tech enthusiast the future is really bright.

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