Can I Do BCA After 12th Arts without Maths - Let's Find Out

  • By Kirti Yadav
  • 10 October 2022
Can Arts Students Pursue BCA without Mathematics?

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BCA is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Computer Applications. Students learn about computer software as part of the BCA course for art students.

This bachelor's degree program is specifically intended to be used in the field of computer software. This is currently one of the most popular courses for students interested in pursuing a career in information technology and eagerly await jobs after BCA.

This course teaches students about computer software and applications. However, many art students are usually worried about confusing BCA without studying mathematics in their 12th. From the BCA eligibility for art students to BCA college for art students, don’t worry; this blog has got you covered.  So, read on to know whether you can pursue BCA without mathematics or not!

BCA: Eligibility Criteria

In order to enrol in the BCA program, candidates must meet the following BCA eligibility requirements:

  • The candidate must have completed the 12th grade in any discipline (Arts, Science, or Commerce with English and Mathematics as required subjects) from a recognised board or its equivalent.
  • The candidate must have obtained a minimum of fifty per cent on the qualifying exam.
  • Candidates in their final year of study are also eligible to apply for admission.
  • The minimum age to enrol in the BCA program is 18, although all colleges do not require this. There is no age limit for admission to the BCA eligibility.

BCA: Admission Procedure

The process of BCA admission is as follows:

  • Admission to the course based on merit is solely based on the applicant's performance on the qualifying examination. Some universities also establish an admissions cutoff list based on the passing test score.
  • The entrance-based admission to the course is determined by a competitor's performance on public, state, or school-level selection tests. In addition, there are numerous confirmation exams for BCA courses, including IPU CET, AIMA UGAT, BUMAT, and SUAT.

Can Arts Students Do BCA Without Mathematics?

If you have passed 12th with Arts or are currently studying 12th with Arts and want to know whether Arts students can do BCA or not, or if there is BCA eligibility for art students, If there is a good BCA college for art students If you are, or if you are not, Well, fret not! You can do BCA after passing 12th with Arts in many colleges.

However, it is also true that many colleges will not admit the course BCA for art students if they do not have a mathematics subject in 12th grade. It means that in many colleges, having a maths subject in class 12 is required, or only students of commerce or science can do BCA.

This means that while 12th pass outs aspiring to pursue BCA for art students in many colleges can do BCA without Mathematics, 12th Arts students in other colleges cannot; only Commerce or Science students can do BCA.

BCA: Specialisations 

The primary BCA Specialisations available in India are listed in the table below. The two most well-known BCA Specialisations are BCA Data Science and BCA Data Analytics, which are examined in the following two sections.

  • The BCA Data Science program is a bachelor's degree in the field of information science and innovation. In addition to the standard BCA topics, it includes BCA specialised topics such as Big Data Analytics, Data Modelling, Python Programming and Visualisation, Data Mining, etc.
  • BCA Data Analytics is a college-level course that can be pursued by Class 12 students. The most important BCA Data Analytics topics include Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.

BCA: Scope

In light of the fact that BCA is viewed as a career-oriented program, graduates have access to a large number of employment opportunities. After completing a bachelor's degree in computer applications, students can also pursue advanced studies by pursuing a master's degree in computer applications or an MBA. A postgraduate program or postgraduate certificate program in PC applications provides specialisation in a variety of fields, such as ethical hacking, framework security, distributed computing, and programming application. There are numerous open positions for a BCA course for art students in fields such as IT, computerised marketing, web design, banking, system maintenance, coordination, information correspondences, work area distribution, consultancies, E-Commerce, and cloud management.

Courses After BCA

Today is the perfect time to study BCA and become an expert in the specialised field of programming, organising, engineering, etc. Even the BCA fee structure of In addition to programming, students can enter the non-programming documents of IT such as testing, quality assurance, technical support, etc. After the successful completion of your BCA program, you can also enrol in post-graduate programs, such as BCA and MBA.


BCA is one of the most sought-after courses in the technical domain, as the demand for IT professionals in India and abroad is constantly on the rise, making it one of the most desirable courses in the technical domain. A student with a BCA degree can very easily find a job in the largest IT firms. A BCA student may also pursue advanced degrees such as MCA or MBA. It is worthwhile if completed at a reputable college.

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FAQ - BCA without Mathematics

Can arts students do BCA?

Yes, a BCA course for art students can be pursued after 12th grade because some colleges require a minimum of 10+2 of maths and English.

Is BCA hard for non-Math students?

Math in BCA is relatively simple, and an average student will easily handle it. And there may be some troubles in studying the course, yet,  non-maths students will not face many difficulties.

Is a BCA course hard for art students?

No. In truth, the BCA course has been created so that those with an XIIth standard in Arts or Commerce can also get into IT. Otherwise, most people who want to work in IT must first complete an engineering degree in either IT or computer science.

What are the fees for BCA at DU?

The BCA fee structure for the whole BCA distance course is approximately 6700 INR per semester. Students can pay the total fee either semester or annually. If they pay the fee all at once, it will be around 27000 INR.

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