The 4 C model of Marketing

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  • 20 March 2023
4c model marketing

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As marketers or students of marketing, we learn about the four pillars of marketing, which are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion, from the very beginning of our marketing education. However, they place a strong emphasis on the company and its services, and may not accurately reflect everything that actually occurs in marketing. 

These four pillars correspond with four other, more practical pillars of marketing: the 4 C's. The 4Cs represent a paradigm change because they prioritise the customer. As a prospective marketing student, it may be beneficial to become acquainted with 4C marketing if you're unfamiliar with it. 

The BBA course in Marketing encompasses all activities a company undertakes to attract customers and maintain consumer satisfaction, similar to the philosophy of the 4Cs of marketing. Let's learn more about the 4C model marketing and what it entails. 

What is the 4C Marketing Model?

In the 1990s, Bob Lauterborn introduced a new marketing model, which he called the four C's, in an article published in Advertising Age magazine. The 4Cs of marketing focus on fulfilling the wants and needs of the consumer, the cost of satisfying those wants, and the ease of purchasing the product. This model is considerably more appropriate for the modern marketing ecology, where the demands of the customer come first, and the consumer has significant influence over decisions.

  • Consumer

The consumer is the primary and most crucial component of a company, as they are the ones who will utilise the company's products or services. A company must identify the consumer's needs and wants and develop solutions to fulfil them. 

  • Cost 

Cost in content marketing encompasses both the monetary cost of a product and the cost of using it. Hence, the content should be easy to read, have an appealing layout, and use clear and concise language to make the content cost-effective. The content should be well-presented, easy to navigate, and optimised for different screens and audiences to create a well-written and well-presented website.

  • Convenience 

Lauterborn also predicted that the emphasis on convenience would continue to grow, and people would no longer need to visit physical locations to purchase goods. It's essential to make it easy for customers to access a product by providing store hours, clear navigation for online stores, and readily available information or associates to answer their questions. Companies should consider what their customers need to complete a purchase and the experience their physical or digital store provides them.

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  • Communication

Every interaction between the customer and the brand can influence customer satisfaction, the likelihood of future sales, and the probability of customer referrals. Companies must listen to their customers and gather insights from their verbal feedback and online behavioural metrics like bounce rate. Having a process to actively listen to customers and utilise the gathered insights is just as important as making a sale. 

4 Cs of Marketing with Examples

Let's understand more about the 4C marketing strategy by taking a specific example of content marketing

  • Consumer

Here, the customer should be the primary focus rather than the company itself. Hence, the content should be packed with valuable insights, tips, news, and best practices that meet the audience's needs. For example, a fashion retailer can provide tips on how to dress for different occasions or seasons, trends insights, and how-to guides to create lasting relationships with customers, keep them engaged, and convert them into brand advocates.

  • Cost

Cost in content marketing encompasses both the monetary cost of a product and the cost of using it. To make the content cost-effective, it should be easy to read, have an appealing layout, and use language that is clear and concise. The content should be well-presented, easy to navigate, and optimised for different screens and audiences to create a well-written and well-presented website.

  • Convenience 

Convenience in content marketing translates to how often consumers read the content. Pop-ups, adverts, and a lack of mobile optimisation can reduce convenience. Instead, the content should be easily accessible through multiple channels, such as email, newsletters, blog features, and social media posts and reposts.

  • Communication

With the internet, marketers have various communication options to connect with their target audiences, such as Instagram for photos, Twitter for promotions, YouTube for detailed videos, and Facebook for networking. Choosing the right communication channel for the audience is essential to ensure successful message dissemination.

Importance of the Marketing 4C Model

According to Robert Lauterborn, the old 4Ps must be updated and offer more practical tools for contemporary marketers. In his opinion, the 4P strategy's product-centric approach merely resulted in introducing things that no one had requested. On the other hand, the 4Cs of marketing (Customer, Cost, Convenience, Communication) are crucial in today's business world because: 

  • The 4C marketing strategy puts a strong emphasis on a clear channel of communication between them and the brand. In the end, it enables the development of a brand that is a consumer's top pick.
  • Being customer-centric is vital for successful marketing strategies, as it helps keep customers engaged and satisfied.
  • Understanding the customer's wants and desires is important for creating emotionally resonant products and increasing conversion and retention rates.
  • It is essential to update product and service offerings regularly to remain relevant and compatible with the latest trends. 

Overall, the 4C marketing process entails ongoing communication throughout the entire development cycle, from start to finish, and begins with comprehending what the customer desires and requires from the product. Likewise, the BBA degree in Marketing focuses on all aspects of marketing, including the 4Cs, to prepare students for a successful career in digital marketing.


The 4C marketing is an effective marketing plan because this approach persuades marketers to gain a deep understanding of their target audience before creating any product. People who want to learn more about these fundamental principles and concepts can pursue a BBA course

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FAQ - 4C Model Marketing

Who proposed 4 C's in marketing?

Bob Lauterborn proposed the 4 C’s of marketing in an advertising article published in the 90s.

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