BBA In International Business: The Complete Guide

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 7 October 2022
BBA in International Business

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An Overview

BBA in international business is an advanced study of commercial and cultural ideas that are important to global commerce, techniques used by businesses throughout the world, and more. The primary requirement for qualifying is completing 10+2 or an equivalent programme from a recognised board with an overall average of at least 50%.

BBA In International Business Subjects

The following provides information and specifics regarding the BBA in International Business programme.

  • Students who enrol in this programme will study topics including global business administration, international business programmes, buying and selling concepts, and more as they go through it.
  • All commercial endeavours that support the flow of products, services, resources, ideas, and technology beyond national borders are categorised as international business.
  • Global supply chain management, management of cross-cultural issues, and international marketing are some of the primary study topics covered in the BBA in International Business.
  • Students will learn about business and commerce on a theoretical and practical level.

Jobs After BBA In International Business

The dreams and objectives of each person will determine if they pursue a BBA in International Business degree. People with degrees in international business have a wide range of career options at their disposal. There is no restriction on the number of educational options available. The sky's the limit when it comes to educational pursuits, including management positions and competitive exams for government employment.

BBA In International Business Salary In India

Both commercial and governmental businesses offer BBA course graduates in international business greater than average compensation packages. Students who complete this programme may expect to get attractive salary offers ranging from INR 3,00,000 to INR 10,00,000, based on their level of industry competence. Holders of a BBA in International Business will be able to obtain employment in banks, MNCs, and other organisations as global distribution managers, global operations managers, international human resources managers, etc. Candidates may go on to seek research degrees like a PhD or a doctorate in science, for example.

Admission based on merit

The procedures listed below must be followed by applicants to be admitted based on merit:

  • Achieve success in your Class 12 exams.
  • Send the application to the colleges or institutions where you want to study.
  • Visit the college and provide the necessary documentation if qualified.
  • Colleges publish their merit lists in due time. Verify your admissions eligibility for the course you want to enrol in.

Admission based on entrance

The following is a guide for applying for admission based on the entrance test.

  • Online registration is required for candidates, who must do so by going to the conducting body's official website.
  • Application form completion: Carefully complete the application form with all pertinent information.
  • Document upload: Scan and submit any necessary documents, such as grade reports. Only a certain format must be used for document uploads, according to the institute's application page.
  • Pay the necessary cash for the application fee.
  • Once all candidates have been evaluated for eligibility, admission cards are made available for download. To utilise it on the day of the test, the admission card must be downloaded and printed.
  • Exam: Study according to the syllabus and sample questions. Show up for the test on the scheduled day.
  • Results: Results are made public a few weeks after the exam day. A candidate may go to the next phase if they successfully pass the admission exams.
  • Admission and counselling: Students who passed the entrance exams are given counselling. Now, the student may enrol in a BE civil engineering programme.

Eligibility Criteria

The following list contains the straightforward qualifying requirements for those seeking a BBA in international business. It must be emphasised that each institution will have its qualifying requirements.

  • Candidates must have completed Class 12 in the Commerce Stream or have taken Mathematics in Class 12 as a required subject.
  • Students must have received an overall grade point average of at least 50% in Class 12 or the equivalent from a recognised board.

Scope Of BBA In International Studies

After completing this programme, those who earn a BBA in international business may choose to work or pursue further education. Following the completion of a BBA in International Business, the following educational paths are the most common.

  • Competitive examinations: Graduates also have the option of preparing for competitive exams. The most common exams are those for positions in organisations in the public sector. Jobs are guaranteed high salaries and frequent raises.
  • MBA: The majority of BBA graduates decide to continue their education by enrolling in PGDM or MBA programmes. An entrance exam administered on a national level is used to give admission. The combination of a BBA IB degree and an MBA in a chosen speciality is quite beneficial, and many employers actively seek out people with this combination of credentials.
  • Certificate Courses: After completing this course, students have the option of enrolling in certificate programmes in management.

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FAQ - BBA In International Business

  • What is BBA International Business?

BBA in International Business is a three-year graduate degree created specifically for individuals who desire to work in multinational corporations and organisations as global business managers.

  • What are the jobs of BBA in International Business?

    1. International Training Manager
    2. International Human Resources Manager
    3. Global Distribution Managers
    4. International Operations Manager
    5. Assistants International Marketing Manager
    6. Accountants Executive
    7. International Sales Representative
    8. International Trade Manager
    9. Is it good to do a BBA in International Business?

Students with a BBA in international business degree have the potential to get hired by both domestic and foreign MNCs. They may further their careers in a variety of industries, including supply chain logistics, banking, marketing, and finance.

  • What is a BBA salary in India?

In India, the average income after a BBA is around Rs 7.50 LPA. This will, however, vary depending on a number of circumstances.

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