BBA Salaries in India: Detailed Guide to Salary after BBA

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 25 July 2022
BBA Salaries in India: Detailed Guide to Salary after BBA

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A huge number of students in India pursue BBA to get a real-time academic experience in commerce and business administration. A BBA degree allows students to pursue alluring job opportunities with attractive salary packages. It is also the perfect stepping stone for pursuing an MBA degree. Since it is one of the best professional courses there are plenty of employment opportunities for students with a BBA degree. But, naturally, you would want to know about the jobs after BBA and salary prospects. In this article, we shall discuss in detail the top BBA jobs in different sections. In case you were wondering about BBA jobs salary packages this article is a perfect read for you.

BBA Jobs for Freshers in India

BBA is a perfect option for students who want to directly venture into the corporate world since it's a professional course that is oriented to impart knowledge in market insights and industry trends through its extensive curriculum. That is why there are a lot of career opportunities for students with a BBA degree from top colleges.

They have choices to pursue a variety of professional roles in the industry ranging from marketing executive to business development executive or explore fields like travel and event management or work in other creative fields. Being a professional course, a BBA degree helps the students to climb up the ladder and reach a higher designation in a shorter span of time.

A fresher with a BBA degree can have an impressive career graph with leadership qualities and professional skills. There are both jobs in the government sector as well as the private sector. The several roles that a fresher can explore are sales executive, information system manager, office executive, assistant manager, marketing executive, retail manager, business consultant, research and development executive, financial analyst, and human resource executive.

Some of the leading companies that hire freshers with a BBA degree are TCS, IBM, Genpact, Capgemini, Accenture, Ernst and Young, Infosys, FedEx, Cisco Systems, and American Express, Marriott International, McKinsey and Company, Hitachi, Goldman Sachs and HDFC. The lowest salary for a BBA graduate in India is around INR 2 lakh per annum. An average BBA graduate is offered a salary package of INR 3 lakh per annum. The highest salary that can be expected by a BBA graduate ranges from INR 5-6 lakh per annum. 

Here are some of the salary packages offered to BBA graduates by the top recruiters in India. 

  • Accenture: INR 1.8-10 LPA
  • Tata Consultancy Services: INR 2.38-9.3 LPA
  • HDFC Bank: INR 1.97-9.46 LPA
  • Ernst and Young: INR 3.13-10 LPA
  • Capgemini: INR 2.98-10 LPA

BBA Job Areas/ Roles

BBA graduates are trained in multiple industry-relevant skills and hence are suitable for different roles across the various domains of business. Here are some of the most significant job areas for a BBA graduate.

  • Banks, Financial Services, and Insurance Sector: Also known as the BFSI sector, this is one of the major recruitment domains for BBA students because the aspirants directly utilise their finance, economics, and accounting skills learned in the BBA course.
  • Finance and Accounting: This sector is one of the most common choices among BBA graduates and they are greatly in demand because of their account management and quantitative skills.
  • Sales and Marketing: BBA students are taught about marketing and sales processes which make them appropriate candidates for sales and marketing jobs. There are several recruiters ranging from big corporations to new-age start-ups that offer lucrative salary packages.
  • Supply Chain Management: This is another prominent recruitment sector for BBA graduates from reputed B-schools. This sector offers roles related to the production and supply processes of various industries including logistics and manufacturing. 
  • Human Resource Management: HR management is an intrinsic part of the BBA curriculum which makes BBA graduates suitable for employment opportunities offered by the growing number of HR departments across organisations across India. 
  • Investment Banking: Investment Banking is another avenue pursued by ambitious BBA graduates.  It is a highly competitive sector and requires extensive knowledge and skills in tracking risk, markets, etc.
  • Business Consultancy: Although experienced professionals or MBA graduates usually land these business consultancy roles, BBA graduates can also go for entry-level jobs or internships to get acquainted with its scope.

The BBA salary in India also depends on these job roles along with other factors such as the institution, experience, domain knowledge, communication and interpersonal skills, etc. 

BBA Government Jobs in India

Jobs after BBA and salary are abundant for any strong candidate. Several Governmental organizations hire BBA graduates along with private industries. There are many such employment opportunities in the Finance and Accounts sector in public offices and the government. Economists and Policymaking roles are also possible. Candidates with good analytical and management skills can thrive in the government sector and reach higher designations. It can be also seen as a long-term opportunity because along with security it offers a vast space to explore. 

The most common sectors of jobs for BBA graduates in government include finance, accounting, marketing, human resource management, tourism management, and more. Many PSUs hire BBA graduates in these relevant sectors. Some of the most sought-after government sectors offering jobs to BBA graduates are Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHEL), Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL), and Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL). A BBA graduate can expect an average starting salary of INR 3 Lakh per annum from such Government institutions.


The BBA programme is an all-encompassing course that impacts knowledge of the markets and the different domains of the industry. It is a highly competitive programme and a major stepping stone into an array of commercial and management jobs. The BBA jobs salary per month can range from INR 25000 to over INR 2.5 lakh. Top candidates can also attain a higher pay scale depending on their overall performance and the job role being offered. Visit the official Suntone website to know more about the jobs and career opportunities after completing a BBA degree. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can you earn after BBA?

You can expect a starting salary of around 2-3 LPA from the leading recruiters. Best students with a BBA degree from the top colleges in India can even fetch salary packages ranging from 6-10 LPA. There will be steady growth in the salary with years of experience and performance.

What is the lowest salary of a BBA?

There are several employment opportunities for BBA graduates. According to data, the lowest salary that a BBA graduate can expect is around INR 2 LPA. This is offered at entry-level jobs across corporations in India.

Which BBA has the highest salary in India? 

Reports suggest that candidates with BBA in Information Systems have the highest salary. This course allows you to pursue managerial positions in IT firms which have the highest rewarding positions.

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