BCom Honours vs BMS vs BBA: Which One Should You Choose?

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 30 September 2022
BCom Honours vs BMS vs BBA: Which One Should You Choose?

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An Introduction

B.Com (Hons.), BBA and BMS are Delhi University's most popular undergraduate programs, and being a part of either is an accomplishment in and of itself.

However, choosing between the three is a herculean task.

It is critical to understand that the best course of action is the one that corresponds to one's interests and future goals. When deciding on a particular course, there are several factors to consider when determining the right fit between BMS vs BBA vs B.Com Hons.

Here are some of the factors that could make this time-consuming task into a breeze:

Understanding B.Com, BBA And BMS

  • Bachelor of Commerce: This is a broad degree that covers all aspects of commerce and associated topics. It provides you with a wide understanding and instruction in all key areas of commerce, such as finance, economics,  accounting, taxation, insurance, and management. It provides a solid foundation for a career in commerce and related professional fields such as CA, CMA, CS, CFA, and so on.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: Students sometimes believe that BBA and BMS are the same courses with different names. That is not correct. BBA is one of India's most popular undergraduate management degrees. It is a three-year specialized program in business administration and operations. BBA program provide a wide range of specialities. The spectrum of specializations frequently assists students in analyzing several study options before settling on one course.
  • Bachelor of Management Studies: Bachelor of Management Studies is another undergraduate specialization course chosen by students with a flair for managerial studies. The structure of the BMS course is similar to that of the BBA and BBM, but it includes specialized subjects that improve logical thinking and decision-making skills. Apart from managerial studies, BMS coursework focuses on studying finance and economics in business management.

The difficulty and study levels of BBA, BMS, and B.Com subjects are comparable; however, the coursework and scopes differ. Graduates must first grasp the distinctions between the B.Com Courses in order to make an informed decision. Let us learn more about the key distinctions between these courses.

Eligibility Criteria

B.Com (H): To be eligible, some colleges need you to have studied commerce topics in high school. However, if you want to follow an B.Com course, you must have completed Mathematics in class 12.

BBA: Students from any stream can pursue this degree. Some colleges, however, need you to have Mathematics in class 12 in order to be eligible.

BMS: Students from various streams may seek this degree. Some colleges, however, need you to have studied mathematics in class 12 in order to be eligible.

Benefits of Pursuing B.Com(H) vs. BBA vs. BMS

Benefits of B.Com (H)

Many students pursue professional courses after finishing their B.Com Courses, such as CA, CMA, CFA, CS, and so on. Because it is a business-oriented area and a good career after B.com, students commonly pursue master's degrees in accounting or finance. Master of Accounting, Master of Finance, Master of Commerce (M.Com), and so forth. Many students pursue a career in banking by taking the entrance examinations to become a Bank PO.

Benefits of BBA 

It is understood that both BBA and BMS are equal in terms of reputation and the breadth they offer in the employment market. Graduates are offered a variety of work options in a variety of fields, including administration, marketing, sales, finance management, company development, and so on. Many students are split over the BCom Hons vs BMS debate. Both may assist graduates in laying the groundwork for a successful career. But which is superior? In summary, knowing how the course benefits candidates is the solution to that query.

BBA is a well-known undergraduate management program. The BBA course teaches students about the prospects of business administration and the operations of various domains. Their topic of study qualifies them for a greater range of jobs. 

Some of the advantages of pursuing a BBA include the following:

  • It assists students in gaining a professional understanding of business administration features that will aid in the operation of any corporation.
  • Students who want to concentrate on their subject of study might pursue a dual management degree of BBA+MBA. BBA+MBA graduates have more opportunities and demands in pure management roles than MBA + other undergraduate degrees.
  • Apart from business administration courses, the coursework includes fundamental management studies, providing students with a solid foundation in both fields.
  • BMS graduates, like BBA graduates, have a wide range of career opportunities. Because of the increased need for management personnel in numerous forthcoming fields, BMS speciality streams are diverse. 

Benefits of BMS

Some of the advantages of BMS include the following:

  • BMS assists students in grasping management topics as well as an analytical and logical comprehension of business concerns.
  • BMS courses are particularly versatile since they allow students to understand management studies in a wide range of fields and areas.
  • BMS courses are often less costly than BBA courses with the same academic scope.
  • MBA following BMS courses provide graduates with several career opportunities. Because of their technical management talents, they often earn more than regular MBA grads.

BBA Vs BMS: Which Is Better?

When considering BBA vs BMS in terms of breadth, income, and potential, both degrees are equally valuable. BBA is a course for graduates eager to engage in management and administration in any firm. Regarding business administration, BBA offers a wide range of applications. On the other hand, BMS is an excellent alternative for those who want to dig further into pure management subjects. BMS graduates, like BBA graduates, have prerequisites at various colleges. However, the student's industry options vary depending on their specialization.

BMS vs. BBA: Career Opportunities

In India, the potential and prospects for BMS and BBA are excellent. BBA and BMS graduates work in various fields, including manufacturing, marketing, processing, and other areas that need structured management. In the current job market, the salary of BBA graduates is generally much more than that of BMS ones.


When it comes to ingenious enterprises, there is always a worry about corporate stability, and this is where competent management comes into play. Graduates are often confused about BMS vs BBA programs, which are equally in demand for administration and management positions in major firms, ensuring their stability and success.

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People May Also Ask

  1. Which is better: B.Com or BBA or BMS?

When considering BMS vs BBA vs B.Com Hons, the curriculum in BBA and BMS is more practical in nature, including actual projects, internships, industry visits, and so forth. The B.Com course gives a greater theoretical understanding of the issues covered. Both courses provide a solid basis for those who want to pursue an MBA later in their careers.

  1. Which course is better: B.Com or BMS?

If you want to become a CA, it is recommended that you study B.Com, and if you want to pursue an MBA, you should have studied BMS/BBA. Accounting, finance, commerce, economics, fundamental courses, and other subjects are covered in B.Com Honours.

  1. Which one is better: BMS or BBA?

Both courses are equally valuable regarding breadth, pay, and opportunities. BBA is a course for graduates who want to work in management and administration in any firm. When it comes to business administration, the BBA offers a wide range of applications.

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