Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) after BCA

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 26 July 2022
Career in Artificial Intelligence (AI) after BCA

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After pursuing BCA, the next question on your mind is probably, ‘what to do next?’, as BCA explores the new doors of learning opportunities of various software programs and coding techniques. But it is not enough to make a good career when your dream is to get high-paying jobs. Hence, you need to find out other good courses after BCA. Some prefer MBA after doing BCA. But one of the most popular courses that is emerging in India is Artificial Intelligence. 

If you are also thinking can I go for Artificial Intelligence after BCA, then this article is for you. We will answer all your questions with the best logical points that will help you in choosing the right career path.

What is a Bachelor in Computer Applications (BCA)?

Those who want to make a rewarding career in the world of Information Technology choose BCA (Bachelor in Computer Applications) after class 12. If you pursue a BCA course, you will be able to grow from basic knowledge to advanced knowledge of computer science. 

BCA course details

BCA includes computer languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML, web technology, software engineering, operating systems, database management course, etc. This is an undergraduate degree course of three years. If you want to opt for this, then choose a reputed university/college to get good placement opportunities.

BCA eligibility

The applicants must have passed classes 10+2 (any stream) with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized board/school or any other equivalent examination from a recognised board/school or any other vocational course/diploma related to the Computer Science.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the advanced stage of computer technology as it does the simulation of human intelligence in robots. The robots are programmed to behave and think like human beings. They are trained to think like human beings so that they will be able to learn new things and engage in problem-solving. 

The distinctive characteristic of AI is the ability to make the best decisions for achieving the goals of an organisation with the help of robots. They used to work with machine learning. It means that once they are developed, they don’t need any assistance from the computer engineer to install new data in them so that they will update their information. They learn new things and new data without any help. In this way, it can be said that Artificial Intelligence has given birth to an impossible thing because now, machines can mimic human cognitive skills. 

Now, the innovators are trying to develop such machines based on artificial intelligence that will be able to exceed the cognitive skills of human beings to solve problems. 

The application of Artificial Intelligence has revolutionised the healthcare sector. AI is used for developing new drugs and getting assistance in surgical treatments so that the outcomes will be advanced in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the use of artificial intelligence in the banking sector ensures a safe and secure transaction of money without any risk of fraudulent activities.  

Is it OK to do AI after BCA?

If you have a strong passion for learning the advanced stages of computer science, then, nothing can stop you from getting a high-paying job in a global company. After BCA, an Artificial Intelligence course can also be pursued.

If you are searching for the answer to the question ‘Can BCA students do Robotics?’ then, the answer will be yes. But you need to develop two significant things in yourself before pursuing Artificial Intelligence after BCA. Those two significant things are - dedication and determination.

If you are highly determined to learn how the human cognitive level is simulated in machines, then you will be able to make an excellent career in this field. The hours that you will you dedicate to learning artificial intelligence will open an extensive range of opportunities in the future. Subsequently, you will be able to get a high-paying job. 

Hence, after BCA, an Artificial Intelligence course is going to be the best career option for you as there are many fields in which the application of artificial intelligence is high in demand. 

What are the benefits of learning AI after BCA?

If you pursue AI after BCA, you will be able to have an attractive and sparkling career in your future because countless industries are progressing successfully with the application of artificial intelligence. Hence, you will get the hottest career options after pursuing an Artificial Intelligence course. Look at the following benefits of learning AI after BCA to know more about it: 

  • A vast pool of opportunities
    If you are thinking, ‘which field is best for AI?’ then the answer will be that there are numerous fields that are the best for AI. If you have innovative skills, then there is no shortage of opportunities for you. You can become a machine learning engineer, robotics engineer, data scientist, and blockchain developer.

  • Wide network
    Multiple industries are dependent on artificial intelligence, from collecting data to storing it with safety. Banking, healthcare, space-related, clothing, transportation, corporate sector, etc are using artificial intelligence. You have a great chance to bring inventions in this field to be the best artificial engineer. 

  • High-salary package
    Your dream of getting a job with a high-salary package will come true if you have learned this skill-oriented course excellently. After mastering the skills, you will be able to land the job in which you want. 

Final words

You can make a smart career in artificial intelligence after BCA if you get a master's knowledge of those advanced skills that make the machines learn new learnings and do problem-solving. The opportunities are no less if you have the innovative skills in your hands. The scope of artificial intelligence is increasing day by day, and therefore, it is attracting students. Sunstone helps you in choosing the right option according to your eligibility and potential. If you think that you have the capabilities to pursue an artificial intelligence course after BCA, then you can achieve your goal. 

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