Communication Management: A Complete Course Guide

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 7 August 2023
Communication Management: A Complete Course Guide

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Communication Management is one of the most sorted courses that MBA students are pursuing nowadays. Still, most students want to learn about what is communication management and how can they pursue it. Well, you can start by pursuing a BBA degree course and then continue with an MBA program in Communication Management. Many BBA colleges offer such courses after 12th. So, you can begin your preparation for this field right after the 12th class. In this blog, you will learn about the MBA program and what are the criteria that you need to consider while getting admission to it. You will also learn about the syllabus and skills required in communication management.

What is Communication Management?

The key to effective communication management is developing a comprehensive strategy and carrying it out while keeping an eye on the channels, the content and the feedback received. Managing communication processes and structures requires the ability to think both systematically and creatively, as communication is a creative activity. The course's fundamental idea is to arm participants with knowledge of communication, including its process, facilitation tools and techniques, analytics, and the socio-psychological dimensions of commercial communication. Two degrees in communication management can be pursued: a BBA course in Communication Management, a 3-year undergraduate program spread over 6 semesters, and an MBA in Communication Management, a 2-year full-time, regular course.

MBA in Communication Management Course Highlights

Course Level

Post Graduate 


Masters of Business Administration 


2 years

Examination Type


Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must have earned their graduation in any field from an accredited college or institution to be eligible.

Admission Process

Merit and Entrance Based

Job Positions

  • Communication Manager, 
  • Communication Executive, 
  • Assistant Manager, 
  • Marketing Manager, 
  • Lecturer

Top Recruiting Areas

  • Publishing companies, 
  • Films, 
  • Journalism, 
  • Educational institutions

Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Communication Management

The main prerequisite for applying for admission to a certain institution or university is meeting the eligibility requirements. The following individuals are eligible for an MBA in communications management:

  • The applicant must have earned their diploma in any field to qualify as a candidate.
  • They must get at least 50% overall on the qualifying exam.
  • The college or university where the degree was earned must be accredited.

Communication Management - Admission Criteria

MBA Communications Management admission requirements are the same as those for other programs. However, when applying for the course, a few crucial considerations must be made. Here is a list of these crucial points:

  • The eligibility requirements for the MBA in Communications Management must be met by prospective students. 
  • AMAT, SNAP, MAT, CAT, and other well-known entrance tests for admissions are available.
  • The applicants may submit a completed application form.
  • The students have the option of offline or online registration for the same.
  • Some institutions might even permit admittance based on the results of the most recent qualifying exam.

Syllabus of Communication Management

First Year

Second Year

Business Statistics

Brand Equity Management

Advanced Business Communication

Content Creation Marketing

Marketing Management

Integrated Marketing Communication Planning

Management Perspective in Media and Communication Businesses

Marketing Research

Managerial Economics

Consumer Behaviour and Insights

Media and Communication Industry Overview

Digital Ecosystem

Communication Theories and Culture

Introduction to Syndicated Database and Analysis with Workshop

Research Methodology

Sales Management

Organizational Behaviour

Brand Communication

Digital Marketing

Rural Marketing

Brand Communication

Sports and Entertainment Marketing

Project I

Project II

Job Profiles and Salaries

Job Profiles

Average Salary


₹ 3 LPA

Radio Jockey

₹ 3.1 LPA

Fashion Photographer

₹ 4.5 LPA

TV Correspondent

₹ 3.6 LPA

Photo Journalist

₹ 3 LPA


₹ 5 LPA

Communication Manager

₹ 12 LPA

Marketing Manager

₹ 7 LPA

Assistant Manager

₹ 6.3 LPA

Communication Management - Top Recruiters

Among the top recruiters in the communication management industry are:

  • IBM
  • News Corporation of Rupert Murdoch
  • HP
  • Lenovo
  • Adobe
  • Google
  • HCL
  • HT Media
  • CNBC
  • Disney Entertainment
  • Infosys
  • Tata Consultancy

Skills Required for Communication Management

The following are the fundamental skill sets needed to get a degree in communication management:

Integrity: Upholding the truth is essential since it will serve as the foundation for the candidate's entire career. Any departure from it will have negative consequences.

Objectivity: This particular quality aids in sifting through the finest explanations that may be offered for a given discovery. The candidate can overcome bias if they have this competence.

Fairness: Candidates who have studied communication design are frequently hired by news organisations, where they must uphold their fairness lest the information they gather become biased.

Inquisitiveness: Candidates with an inquisitive mindset will be able to seek solutions even in the most unknown situations. Aspirants are expected to get knowledge of this skill from mundane sources.

Willpower: Willpower is the essential "mantra" for success. Candidates with strong willpower will be better able to handle challenging situations at work.

Accuracy: The data should be provided in a precise, accurate, and useful way.

Thinking skills: Candidates should have structured thoughts.

Expression ability: It is preferred of the candidates that they can communicate their thoughts and feelings, both verbally and in writing.

Confidence: When interviewing members of various groups, it's necessary to exercise tact and confidence. This particular ability will aid the candidate in getting information out of people.

Understanding: Candidates should be able to distinguish between pertinent and irrelevant information. The capacity to tolerate criticism is crucial.

Dedication and effort: Candidates should be prepared to conduct extensive revising as necessary. 

Recommended Books

Name of the Book

Author’s Name

Communication Management - A Global Perspective

P.S. Tripathi

Essentials of Business Communication

Pal, Rajendra and Korlahalli

Effective Business Communication

Kaul, Asha

Business Communication

Pettett, Lesikar

Business Communications 

Sinha P.

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