Top Data Scientist Skills You Need in 2023

  • By Neha Siddhwani
  • 10 July 2023
Top Data Scientist Skills You Need in 2023

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As you are in 2023, one of the most trending jobs in today’s time is Data Scientist. Once you have pursued a BTech degree course, you can get into a Data Scientist role, but do you know, apart from a degree and certification, you need to learn to get a good salary in Data Science? There are many technical and non-technical skills that will help you to build a good job profile and get a decent job role. In this blog, you will learn about the technical and non-technical data scientist skills required to sustain, grow and stay ahead of the other data scientists in the industry. If you want to earn a good data scientist salary in the near future, these skills are what you need, so keep scrolling and keep learning.

Data Scientist Skills - Technical

There are good technical skills that you need to know while you are pursuing a BTech in data science course. Today, we will discuss those technical skills that are required for your growth in the tech industry.

Technical Skills


Deep Learning

It is crucial that you know this machine learning technique or method of Artificial Intelligence that teaches the computer to do what comes naturally to humans

Big Data

You should be aware of what big data is and how to process such large data with more velocity.


You’ll have to study the randomness and uncertainty for a good decision-making process.


You should have knowledge of various programming languages like C++, Python, SQL, Java and more.

Data Visualization

It is done using standard images to illustrate data, such as charts, graphs, infographics, and even animations


An approach to software development that prioritises collaboration and communication between the development and operations teams.

Statistical analysis and computing

The gathering and evaluation of data for statistical analysis is done to find patterns and trends.

Data Wrangling

You will have raw data and you will have to convert the raw data to a useful form, this skill set will take you further in your data science career.

Processing large data sets

This is one such skill that you need if you desire to become a data scientist. Your job will be to process large data sets and bring useful information to the table.


You should be good at mathematics because your whole work will be with numbers.

Data Scientist Skills - Non-Technical

There are different sets of non-technical data scientist skills that you need to consider while you are pursuing data science. Let’s have a look at them:

Non-technical Skills


Strong Communication

You should have strong communication skills that will help you interact with different team members.


Decision-making is one such soft skill that will help you in every job role that you are pursuing.

Critical Thinking

If you want to be good at data science, critical thinking is one such soft skill that you need to adapt.

Analytical Mindset

As you have to work with data all the time, an analytical mindset will help you to sort the large data in the right way.

Data Intuition

You should be able to play with enough data because this will be a critical part of your job role as a data scientist.

Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

You should be able to think of something creative, innovative and should generate novel ideas.

How to Become a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist extracts knowledge from all collected data. Professionals that can help their companies get a competitive edge through data analysis are in high demand. You'll develop data-driven business solutions and analytics over your career as a data scientist. To become a data scientist, you need to have the following:

  • You should earn a bachelor’s degree in BTech course.
  • You need to learn relevant programming languages that will help you to grow, such as Python, SQL, R and SAS.
  • You should learn technical and non-technical data scientist skills and a few tools like Data Visualisation, Machine Learning and Big Data.
  • You should earn some certifications that will help you grow your knowledge of Data Science.
  • Once you have done all these things, it’s time to look for an internship program that gives you practical knowledge about the same.
  • After the internship, look for freshers job opportunities in the Data Scientist role.

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FAQs - Data Scientist Skills

Which programming language should I learn first to become a Data Scientist?

To become a Data Scientist, you can learn Python programming language first and then keep yourself updated with the trend.

Do I need to learn coding to be a Data Scientist?

Yes, you should be good at coding to become a data scientist.

Is it difficult to become a Data Scientist?

If you wish to become a data scientist, it will be a little challenging path, but if you acquire the skills that are required in the industry, you can become a data scientist.

Can I become Data Scientist without any prior experience?

Yes, if you have the skills needed in an organisation, you can become a data scientist without any prior experience.

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