How to Become a Graphic Designer in India?

  • By Christy J. Varghese
  • 30 September 2022
How to become a graphic designer in India

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Graphic designing has been a very viable career choice for creative and artistically skilled youngsters for quite some time now. There are several courses, institutes, and career opportunities in India to kickstart your career in graphic design and consistently grow in it. In this article, we shall discuss all you need to know for a successful career as a graphic designer. 

Responsibilities of a graphic designer

To start a career as a graphic designer, you must be aware of the basic professional responsibilities that come along with the job. A graphic designer combines his aesthetic sensibilities, visual skills, and technological dexterity to produce a diverse range of visual content. Graphic designers are highly in demand across a myriad of industries including marketing, advertising, content creation, software development, and various other media and entertainment-related job roles. 

The visual products they create usually include posters, banners, web illustrations, logos, website content, visual transitions and many more. The basic responsibilities of a graphic designer are as follows:

  • Conceptualizing visual ideas
  • Conducting research and gathering relevant information
  • Collaborating with clients and gathering vital inputs
  • Pitching ideas and presenting sketches or wireframes
  • Deciding on fonts, layouts, colour schemes, alignments, and other design elements
  • Evaluating and editing work before submission
  • Staying updated and learning about new graphic design trends and technologies
  • Maintaining and upgrading licensed tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw, among others
  • Taking into consideration the target audience and their preferences to deliver well-performing visual ideas
  • Finalising the entire design process, right from conception, and ideation to delivering the finished design product

Skills necessary for graphic designing

There are three basic kinds of skills that you should possess to have a successful graphic designing career. Firstly, you should have sharp artistic skills which you should continuously hone with regular practice. You could also undergo training to augment your artistic acumen and illustration skills. As most of the work today is done digitally, it is essential for a graphic designer to be well equipped with the latest software and technological tools for any kind of visual design. Some of the most important software and applications for a graphic designer include Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Blender, Cinema4D, Figma, Procreate, Adobe InDesign, and SketchUp. 

Finally, it is also integral to understand the functionalities of all the various gadgets you'd require to complete your work. These may include gadgets such as tablets, pens, styluses, calibrators, and printing systems. It is also helpful to be able to use digital libraries, and cloud storage facilities, and understand colour combinations, output formats, dimensions, and other such graphic design resources.

Courses on graphic designing

Having a graphic design degree is a safe way to pursue a career in the field if you have physical and digital illustration skills. This is one of the major benefits of a college degree. Some of the popular graphic designing courses include Bachelor of Design in graphic design, Bachelor of Science in graphic design, Bachelor of Arts in graphic design, Bachelor of Design in visual communication, Master of Design in graphic design, Certificate courses in graphic design and visual communications, diploma in graphic design, and a postgraduate diploma in graphic design, to name a few.

There are several institutions, design schools, and even online platforms that teach graphic design in India. Some of the best graphic design colleges in India and their respective entrance examinations are as follows:

  • National Institute of Design: NID DAT (Design Aptitude Test)
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design: IIAD Entrance Exam
  • Industrial Design Centre, IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Bombay:  CEED (Common Entrance Examination for Design)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design: Symbiosis Entrance Exam for Design
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology: NIFT Entrance Examination
  • Pearl Academy Entrance Exam
  • Shristi School of Design Entrance Exam


Steps to becoming a graphic designer

While a BDes degree program is usually enough to start a career in graphic design, a few BDes courses are more comprehensive than others. A few of the most essential steps to becoming a graphic designer have been discussed in the paragraphs below:

Finish secondary education

If you’re wondering how to become a graphic designer in India, it is essential to complete your 10+2 level education at a recognised school. You may choose to opt for the subject of Fine Arts if you are pursuing the twelfth board exams in the arts stream. A few of the top graphic design colleges in India usually prefer students with a background in a related field.

Formal design education

The next step is to get acquainted with the entire process of graphic design and perhaps the best way to do it is to get enrolled in a graphic design course at a design institute. You can apply to several institutions and sit for the various entrance examinations conducted by these colleges.

Learning design software

Just like in an engineering course, knowing the design software and tools is also crucial. You should know the scope, functionality, and application of all the software used in the trade. Self-study can help you develop a certain level of dexterity with such software and applications. Adobe also provides several tutorials and certification courses on their software which are also worth a shot.

Pursue internship opportunities

Internships are the next big step because they allow you to experience the workspace environment and get acquainted with the professional atmosphere. They provide you with an impetus to learn essential skills, bolster your resume, as well as include some excellent work in your portfolio. This is perhaps more important for those who don’t have a design or media-related background. 

Build a website or portfolio

It is extremely essential to properly showcase your work so that you can easily approach your clients. And it also becomes easier for the clients to evaluate your artistic skills and design process. Your portfolio or website should reflect your creativity, aesthetic sensibilities, skills, and expertise. You can include anything and everything starting from logos to illustrations on your portfolio website.

Start freelancing or look for jobs

The final step is to get started as a professional graphic designer. There are two ways to go about it. You could take up a position as a graphic designer in a company.or you could work as a freelancer. If you’re wondering how to become a freelance graphic designer in India, you can begin by leveraging online freelancing platforms such as Behance, Dribbble, and Fiver, among others, to search for gigs and upload work samples and testimonials to improve your online presence. 

To Conclude

Pursuing a career in graphic design is an incredible option for students in India. Besides, it offers a blend of classroom-based education and practical modules that prepare candidates for industry-level jobs. Moreover, graphic design is one of the most popular undergraduate courses in India today. To know more about such graphic design programs connect with a Sunstone expert today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What should I study to become a graphic designer?

There are several courses on graphic design like Bachelor of Design (BDes), Master of Design (MDes), Bachelor of Arts in graphic design, and diploma in graphic design.

2.How long does it take to become a graphic designer in India?

Depending on the duration of the course it takes about 2 to 3 years to complete an entry-level graphic design program in India.

3.Is Graphic Designing a good career in India?

Yes, graphic designing is a viable and emerging career option in India, especially for aesthetically skilled aspirants.

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