How to Carve a Lucrative Career after B.Com?

  • By Shashwat Tyagi
  • 19 July 2022
How to Carve a Lucrative Career after B.Com?

A lot of B.Com students worry about their  next step. Students with little or no guidance often feel directionless. If you are also a B.Com graduate who is confused about your career choices, this article is a must-read for you. 

B.Com or B.Com (Hons)

Bachelor of Commerce is a three-year graduation program for students interested in the commerce stream. The major objectives of the course include knowledge about business principles and managerial topics along with subjects like costing, business law, economics, accounting, etc. In all, the program gives students an overview of all commerce-related subjects.

B.Com (Hons) is a more elaborated version of B.Com where students get in-depth knowledge of all the subjects and also get to choose any one subject as a specialisation. They receive expert training in the selected subject, helping them in their professional journey.

Students can choose between B.Com and B.Com (Hons) during the B.Com admission procedure.

Career choices after B.Com

There are various career options after B.Com that students can choose to secure good job opportunities 

Master of Business Administration

MBA is the most commonly pursued postgraduation course in India. The course objectives include inculcating practical training, knowledge regarding business administration principles and other managerial skills. The corporate world has a lot of opportunities for students with MBA degrees. The degree holds a lot of worth in the market and therefore MBA jobs are high paying. The standard duration of the course is two years.

Chartered Accountancy

CA ranks high in the list of most difficult exams in India but at the same time, it is one of the most respected jobs in India. A student who wishes to pursue CA as a career must excel in topics like taxation, auditing, budgeting, business strategy and accounting. The main job of a chartered accountant is to handle the finances of the client firms. The standard duration of the course is three years.

Company Secretary

Just like CA, CS is also one of the most respected and high-paying jobs in India. The main role of the company secretary is to look after the financial operations like filing the company’s returns, compiling company laws and also advising the management on investment decisions. The standard duration of the course is three years.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysis is not a specific course but it is a professional skill which is very much valued in the corporate market. It helps in identifying business risks, strengths, and opportunities. This information is further used to make business decisions. There are many analysis courses available but the CFA is the best course for students who wish to make a career as a financial analyst. You can also opt for a research analyst or business statistician course. The duration of the CFA course is 2.5 years.

Business Accounting and Taxation

BAT is an industry-oriented program which prepares students for career roles in accounting fields. It is a beneficial course for B.Com students as the basics of both the courses are the same.

Certified Management Accountant

CMA is a global certification degree program. The course is operated by the Institute of Management Accountants, US. The course is further divided into two specialisations - Managerial Accounting and Financial Accounting.

Certified Public Accounting

Offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, CPA is another globally-recognised course which is widely renowned. Students who wish to pursue this course must properly understand accounting principles.

Financial Risk Manager

FRM is considered the most high-end career which involves handling risks. FRM students get to learn about the volatile nature of the market, understand and analyse the market risks, the position of assets in the company, and how to manage the risk positively. The main role of a risk manager is to minimize losses by studying the market and predicting the risks.

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Another global course which is chosen in more than 175 countries as a career option after B.Com. The standard duration of the course is two years in which the student has to complete 14 papers.

Certified Financial Planner

CFP is also a great career choice after completing B.Com. The course provides students with skills and knowledge that can get jobs after B.Com as financial consultants, insurance consultants, etc. A CFP guides clients on issues like investment decisions, insurance decisions, tax matters, etc. The standard duration of the course is six months.

Certificate in Investment Banking

CIB course is also considered one of the best career options after B.Com. The average income of an investment banker is very high, making this career option extremely desirable. The main role of an investment banker is to help the client in raising cash according to requirements through various sources like equity sales, debt issues, etc.

Business Analyst

B.Com graduates can also apply for a job as business analysts in corporate firms. Students who wish to apply should have relevant skills and interests in areas like forecasting, budgeting, analytics, planning and compiling business statements.

Bachelor of Education

B.Ed is the easiest job route after B.Com. It is a degree program which prepares students for their teaching careers as lecturers and professors. The standard duration of the course is two years.

Digital Marketer

B.Com graduates can easily start their digital marketing career right after graduation. The course is in high demand right now. A lot of companies are looking for new employees as digital marketers who can bring change with their creative and innovative ideas. They can help the firms to increase their sales revenue by attracting more customers.

Project Management

Students who opt for project management are provided with knowledge regarding operational and managerial skills required to control business projects. The project managers look after all the aspects of project operations including cost-effectiveness.

Banking Jobs

B.Com students can also get into banking sector jobs like sales, insurance, mortgages, etc. Students will have to appear for the bank PO exam and qualify for bank jobs. These jobs include Bank Probationary Officers.


The main role of an accountant is to maintain books of account, taxation, audits and analyse other financial reports according to the accounting principles and laws.

Salary after B.Com


Average Salary (per annum)

MBA Professional

Rs. 8,34,000

Project Manager

Rs. 9,00,000

Chartered Accountant

Rs. 8,05,052

Chartered Financial Analyst

Rs. 9,87,000

Company Secretary

Rs. 5,96,265

M.Com Professional

Rs. 3,91,000

Financial Risk Manager

Rs. 9,80,000

Business Analyst

Rs. 6,12,043

Digital Marketer

Rs. 5,51,212

Bank Manager

Rs. 7,99,208


Rs. 2,50,032

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Which job is best after BCom?

B.Com students get to choose from various career options like MBA, CA, CS, CFM, etc. B.Com students are eligible for these courses.

Which BCom specialisation can offer the highest salary?

There are various factors which affect the salary structure of a B.Com graduate including the specialisation subject. Though the average salary packages for all the specialisations are nearly the same, the highest package is for B.Com students with Marketing and Management specialisation.

What are the career options after completing BCom?

There is a long list of career options for students after B.Com which includes MBA, CA, CA, CFM,  ACC, etc. Students can choose it depending on their choice and interests.

Can B.Com students get a job in banks?

Yes, B.Com students can get a job in the banking sector. All you have to do is appear for the Bank PO exams. Once you qualify as a probationary officer, you will get promotions according to your working experience.

Can I do HRM after B.Com?

Yes, you can also opt for HRM as a career option after B.Com. You can either choose HR as a specialisation for post-graduation or as a diploma course.


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