20 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2023

  • By Bhavya Thakkar
  • 31 January 2023
20 Most Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2023  Sunstone Blog

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A few years ago, the world of computer programming was exclusive and only some people were aware of the workings of the world. Gradually, people started to gravitate towards the world of technology, and the primary reason behind it was the lucrative career option in the field. Young students took up the pathway to become software engineers in India, and many courses and programmes came into being and rose to popularity.

What is a Programming Language?

Programming languages are a set of instructions and syntax used by programmers to communicate with computers and build software applications. They allow the programmer to create algorithms, express ideas and solve problems in a machine-readable form. Later in this blog, we have mentioned some of the popular programming languages that you can learn. 

There are many courses that teach programming languages, and choosing one can be quite a confusing task. And since learning a new programming language requires a lot of effort and money, it is essential you choose the right language. 

To make sure you gather valuable knowledge and get a good job afterwards, you can enrol in an MCA programme

MCA has been the gateway to the IT industry and to some of the best-paying jobs in technology. An MCA degree makes students ready for the industry with practical knowledge of programming languages

So, without any further delay, here is a list of the 20 best coding languages to learn for jobs in India.

20 Coding Languages to Learn for Jobs

There are many coding languages available in the country. Two of the most popular computer programming languages that you must have heard of are JavaScript and Python. There are many other top programming languages that you can also learn for a meaningful career.

Here is the list of the 20 best computer languages to learn for a great career. 

  • JavaScript

JavaScript is one of the most high-level programming languages and forms the basis of the Wide Web. The language is known to be the programming language of the client side in over 98 per cent of the websites. If you plan to make a meaningful career in programming languages, this one might just be the right language for you. People who are skilled in JavaScript have amazing job opportunities and can get high-paying jobs.

Platform: Node.js, Perl

Skills needed: 

Avg. Salary: 

  • Python

If you are a beginner, Python is one of the best languages that you can learn because of its easy readability. The language is easier due to the availability of extensive modules of support, easy web service integration, and very user-friendly and easy-to-comprehend data structures. When it comes to deep learning and machine learning this is the preferred language. Python has been used to create some of the top video games in the world. 

  • Go

The programming language Go was developed by Google in the year 2007. It is growing rapidly due to its simple readability and the ability of the language to be able to handle massive codebases and networked systems. The language was created keeping in mind the needs of the programmers who work on huge projects. Some of the top companies that use GO include Uber, Google, Dropbox, Twitch, etc. Thus, it is one of the best computer languages to learn.

  • Java

Java is also one of the most popular languages that are used currently. The owner of the language is Oracle Corporation. The language has a very object-oriented structure and it has now become a standard for most applications that can be used irrespective of the type of platform. It is one of the top languages used in application and web development as well as in Big Data. 

  • Kotlin 

A programming language developed by JetBrains for general purposes is Kotlin. The first Kotlin version was released in the year 2016. Kotlin can be interoperated with Java and can support any of the functional coding languages. Most of the applications of Google use Kotlin as the programming language. Some of the top firms that use this language include Pinterest, Coursera, etc. Thus, it is one of the best computer programming languages.

  • PHP

PHP is one of the top programming languages in the world and any programmer feels that learning this language is essential. This is because over 80% of all the websites of the world are built using this coding language. Some of the top companies that use the language are Yahoo and Facebook. If you are a beginner learning the language can be easy for you. 

  • C#

This coding language was developed by one of the top companies in the world, Microsoft. The claim to fame for the language was in the 2000s because of its object-oriented programming. Some of the top websites make use of the language including Dell, Bing, Visual Studio, etc. Thus, if you plan to learn one of the programming languages, you can choose this one.

  • Swift

This programming language was developed by Apple for Mac and Linux applications. Swift is one of the easiest programming languages that you can learn and the best part is that it can support everything from the perspective of a coding language. Some of the top applications that use the language are Mozilla Firefox, WordPress, and SoundCloud. Also, it is the programming language for the popular game, Flappy Bird.

  • R

R is one of the top programming languages. It is basically a different version of the S language. Most codes that are written for the S language can easily run on the R language without many modifications. The learning curve for the R language is moderate which means that it might not be as easy for a beginner to learn. You can meet a host of other programmers online and seek help regarding learning the language.

  • Ruby

If you want to start your journey with an easy language, then Ruby is the right choice for you. It is one of the easiest languages to write and it is relatively easy to learn for beginners. The language was developed in the 1990s and is still very much in use. The language has a user-friendly syntax and you will be able to learn the language easily without too much stress.

  • C and C++

The programming language C is probably one of the oldest coding languages and forms the root of a lot of other languages like Java. C++ is a significantly advanced version of the language C. Many programmers skip learning C and go straight to C++ while others feel that learning C gives them a better foundation. Both these languages are known to be high-performance coding languages. 

  • Matlab

This language was released in the middle of the 1980s and was developed by a company known as MathWorks. The language was built for engineers and scientists. It comes in use to build deep learning and machine learning applications. This is one of the easier languages to learn on this list so you can do so.

  • TypeScript

This is one of the new entries into the list of the top coding languages. It was developed by the top company Microsoft in the year 2012. It is a typed version of the programming language known as JavaScript. The language is suited for big code bases. It is one of the top languages that you can learn with your MCA degree.

  • Scala

This programming language is a type-safe and general-purpose Java machine coding language that is a combination of the top oop and some of the best programming languages into a high-performance special coding language. It is a complicated language but the complications enhance the flexibility of the language. 

  • SQL

This coding language is a standard query language. The language comes in use to manipulate and access the data that is there in the databases. It is one of the world’s top-used database query languages. If you are a beginner, learning SQL can be quite challenging.

  • HTML

HTML is one of the standard coding languages that is used to create web applications and web pages. You can use the language to add links, images, etc., to your web pages. It is one of the simplest coding languages and you do not have to put in too much effort to learn the language. 

  • CSS

If you are willing to learn a style sheet coding language, then this is the one that you can learn. A style sheet is a rule sheet for web browsers and can be used to control XML and HTML. The components of the HTML like text, heading, body, etc., are designed using these style sheets.

  • NoSQL

The language pertains to non-relational databases. These databases are used to provide scalability and high performance. The NoSQL language comes into use in Big Data, in the case where the data has been distributed among multiple different nodes. 

  • Rust

This coding language has been designed to be practical, safe, and concurrent. It is a systems coding language that runs very speedily, prevents any segfaults, and ensures safety from any threats. It also requires minimal memory which makes it one of the ideal languages for embedded systems.

  • Perl

This is also one of the programming languages that are general purpose. The language was developed in 1987 by Larry Wall. Since its development, the language has undergone many revisions and changes. It is referred to as the Swiss Army Knife of coding languages due to its power as well as versatility.


The languages that have been listed above are some of the top languages that you can learn. You can learn programming languages separately or if you are pursuing a degree like BCA, MCA, B.Tech, etc. you can study these languages during your course. To learn something on top of your degree programme, you can sign up with education service providers like Sunstone

Sunstone has a bundle of offerings like advanced career-focused certifications, and training modules with placement assistance. 

FAQ - Popular Programming Language

Which is the most popular programming language today?

There are many popular programming languages today like Python, JavaScript, Java, C and C++, etc. You can choose the language that you wish to learn as per your preferences.

Is Java a popular programming language?

Yes, Java is one of the most popular programming languages today. It is one of the top languages used in application and web development as well as in Big Data. 

 Which is the most popular programming language in the world?

There is no such thing as the most popular programming language in the world. There are many popular programming languages like JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, Kotlin, etc. 

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